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Months in Review: I have a blog?

Wow.  I am really not very good at this blogging thing… and yet I still don’t mind reviewing months and months (and months) of training at a time.

If you want to extra (extra) short version here ya go:

July:  Back to 2 workouts a week and one rather interesting Ragnar Northwest Passage with the 10 Elite Beer Milers.

August:  A bit of a blur, Bird Camp (including the most painful 5k I have ever run in my entire life) followed immediately by Hood to Coast with Puke and Rally.  Apparently I don’t plan things well either.

September:  Am I marathon training? Or am I marathon tapering?

October:  So apparently waking up the morning of your marathon with sore throat and hives is no ideal marathoning conditions:  Lesson learned.

If you want more details I promise to break this up into a few hopefully not painful parts.

Part 1

June 30th – July 6th

June, yikes, that was a lifetime ago.

Summer was a blurry hot mess of sweaty miles, short shorts and (long) tank tops.  As I sit fireside at my local Starbucks it’s hard to remember all those sweltering miles but I’ll give it go (thanks go Garmin and Strava).

Monday like almost ever week was an epic day of 0 miles run.

Tuesday an easy 8.

Wednesday I hit the hot track for a workout.  Luckily our coach thought it was hot too so after a lap on the track he sent us to the park for a combo workout:  22 mins tempo followed by 4 x 200m (on the track).  I was still between groups.  Group 4’s tempo was 6:30-2 while group 4A was 6:48.  I opted for 6:48s but our group took off at 6:30s uphill.  I backed off and ended up all alone and struggle through 3.2 ugly, ugly, ugly miles.  I was 6:35, 6:46, 7:10 and 7:14 (don’t worry kids there was a whole lot of uphill the last 1.2) for a 6:52 average which for a hilly tempo was about right maybe just a tad fast.

I somehow managed to drag myself uphill and back to the track where I was reminded we were doing 200s.


Not really.  I jumped in with one of the group 4A girls.  Our group was supposed to run 42-3.  On your marks- set- sprint!  Wait sprint?  No, no, no, no!  This was supposed to be a fast float.  I might not be 100% sure what that means but I know it doesn’t mean sprint.  We ran a 37 and while it didn’t kill me I was pretty certain that all out sprint was not included in the night’s game plan.  So we talked about slowing down for the next one and we did to the tune of 38 (I should mention by we I me mean me… my running partner was a good 2-3 seconds ahead of me).  Now I’m a bit slow on the uptake but I figured out she was feeling good so I politely started the last 2 by myself in a much more practical 41 and 40.

Workout done.

Thursday I was up at the crack of down for 5 (ugly miles).  The Wednesday night to Thursday morning turn around isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Friday an easy 8.

Saturday I was back at the track for some tempo miles.  I wasn’t feeling the most excellent after the sweltering tempo on Wednesday but I figured I’d make it through some 7:00 min miles, too bad my coach wanted me running 6:48s.


The workout called for 3.5 at temp0 (6:45s) and the last mile and a half faster.  Our group being the over achievers we are started out at 6:39s.

Here we go again.

We did manage to settle down for a 6:43 and then sped-up for a 6:40.  I was feeling comfortable so I just settled into pace.  We ran another half a mile at 6:40ish and the picked it up for to 6:21 and a 6:36 average.  It was the first workout I actually felt like my tempo-ing self so no complaints.

Sunday I managed a moderate long run at 14 miles and not all of the miles were ugly.

Weekly mileage: 53.4ish

One week down… a million to go…

July 7-13

Monday yep 0 miles, I love me a rest day.

Tuesday an 8 easy miles (so predictable).

Wednesday another sweltering workout so back to park for a hilly fartlek run:  7 repeats of 2 mins “on” and 2 min “off” followed up with a round of 4 x 30 second hills.

Determined to not repeat my previous week’s mistakes I started with the group 5 kids who were gunning for group 4A pace.  The 2 min reps were based on effort so we were aiming for 6:35 pace and who knows if we hit it running up and down hill but it felt a million times better than the previous week so I’ll take.  We finished just shy of 3 miles.  I was in much better shape for the hills this week and managed to finish my lest rep without passing out or puking so we’ll count that as a win for the week.

Thursday I struggle bussed through 6 recovery miles.

Friday I was up in the air between 8 or 9 so I settled in the middle with an 8.5.

Saturday more tempo-ing!  And a short one at that!  Just 20 mins which sounds amazing but ended up being rather miserable.  Surprising no one I did it to myself.  I was supposed to run 6:48s and then run 4 x 1 min hills.  So why on earth I didn’t slow down when the first mile ticked off at 6:43 was beyond me.  I was thinking I was close enough but when mile 2 rolled around at 6:36 I was clearly over running this thing.  I’d love to say I was feeling amazing and that’s why I kept going but honestly it was just good old fashion stupidity with a side of stubbornness.  I mean I’ve already run 6:36 and I already feel like crap so what’s another 6:36?

So 6:36 it was.  Leaving me not terribly excited about these 1 min hill (dang combo workouts).

Surprisingly the hills made my legs feel much better but don’t get me wrong I was happy to be done.

Sunday 10 miles easy- I know ridiculously short LR but next week we relay so I was attempting to act somewhat responsible.  I can try right?

Weekly Mileage: 49.2

July 14-20

Monday was a relay week and the week I remembered my phone has a camera!  Woot! Woot!  I still started this week with 0 miles. Zzzzzz.

Tuesday was an easy 7.

Wednesday an easy 6.

And Thursday an easy 4.1 (who am I???).

And Friday we hit the road for Bellingham and a little van 2 Ragnar Northwest Passage!  Who’s ready??!!


Maybe not these kids.  This particular group of Elite Beer Milers might have been regretting their round of Fireball shots at 7AM that morning.

Which meant that the responsible adult…


yep the guy in bacon onsie, and I were in for a few extra and challenging miles.  Not gonna lie this is the relay that almost ended my relaying career, but fear not friends, I rallied as did our severely hung over contingency of the EBM.

But that story will be told on another day (hopefully not in several months).

Saturday more relaying miles!


And a finish line.IMG_8223

(He looks mostly okay right?)

And then Sunday a whole lot of resting.

Weekly Mileage: 37.9 plus a few.

July 21- 27

I decided to make a few good life choices and took an easy week post ridiculous relay… well mostly.

Monday was another rest day (I know- count em two in a row!).

Tuesday I was back on the road for 5 easy miles.

Wednesday an easy 8.

Thursday a mid week mid-long run of 10.

Friday an easy 7.

And Saturday back at the track for a little painfest.  It was supposed to be a little 4 mile tempo at about 6:45s with the last mile slightly faster.  But my EBM friend who’s a former miler showed up and after running a 6:41, 6:36 and a 6:37 we decided to throw in a 6:04.  Oops.  Guess rested legs like to run fast.

I capped off the recovery week with an easy hill 18.2 on Sunday. It was surprisingly not awful.

Weekly Mileage: 55.2

Dang that’s a lot of recapping and I didn’t even make it to August so guess we’ll just call this part I of ?.

Until next time kids…



2 comments on “Months in Review: I have a blog?

  1. debtrisforkona
    October 17, 2014

    im just getting used to this blogging thing…you cant stop posting because your posts are awesome and so inspiring! it’s great seeing how other people train across the globe!

    • robyn
      October 17, 2014

      Thank you! I do so solemnly swear to not quit blogging… If only I could figure out how to post in a more timely manner haha!

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