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Weeks in Review: Hello November… I’m still dreamin’ of August

I’m still in a bit of denial that August is over-  I mean I’ve only had two months to deal with it.  I spent the better part of this epic month running the highways and byways of my home state Oregon.  There were high desert trails,


mountain tops (just for viewing),


evergreen lined highways,


bright city lights,


and misty beaches.


The miles were pretty amazing but even more amazing were the new peeps I met along the way (s/o Bird Camp and Puke and Rally- woohoo!).

As amazing as August was my memory of it is about as clear as that Oregon beach but let’s see what I can piece together.

July 28-August 3

The end of July and beginning of August were a bit boring (okay so the epic month started slow; it happens).

Monday was an impressive 0 miles of running because you know I love a rest day.

Tuesday was an easy 8.

Wednesday called for 8-9 x 1k with a 2 min rest.  We were supposed to start at current 10k pace and cut down to goal 10k pace.

Sounds good right?

The options:

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 5.40.47 PM

I’ve been running 1000s at about 3:50 pace but that’s more 5-6k pace so 4:00 seemed slow but I wasn’t about to argue with the boss.

We of course started things off too fast with a 3:57.  I know you’re thinking we corrected things for the second one but if you’ve been reading for a while you know that’s highly unlikely: 3:54.

Rep 3 we were just about there with a 3:59 but on the 4th rep someone got antsy (for once in my life it was not me) and we were back at 3:56.

Then I’m not sure what happened because people just took off- rep 5 3:51… um is this really our goal 10k pace?  Apparently it was the guy leading the groups’ 5k pace but he decided he didn’t care.

Rep 6, 3:52 and I was getting dropped (by choice- trying to be responsible?).  Rep 7, 3:53 and finished-up the workout in 3:47.

Ugh.  Fail.

I by no means raced these and still felt relaxed but we clearly over ran them… again.  Story of my running life.

My cool down felt really good so maybe it wasn’t the worst running life choice I’ve ever made.

Thursday was still a struggle bus but I only have myself to blame.  I made the excellent life choice of adding the midweek long run into the mix and jumped my mileage from 6 post workout to 10.  I was good for about 8.1 and then had to drag myself back to our staff locker room.  As sat on the floor pondering the meaning of life I wondered if I passed out from exhaustion (or stupidity) how long it would take for someone to find me.  Luck for me I made it to my office on time and we will have to wait for another day to further explore/test this ever important life question.

Friday an easy 5.

Saturday some tempo miles: 4 + 1 with the first 4 at 6:45 pace and the last mile faster.  Truth be told I remember nothing about this workout.  My Garmin says I ran a 6:43, 6:40, 6:40, 6:38 and a 6:13 for a 6:34 average so guess I’ll believe it

Sunday I ran an okay 20 miler.  The first 13 were great because I had some new running peeps but the last 7 were not the most amazing miles of my life.

Weekly mileage: 61.6

August 4-10

Monday a much need 0 miles.

Tuesday the easy 8.

Wednesday I was back on the track for what looked like a scene from Walking Dead as the group tried to navigate our way through 3 x 2 miles.

It had been a hot, hot day.  I had no doubt in my mind that we would be off the track since it was a hot one, had I know we were going to be on the track I would have skipped the whole thing together.  Okay that’s a lie- we all know I make bad life choices when it comes to running.

Per usual I was a bit uncertain about my pace group.  The options:

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 5.29.18 PM

Since I’d been running with 4A I figured I’d give it a go.  Things started off okay but then it got ugly fast.  I started to fall off the back of with 1/2 mile to go and figured I best be dropping back a group if I was going to finish this thing.


So back off I did.  I was ready to quit by lap 3 but stupidity/stubbornness got me through 5 more laps.



At this point there were people calling it quits or like me back off pace.  I really wanted to see this thing through so I told myself one more mile and then I could take it lap by lap.

13 minutes and 35 seconds later I finished.

Kids it was hard.  I probs should have stopped because I was working way too hard but I finished.

Thursday no chance I’m running 10- I opted for 6.

Friday the legs were still hating me but I made it 7.

Saturday I was desperately hoping for some tempo magic but my legs had other ideas.  I believe the universe was trying to tell me to take the day off.  I’d forgotten the 520 was closed for the weekend and ended-up taking a few wrong turns ending up on the wrong highways (yep plural) making it to the track in time for about 2 sprint warm-up laps and then I was off on some sort of tempo.

My coach had asked me how I felt about a 5 plus 2 and I just laughed and was honest that the legs were not amazing.  He told me just to do the 5 and call it good.  I was good for about 3.1 and then it just whet south.  I knew I was working too hard for the pace I was running so opted to stop.  I was still spent from pushing through Wednesday’s workout and decided I only needed on Walking Dead workout a week.

We should all just take a moment and pause and see that I am in fact capable of making a good life choice when it comes to running.

My coach agreed I was pushing too hard and wanted me to take it easy for a few days which was perfect because I was heading to running camp (yep I know I’m a grown-up) and I was planning on back off in prep for a 5k and wasn’t going to throw down a long run since the week after camp was a Hood to Coast.

Sunday… well before I backed of I did run and 18 miler.  Baby steps kids, baby steps.

Weekly mileage: 55

August 11-17

Bird Camp week!!!

Monday – but first a rest day.

Tuesday was an easy 5 or so since I was running a 5k on Thursday night.

Wednesday an easy 4 miles and a long car ride.



The first night of camp was a blast and truth be told all of camp was a blast but since this post is already way too long I’ll save the  epic tale for another day.

Thursday I did run a 5k with all the birds:



(Camp Photographer)

The race was hard (thank altitude) but I did eventually find the finish like- full recap in camp post- promise.

Friday I opted to hike instead of run and the view was ok…


Okay… it wasn’t all rest.  My new camp bestie (below) talked me into a few easy miles and I was glad she did.


Saturday was an epic long run that I can’t wait to tell you about… but sorry, next post.

Sunday was a rest day after a long night of dancing… oh and the epic long run.

Weekly mileage: 29.9 (see- I totes backed off)

August 18-24

Monday was a workout.  I know right!  You were thinking 0 miles but this is Hood to Coast week- gotta get a few fast miles in!

20 minutes of hill tempo-ing at 6:57 average (for what it’s worth).

Tuesday 7 easy miles.

Wednesday 5.

Thursday 4.

Friday-Saturday WE RACE!!!!

It was an epic adventure with Puke and Rally… but gonna have to wait for that one too.

I had a blast with this kid:


And met some pretty sweet peeps:


Sunday I did my best to impersonate a runner and while I clearly am wearing the Garmin it was by no means on… since it was dead.


Weekly mileage: 39 ish?

August 25-31

Recovery week!!!!

Monday back to 0 miles!

Tuesday easy 8.

Wednesday 5 miles + a lift (yeah… I just decided to add lifting to my training this week with a mile warm-up and cool down).  I know.  I do dumb things.

Thursday mid long run of 10 (felt really good!).

Friday 5 easy (not as amazing).

Saturday Long run with a little 2 x 2 at the end at marathon pace.  The plan was 7:00-05 pace and I was more like 6:55 surprising no one.  It rained the entire 18 miles and it was glorious.

Sunday 5 easy miles.

Weekly mileage 53.9

Look kid, almost caught-up… clearly by almost I mean not at all.  Maybe by December I’ll have made it through the summer, but not likely.

Until next time.



2 comments on “Weeks in Review: Hello November… I’m still dreamin’ of August

  1. debtrisforkona
    November 3, 2014

    I love that you put up your sets! That’s what I’ve started doing and I think it makes for healthy comparisons! Well done! Your runs look awesome!

    • robyn
      November 8, 2014

      Thanks! I really like seeing paces for workouts… I think it helps 🙂

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