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Weeks and more weeks in review: Was the high worth the pain?

Well kids it’s been a while (surprising no one- thanks for sticking around) mostly because I’m bad at this but also because I landed myself in running purgatory (aka cross training) and haven’t felt much like writing.  But wouldn’t ya know after 10 miles of running bliss I (and a few cups of coffee) I managed to find a moderate amount of energy so prepare yourself for what I am sure will be ridiculously long moderately interesting recap of how I found myself where no runner wants to be- ever.

Once again you have been warned.

Geez this was so long ago I can’t even remember where we left of but I think I’d just rejoined the Wednesday night crew.

February 2-8

Monday, Monday, Monday… 0 miles.  I know, terribly shocking but much-needed after Sunday’s 18 miler.  Tuesday was an easy 70 mins and Wednesday I was back at the track.  After running mile repeats the week before I figured we’d be running 1200s or maybe a 20-30 min hilly tempo (he sometimes throws those in) but nope I was wrong.  When I first saw the workout I figured it must have been a typo, something about 3k pace which I’m fairly certain no one in the group runs.  Sure enough I showed up to the track and everyone was about to lose their damn minds trying to figure what this 3k business was all about.

The plan: 2 x 1500m at 3k pace with a 2.5 mins recovery.  And here are our apparent workout paces:

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.13.11 PM

I was just getting back into things I opted for 4A since 90 (6 min mile pace) didn’t seem horribly frightening.  Since these were 1500m repeats we started at a weird place on the track and before I knew it I was totally lost in the rep after about a lap.  I don’t know why the 1500m is so confusing but it just is… was that lap 2 or 3 and how many do I have?  Really it’s just 3 laps and 300, how hard can that be?  The answer kids is hard, very hard.

I don’t remember much about this workout except that it was one of those blissful nights where everything just seemed to fall into place from the light rain to the warm winter night, it was perfection and possibly proof that the marathon and I should see other people.  My first rep was 5:35 and the second was 5:30 and they felt great.

I’d anticipated my Thursday 70 min run to be ugly based on the late night speed sesh but it wasn’t.  Neither was the 70 min distance run on Friday.

Saturday we were back at the track for a tempo.  4 miles at 6:45 pace.  My first mile was off, the second was fast the third almost right and the fourth was fast… about right for our group:  6:50, 6:34, 6:42, 6:37 and really one of these days I will hit pace.  I will.

Sunday was yet another magical run, 20.8 miles at 8:05 average which is pretty fast for me.

Weekly mileage: 60.2

February 9-15

Race week!!!! YIKES!

Better kick things off right Monday with 0 miles.  Tuesday 70 mins and Wednesday track!  And hopefully some more of this short fast stuff… or not.

There are 2 track workouts that pretty much crush my soul and cause me to question everything I’ve ever known to be true in this life:  1) 3 x 2 miles and 1) 5 x 1200ms.  So when I saw we were running 6 x 1200ms I should have just gone home.  But we all know I’m a little stubborn.  Make it through like 3 reps, that’s good for a race week right?

I know, I don’t even believe myself.

I won’t drag this out any longer, I did in fact run all 6 and they were actually, gasp, not awful.  We were supposed to be running them slow/fast (my group was 4:42, 4:39).  We ran 4:42, 4:37, 4:40, 4:37. 4:43, 4:37.  Not bad but not sure the wisest workout before a Saturday 5k but I guess we’ll find out soon enough?

Thursday was an easy 70 min recovery run that only moderately sucked, Friday an ugly, ugly, ugly, did I mention ugly 35 min shakeout but at least it was pretty out… kind of:




Saturday I met-up with these kids for a little 5k around the GL:


(can’t remember who’s pic this is… sorry!)

Surprisingly my race was pretty good.  I ran in the low 19s and did not positive split the thing so that’s a W right?  Promise a full recap before next year’s race.

To close out a pretty amazing week I met my college roommate on Sunday for a little 13 mile long run around Seattle and a nice trip down memory lane:


True story we met at IntroDUCKtion 20 years ago this summer… wild.  She was also medically dq-ed in college and is still running today including a little run in the Olympic Trials.  True story.  Love her.

Weekly mileage: 48.8

February 16-22

Sure, why not race two weeks in a row coming off low thyroid and not much training, clearly a sound training decision (we call this foreshadowing kids).

Monday was a big fat rest day.  Nothing really hurt but my feet were surprisingly sore from my speedy 5k and the LR didn’t help my cause.

Tuesday if you guessed 70 min distance run you win.  It wasn’t a bad view:


And yes Wednesday I was back at the track.  It was kinda light out for the start:


Since I’d raced on Saturday and was planning on racing the upcoming Saturday I had a nice 4 mile tempo around the GL at 15K pace which according to my coach was 7:00 min mile pace.

The evening was perfect but the struggle was real.  We hit pace: 7:13 (my watch was off), 7:01, 6:53 and 7:01 but the struggle was real.  Here’s hoping these legs recover.

Thursday 75 mins of recovery running, Friday a much better 35 min shake out run (well at least compared to the previous week) and Saturday we race!

Truth be told the Saturday race was much more of a workout and it went pretty well.  It was a 15k which means nothing to most people.  It is in fact 9.32057 miles.  I ran 63 mins and change for 6:49 average and overall I was pleased.  More details soon-ish? Like by the end of the year?.

Sunday I was under strict instructions to run 60 mins no faster than 8s which I didn’t think would be a problem but then the magic was there and I ran way too fast which felt amazing but kids.  Ugh, a storm was brewing.

Weekly mileage: 49.7

February 23-March 1

At least Monday I was moderately responsible with a rest day.

I had no track workout this week but I did have a midweek LR which I should have run on Tuesday, should have could have would have but with a challenging work schedule this week I pushed the LR to Tuesday.  I ran a hilly 12 and I felt fine but both feet were a bit sore, maybe the right just a bit more?  Maybe?

Wednesday was gloomy 60 min run:




But I don’t mind a little gloom… but that right foot…

Thursday a rather pleasant 75 min distance run in the AM followed by a wicked little sore throat in the evening… ugh what is this now?  Round 3?


This year marks the sickest of years on record.  I had this back in November than January and now March.  Winning.

The timing on getting sick is never amazing but with my foot feeling weird? Sore?  Or whatever, maybe a few days won’t hurt.

Friday, Saturday 0 miles.  By Sunday I was stir crazy so 30 mins for mental health purposes only.

Weekly mileage: 31.9

March 2-8

Monday I was hoping to get back on track with my regular schedule so I ran 0 miles.  Tuesday I took it slow with 60 mins and some short hill strides.  The foot was still sore but it was warming-up by mile 2 so I didn’t think much of it… yet.

Wednesday I left the office and made the trek over to the track when I did something I very rarely do.  I made a good life choice and drove past my turn and headed home.  It wasn’t the foot, but the stupid cold.  One more rest day wasn’t going to hurt the training cycle.

I then continued to prove I can make good life choices with only 35 min runs on Thursday and Friday.

Still not a bad view:



Saturday my coach let me try a little workout and it wasn’t bad at all.  4 mile tempo at 6:39ish (6:41, 6:40, 6:41, 6:36).  My foot was a bit sore but it kept warming up during the run so I figured it was just some soft tissue.

Now before you start thinking I’m all grown-up and making good life choices with running I will prove that I can in fact let you all down by pulling myself through a little 20 miler.  Not gonna lie, it was a beautiful day but an ugly run.  My foot was sore but warmed-up by mile 7 so that’s gotta be good right?

Weekly mileage: 43.3

March 9-15

Monday was the usual day off, followed by an easy albeit ugly 60 min run on Tuesday with short hills.  Probs a sign right? Wednesday I was back at the track for some miles.  My legs felt awesome but it was the first time my foot didn’t warm-up.  5 x 1 mile cutting down and by the end my friends told me I was limping.  6:28, 6:27, 6:24, 6:23, 6:20, so at least my splits were good?

Thursday morning was the first day I couldn’t put weight on my foot.  Luckily I’d been worried enough about it to schedule a Dr apt Thursday morning, but clearly not worried enough to not run a 20 miler or repeat miles on it… I mean really I’m judging myself right now.

My doc didn’t know if it was soft tissue or bone so I had an MRI scheduled for the following week.  I was betting it was soft tissue which can mean 10 days off or like 6 months.  Ugh.

Needless to say no running on Thursday so I emailed my coach to fill him in and pretty much told him there was no chance in hell I was going to cross train because I hate it (okay I was much nicer than that), but just so we are clear I really hate cross training.  So time off is good right?

Apparently this was not the best plan ever and he encouraged me to do just a touch of cross training.  He’s a scientist so he went into all these science details but basically you need blood to flow though the injured area to speed-up healing.  Having the awesome attitude I have I asked him what was the bare minimum I could do to not lose my aerobic fitness and he said 4 x 45 mins on the bike a week.


But nothing more.  I do not like cross training, have I mentioned that yet?

Saturday and Sunday I was in the bowels of hell cross training on the stupid bike (sorry peeps if you like the bike but it is not my jam… nor being indoors.).

MRI scheduled for early the next week and hoping for good news… still thinking the April marathon could happened but it did not.  Very little running went down for 6 weeks.  By very little I mean none.

But that will have to wait since this is already stupid long.

Truth be told the time off was actually really good and I promise it’s not the post 10 miler high talking here;  the little break was long over due.

Here’s hoping I post again before December.


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