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An oh so boring Month in Review: Zzzzz

Well according to WordPress I started writing this post 21 days ago and have not published it because it is in fact that boring.  So here we go kids reporting on what was a rather boring month of training save the smallest of mini break down late January (yep, you read that correctly- January). You have been warned.

All the boringness first.

January 5-11

A rather uneventful week of training so boring I can barely find the strength to type it out but our friend coffee is helping so here we go.

Monday was the (new) usual 10 min shake out.  I know, so exciting I just can’t make this stuff-up.  Tuesday I was back at the GL for some tempo work.  I had the option of a slow 20 min tempo or 2 x 10 min at faster tempo pace and we all know which one I picked- faster and breaks? Yes please.

I’d run the same workout in December and this one felt much better.  The goal was 6:40s and for the most part I didn’t totally screw it up which is amazing since my new years res was to stop over running workouts.  Here are the deets:

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 3.56.38 PM

Okay so the last half of each maybe was a bit fast.  Blame it on Garmin?  Na, more likely my stupidity.  At least 2/3s of the workout was on pace so let’s just count that as a W for the day/month/year.

Wednesday was an easy 65 min recovery run, Thursday 65 mins of distance running (all on heart rate) and Friday called for a touch of speed with 8 x 10 sec uphill and 4 x 10 second downhills.  Not the most challenging workout ever but really good for your nervous system and something to do with science.  Since it was a short one I ran an optional 20 min run later in the day since my plan said so.  I mean what does that even?  Optional and running don’t really go together.

Saturday I recovered with 70 mins of distance running Sunday I met my Puke and Rally teammate Sydnie for a little 105 min LR reunion.

Weekly mileage: 55.4 according to Strava

January 12-18

Monday shakeout minutes, 10 of em.

Tuesday it was time for some real ks in the form of 5 x 1000s.  5, I know 5!  Usually there is 7-8 so no complaining.  At this point of training I still had no idea if my thyroid was doing its job so pace was a little mysterious.  If I ran anything under 4:00 minutes I’d be ridiculously happy.

Here’s what it looked like:

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 4.14.08 PM

Angry crooked oval.  For some reason Garmin thinks I can’ t stay on a track.

So these 5 ks were to be run at- if you guessed at 5k pace you win, whatever 5k pace is… I knew I didn’t want to run faster than 3:50s so don’t worry I completely screwed that one-up.

3:48, 3:46 (I was trying so hard to slow this one down and then kicked the last 200m), 3:49, 3:47 and 3:46.  Yep.  I am not good with pace.  I will say these felt hard.  The recovery was 1:1 which was a lot longer than I’m used to.  For the most part I started on pace and then picked things up which I’m not sure makes anything better.  I’d like to blame the over running on the PE class that was on the track but it was winter and their teacher wasn’t out there so they walked out to the track and stood around until enough time passed and they could go back into the gym.  So this one was on me.  So much for that little new years res.

Tuesday evening I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done ever in my entire life: I ran a 25 min optional second run after a hard workout.  It was on the schedule.  Again, optional?

It was a nice night:



Wednesday I thought was the surprise of the week when I had fairly decent 70min recovery run, Thursday an even easier 70 min distance run but Thursday night was truly the surprise of the week when my immune system failed me and round 2 of a cold much similar to Decembers hit.


Friday I proved to myself that I am capable of making a good life choice by taking a day off.  But before you get too excited I did run Saturday with some drills and strides and skipped the LR and went with a 70 min distance run in pouring end of the world rain Sunday.  That’s gotta be good for the immune system right?

Weekly mileage: 41, a minor setback

January 19-25

Monday I decided to live life on the edge and knocked the shake out run up to 15 mins (try not to be too impressed).  Tuesday called for a little speed of unfortunately the uphill kind.

The good news about Tuesday?  There were only 4 reps.  The bad news.  They were 90 seconds which seemed like an eternity which just goes to show were my conditioning was at the time.  These do go by fast and before you know it 60 seconds is down and ya just hold on for the last 30.  This morning was particularly awesome as I had the pleasure of running by the homeless camp and bus stop and developed a little cheering section- so that was different.

Wednesday I recovered with 60 mins of easy run followed by 75 mins of distance running Thursday.

Friday I had just about the ugliest 30 mins of running in my life but at least I got nice sunrise out of it:


So if you are thinking 30 mins is short for me you are correct.  Clearly not in any sort of racing shape I decided to sign-up for a 10k.

Saturday, 10k! (Fort Steilacoom Resolution Series)

Now to be fair I knew I wasn’t in 10k shape, I was actually hoping to run it as a tempo with a fast finish.  For some reason I failed to realize that I hadn’t run anything longer that 3 miles at tempo pace and that was with a nice little break halfway through so what really can go wrong?

I’m gonna go with all of it.

I’ll spare you the separate recap mostly because I’ve blocked the horror of the race out of my longterm memory but here’s what my Garmin said happened.

According to my amazingly sharp and clear memory the course was an out and back uphill both ways.  Garmin thinks it looked more like this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 2.39.38 PM

The only thing I vaguely remember was that the turn around was on an uphill and the very nice volunteer told me my split and predicated finish time but I could not hear him over my very labored breathing.

Garmin did say the course was long and I know they put the 10 miler turn around marker in the wrong place but who knows.  What I do know was that 6:44 has never felt so stupid hard which is about right for the first race back.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 2.39.30 PM

As unsatisfied as I was with the race I got to run with some of my favorite peeps (Emily and Emily both ran the 10+ miler) and it was nice to just get out and race again.


Even better news was that my legs still worked on Sunday and I managed a moderately awful 90 min LR.  Clearly living the dream.

Weekly mileage: 52.6

January 26-February 1

Monday I was still struggling with that little cold (probably didn’t help my racing) and I was just tired.  So I slept int he extra 15 mins and took the day off.

Tuesday I was back at the track for light workout but opted for a mini breakdown instead.  I mean really that sounds like more fun right?  Here’s how it went down.  I ran my usual warm-up to the track and as I stood there all alone in the dawn’s early light, wind whipping around the track I couldn’t find the energy to run a single lap (or step for that matter) by myself.  I just couldn’t face one more split alone and realized I was ready to go back to my old training group.

Truth be told the only reason I stopped running with the group was because of my lazy thyroid.   Admittedly I want to run faster (surprising no one) and I’m much faster running with peeps.  So I picked myself up off the track (ahh, figuratively I mean the track was wet this is Seattle) I turned my warm-up into an easy run and prepared myself for the return to Wednesday night running.

And friends, Wednesday night was glorious.  Training with people is just so much easier.  Because I’d raced on Saturday and because I was still coming off a cold my coach had me go back a pace group.  Our group ran 4 x 1 mile with a 2.5 min recovery.  The plan called for a change of pace between miles starting with one about 4 seconds slower than the second and fourth ones.

Still uncertain about my fitness I just hung around the back of the group and managed to feel pretty good.  The goal was 6:24/6:20 and we hit 6:25, 6:21, 6:27 and 6:15 not a bad night of work considering I couldn’t find anything close to that on Saturday.

Thursday I recovered with an easy 60 min run.  Friday I was going to run an easy 70 mins but I think my Starbucks barista accidentally caffeinated my latte late in the day and I didn’t sleep at all Thursday night.  I pieced together a 20-30 min run after work on Friday but messed my Garmin up so epicly I have no idea what I did.

Saturday I was back at the track with my training group and very comfortable 20 min tempo at right at 6:40 pace (really why was this pace not magical a weekend ago?)

Since things were going so well I figure why not finish the week off Sunday with my longest long run since September.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.22.24 PM

Boom! 150 mins of miles of miles and really one of my faster long long runs in ages.

Oh what a difference a week makes.

Weekly mileage: 49.9

Oh my goodness this is boring… Sorry peeps maybe one day I’ll post something on time, but all signs point to ‘ not a chance’.  Here’s hoping I remember February…


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