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Too many months in review: Am I the only one still talking about 2014? Yep.

Before I delve into all the glorious details of training from months past I’ll remind you that this tale left off with a somewhat broken thyroid, a completely derailed training plan, and a marathon on the distant horizon.  In an attempt to find some sort of conditioning I set-up a rather nice color coded spreadsheet with miles and workouts in hopes of finding a finish line in late April.

November 3-9 marked week one of the new plan.  To save you from what I am sure will be a ridiculously long post here’s the overview:

1) Change my easy, hard, long run days around.  No more Saturday workout followed by the LR.

2) Shorten speed workouts including tempos.

3) Small steps! 4 weeks of “these are sort-of workouts”, followed by 12 weeks of base building, and 8 weeks of marathon specific work.

4) Run by time (volume) and not miles.  Whatever will my Garmin do if the run doesn’t end  on a round number??  Is that even possible???

5)  Don’t do dumb things.  Repeat, do not do dumb things. 

So if you are a glutton for pain, enjoy the ride:

November 3-9 (week 1 “these are sort of workouts”)

Monday, not a rest day thank you new training cycle.  40 mins easy (4.4 miles for all you mileage peeps).

Tuesday was my first “sort-of workout” with 40 mins of hilly running which where I live is pretty much every run and surprisingly no different from Monday: 4.4 miles.

Wednesday was another 40 min run and I managed to find another tenth of mile.  The view was ok:


Thursday was the second “sort-of workout” with 6 strides that felt like crap.  I know 6 strides, my legs were like lead and I had about 0 turnover but ya gotta start somewhere.

Friday was an easy 20 mins and Saturday was an epic long run of 55 mins (6.5 miles) on one of my routes I hadn’t seen for a while.  As much as I wanted the 55 mins to feel easy it was still hard and hard to wrap my head around the fact that just a 6 weeks ago this was shorter than my easy days.





Sunday was a rest day. Hooray.

For those of you counting miles: 24.6

November 10-16 (week of 2 “these are sort of workouts”)

Monday actually resembled a workout from training cycles past: 6 x 1 min reps at 5k pace with 2 min recovery.  This workout wasn’t that bad and a good introduction back to 5k pace and our good friend leg turnover.  The rest was longer than I was used to and I needed it.  I opted to not look at my pace and just focus on what I thought 5k pace might feel like.

Tuesday was a not horrible 40 min recovery run, followed by a 45 min distance run on Wednesday.  Thursday was my second “this is sort-of a workout” with some short hill strides.  The sunrise was okay:


Friday was a rest day and Saturday I met-up with some fast friends for miles and brunch.  They all ran much farther than I ran which was good because after about 20 mins with them was ready to walk home.  Not gonna lie I did walk-up on very steep hill.  I finished 5 miles in 40 mins which was good 45 seconds faster per mile than I’d run anything in months.

Sunday I was ready to stay in bed all day but rallied to meet the birds and surprised myself with a 1 hour LR at 7:49 pace.  Maybe my thyroid decided to actually do it’s job.

Weekly mileage: 31.8

November 17-23  (week of 3 “these are sort of workouts”)

This is the week that I decided I hated taking Sunday’s off so I switched my off day back to Monday (ahhh, doesn’t that feel good?).  Okay so it wasn’t a total rest day.  I also decided I can’t run a hard workout after an off day so I ran and easy 10 mins to get the legs going in hopes they’d feel awake on Tuesday.

Good news, the legs were awake Tuesday for a 15 min tempo.  I opted to run this one on the track and was thinking I’d run around 7 min mile pace to keep things easy but surprised myself with 6:45s.


Wednesday was an easy 40 min recovery run:


Thursday was a 50 min distance run, Friday I woke-up sick so took the day off.  Saturday morning I hit the trails up north for some ways miles and a little trip down memory lane for some spring mechanics.


Finished the week off on Sunday with my longest long run: 65 mins and managed to not get lost running around Lake Padden which is a big W for me.



Weekly mileage: 27.3

November 24-30 (week of 4 “these are sort of workouts”)

Kicking off the week in style on Monday with a rest day which is now actually 10 min shakeout run.  Tuesday‘s workout was a nice break considering the cold I was nursing, only a 50 min hilly run (with a 10 min warm-up).

Wednesday was a recovery 45 min run, Thursday 55 mins easy distance run, and Friday 8 x 100m strides on track in Portland:



Saturday 30 mins easy, and Sunday 70 mins of a long run.

Weekly mileage: 35.4

December 1-7 and week one of 12 weeks of base training.

So this is when the real workouts start… I got this right?

Let’s hope, when’s that marathon again???

Monday rest day with a 10 min shake out.  Tuesday, the first “real workout” and it sucked.  Like kick you when your down and punch you in the throat sucked.  It wasn’t anything that should have killed my soul but it did.  6 x 3 mins at 5k effort with 3 min recovery.  I never knew how long 3 mins was before this day.  It’s long kids.  I want to blame the suckieness of this workout on the hilliness of my neighborhood but truth be told I was just out of shape.  My 5k pace resembled my half marathon pace but I quickly realize that I had to start somewhere.

I somehow managed to finish my 6th rep and function as a normal human for the remainder of the day.  Wednesday‘s recovery run was surprisingly not awful: 60 mins.  Thursday was a 60 mins distance run and Friday I had 30 sec hills, 10-12 of them.  I ended-up running 11 because I can’t count (was going to do 10).  Saturday was an easy 60 mins and Sunday was an easy trail run with the birds (80 mins).

it was also Heather‘s and my very awkward prom photo… yeah, I don’t know how I have any friends either.


(oiselle’s pic)

Weekly mileage: 44.4 woot woot!!!

December 8-14

Monday equals rest day with 10 min shakeout.  Tuesday I was hoping for a less horrible workout.  Oh what a different a week makes.  It wasn’t amazing but it didn’t leave me in tears so we’ll count that as a W.  5 x 4 min at 5k pace with 3-4 min recovery and surprising everyone I only took 3 min recovery.  The pace was still slower than I’d like but my legs and lungs both showed-up for this one.

Wednesday was an easy 60 min recovery run followed by a 60 min distance run on Thursday, and on Friday and 8 x 45 second hills.  Dang, when did 45 seconds get so long???? Saturday was an easy 60 min distance run with a 105 min LR to cap off the week off on Sunday!  Now that sounds like a long run!

Weekly mileage: 50.2!

December 15-21

This was the week of the holiday run, not one, not two but three holiday runs.  Sweetness.

But first if you guessed rest day with 10 min shakeout on Monday in prep for Tuesday‘s speed session, then you win.  Tuesday’s workout was a nice break from the 5k paced minutes.  Instead it was 2 x 10 mins with a 3 min recovery at faster tempo pace.  Good news is that I had no idea what faster tempo pace was so my plan was anything between 7:00 and 6:40.  Even better news I hit pace (hard to miss with such vast range).  Okay so I sort-of hit pace.  My first rep was a nice steady 6:45 pace and my second rep was a “let’s hurry-up and finish this workout” 6:35 pace.  But the average was on so that’s all that counts right?  Overall this felt amazing compared to the 5k pace work, so from now on I shall only run fast tempo pace.  Okay maybe not.

Wednesday was a nice 60 min recovery run, Thursday a 60 min distance run and Friday morning some sprint mechanics and the first holiday run of the weekend:  the Holidazzle.  A nice little 8 mile run complete with costumes, Jameson, friends and food.

FullSizeRender (1)

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to meet the birds for some holiday miles (60 mins for me- and I don’t know why I’m the only one in shorts.  It was cold).


(oiselle’s pic)

And just because I hadn’t had quite enough holiday run cheer I met-up with some of my Eastside Runner peeps for the 12ks of Christmas (actually 24 for us since we ran 2 loops and proof of my most excellent life choices).


I also learned the valuable life lesson that knee-high socks from target are not good for 15 miles.

Weekly mileage: 57! Yikes!  Too many holiday miles!

December 22-28

Much needed Monday 10 min shuffle rest day.

Tuesday was a not so horrible 4 x 5 mins @ 5k pace with 3 min recovery.  I actually saw my paces resemble my actual 5k pace so that’s progress right?  Wednesday just sucked, 60 min ugly recovery run.  They can’t all be glamorous.  Thursday (Christmas morning) was better with an easy 60 mins in Portland.  And Friday, well Friday kids was amazing.

The workout brought just a little joy to my heart, 12 x 200m.  I mean how amazing is that? The plan was start at 3k pace (whatever that is) and cut down to 1500m pace (again who knows what that is).  The workout was 1:2 recovery so it was about a 200m jog/walk recovery.  I started right at 42 and stayed there through the first 4 reps, then dropped to 41 for the next 4 and finished 38, 36 (oops), 39, 39, 39.


I love you 200s.  Too soon?

This was also the first day of the O2R also known as the optional 2nd run.  I shuffled through 20 mins and it actually felt really good.

Saturday was an easy 60 mins and Sunday was a respectable 90 min LR.

Weekly mileage: 51.3

December 29-January 4 

You guessed it friends, Monday 10 min shakeout in prep for one of my all time favorite workouts on Tuesday: 16 x 400m (I know a real, real workout!).

I really wanted to be conservative on these, closer to 93s so kicking things off with an 89 was not my plan.  I tried to settle in and managed to find 90, 90, 90 and 90.  Yeah not 93s.  My legs just felt off on this day.  I wanted them to feel better but they kept turning over so I just tried to settle in: 91, 90, 91, 92, 90, 89, 89, 89, 88, 90, 88.  Okay so a bit fast but not as fast as I’ve run this workout in days past.  I was just hoping the legs would have felt a bit better but can’t complain.  Last speed session of 14 was in the books:



I said good-bye to 2014 with a nice 60 min recovery run on Wednesday and welcomed 2015 with a 65 min distance run on Thursday.  Friday was 6 x 1 min hill reps (ugh these are hard) and an optional 25 min second run (geez who am I, extra credit work???).

Saturday I recovered with a 65 min distance run and finished the week off with a 105 min LR.

Hello 2015!

Weekly mileage: 55.5

Well, I know it’s March but at least I’m in the right year now.

This thyroid thing has been a B but things are looking more promising for this April 26.2.

Here’s hoping in doesn’t take me 3 months to update the blog.


4 comments on “Too many months in review: Am I the only one still talking about 2014? Yep.

  1. susanruns
    March 2, 2015

    I’m mostly here for the pictures, but nice workouts!

    • robyn
      March 28, 2015

      Friend, you might be mildly disappointed with January’s recap if you are looking for pics 😉

  2. Jason
    March 9, 2015

    Great pictures and great workouts!

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