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Love em or Leave em 5k; because everyone loves a 5k in February

So friends, this was a Valentines Day 5k, and yes I am very aware that it is July.


So even for me this is a loooooooong time but let’s see what I can remember, it’s only a 5k right?  Once again as in year’s past I found myself without a partner for this couples 5k so last min texting to my favorite Bellinghamite (is that word?)


I found someone else who was partnerless and like me just getting back into the whole running thing.  So no pressure right?  I mean she might have gone on to win the race and in the process run a 16:39, that’s 5:23 pace if you were trying to do the math.  Stupid fast.

I did not run a 16:39 surprising no one but I was pleasantly surprised with how it all went down.

There was a big group from Oiselle running this race since HQ is a block away from the race route.  I per usual was running ridiculously late so I just had to meet everyone at the start and I still had to and pick-up my number.


We stood around for what seemed like an eternity but once under way I had 3 goals:

1) don’t go out too fast in the first mile

2) don’t drop out

3) don’t do dumb things

Totally measurable goals.

Having no idea what kind of shape I was in and having run one too many 1200s the Wednesday before I was hoping to go out in about 6:12 pace so looking down and seeing a 5 on one’s Garmin was dangerously close to blowing my first goal.

So I backed off and watched half the race pass me.  Okay it was like 10 people and after going through the first mile in a respectable 6:10 I pushed just a bit and passed those people back.

No I am not competitive.

For mile 2 I somehow managed to find that very thin line between “wow this is super uncomfortable” and “omg I’m going to drop out of a 5k”.  My proudest moment of the race this year was passing the halfway mark and not mentally planning how I was going to drop out of the race and walk all the way back to the start.  So goal 2 accomplished?

Mile 2 passed and I was surprised and slightly terrified of the 6:02 I saw on my Garmin.  Surprised because it was faster than expected and slightly terrified that I was going to die a slow death my last mile.

The last mile is on a stretch of Greenlake that I’ve run a million times and for some reason this year it seemed to have somehow miraculously gained an extra half a mile.  I kept looking at my Garmin trying to calculate just how much farther .62 miles, .32 miles .22 miles was and then finally the third chime of the Garmin 6:05.  No slow death!


(The look of desperation)

The last .1 to the finish was an ever so slight down hill beast but I found the finish line in 19:06.  Unfortunately I stopped and stood on the wrong timing pad which added another 5 seconds to my time clearly failing goal 3.

2 out of 3’s not bad right?

Not a bad little run.

I shuffled a few cool down miles with this fastie and then called it a day.


(The cool down struggle is real).

Another fun race with some of my favorite peeps and if you are looking for a fast 5k in Seattle in February (I mean who isn’t) then this is your race.




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