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Months in Review: Marathon recovery… the struggle is real.

If you don’t want to read all the amazing details of my marathon recovery 1) I don’t blame you and 2) here’s really all ya need to know:

1) Week 1 post marathon- 0 miles.

2) Week 2 post marathon- add long run (90 mins max)

3) Week 3 post marathon- add speed (run on feel)

4) Week 4-8 post marathon- one speed workout and one long run

5) Week 9 post marathon- 2 speed workouts and a long run

Okay… don’t feel obligated to read any further.  For those of you who enjoy the pain of my ridiculously long training recaps… well, here we go.

May and June (I’ll spare ya the July deets for now…)

May 5-11

Absolutely 0 miles.  Also 0 stretching and foam rolling which my hamstrings, hips, and glutes deeply regret- note to future self please include both stretching and foam really the week post marathon and really every single day of my life.

I know a lot of people run the week after a marathon but my coach wants us to take the week off to recover.  The following week we can run when we feel like it but no long run for 2 weeks or speed work.  He likes us to take at least 2 of these breaks a year with a minimum of 2 weeks down.  Heading into week 2 post marathon that had been my plan.

Weekly mileage: 0

May 12-18

Monday 1st run post race and it was amazing:


Managed to find a new trail by the my house and felt like I could go for days but opted for 3.4 miles.

Tuesday was off, Wednesday 4, Thursday and Friday 0, Saturday 5 and Sunday 7-8 (I apparently forgot how to use a running watch during my brief break from running… start, stop, lap what?)

Normally I would have added a 90 min run here on Sunday but after my magical run on Monday my legs proceed to get tighter and tighter so I opted to take it easy and vowed to return to yoga

Weekly mileage: 20ish?

May 19-25

More easy miles: Monday 0, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 5 Thursday 0, Friday 5, Saturday 5, Sunday 11.

And it looks like someone forgot their promise to yoga… next week yoga, I promise.

Weekly mileage: 33

May 26-June 1

Monday 0 miles and a nice dose of yoga (woot! woot!).

Tuesday was an easy 6 and Wednesday I ran a little speed.  I wasn’t quite ready to hit the Wednesday workout so I ran 10 x 1 min repeats (5k effort) with 1 min recovery.  I thought I was crawling but my pace surprisingly speedy.  I was extremely happy there were only 10 of reps.  I was also able to catch-up with these fun peeps Wednesday night (instead of running at the track):


Thursday I took off, Friday was an easy 6, Saturday who knows because my watched apparently died and at this point I have no idea how far I ran in May so let’s go with 7 or 8 and Sunday was an easy 12.

Weekly mileage: 39?

June 2-8

My plan was to head back to the track with the group this week (week 4 post marathon).

Monday I ran 0 miles but did manage an hour of yoga, Tuesday was an easy 6 and Wednesday I was back at the track hoping for something light.

Oh hope, you are so cute.

Things I was not expecting Wednesday night: mile repeats- 4 of them.

The good news is when coming back to the track you get to start a few pace groups back.  For me that’s 4A or 5:
Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 3.34.50 PM

Not gonna lie was pretty excited when my coach told me 5.  Surprising no one our group started out a bit fast at 6:40 (goal was 6:48).  Since they were cut downs and everyone felt good we tried to stay around that time for the second one: 6:38 (goal 6:44).   I was feeling pretty good (surprise surprise) so after 800ms of rep 3 I picked the pace up a bit and finished in 6:36 (goal 6:40).  Still feeling good I let the group know I was going to run fast on the last one and finished in 6:10 (goal 6:36).  It felt good to get the legs going and I knew I’d be taking it easy the next few days so I figured why not.

Thursday I took off, Friday I ran 5 easy, 6 easy on Saturday and 14 on Sunday.

Weekly mileage: 40 (look at me not increasing intensity and mileage the same week!)

June 9-15

I spent most of this week in Eugene for work:


For the most part my legs were just angry at me the entire week.  Not sure if it was the previous week of running or the drive but either way the miles were not pretty.  Monday was a rest day with an hour of yoga.  Tuesday I hit one of my favorite trails in Eugene for an easy 7 miles that just never felt great.

Wednesday I was up bright and early for a workout before work.  My coach told me to run a fartlek through Pre’s trail.  He failed to include duration or speed so I figured I do 8 x 2 mins at something faster than a jog.


I strapped my Garmin to my wrist and was out the door… umm almost.

My Garmin was dead.

Apparently when it was beeping at me for 5 mins the night before it was trying to tell me it was in fact not charging and was dying a slow Garmin death.  There was no time to charge the thing now so I left it behind and tried my best to come-up with a plan.

I ran to the river loop which is marked every quarter-mile and figured I’d run 800m on and 400m off.  After my first rep I was pretty excited I didn’t have a watch.  The legs were not happy and I can honestly say no part of me wanted to know my pace.  I’m not completely sure how many reps I ran or how many miles but I ran the 5 1/2 mile loop (or is it 5 3/4 mile??).  I don’t know.  It was an honest effort and that’s all the counts.

I met up with friends on Thursday and Friday for easy runs (5 & 7) and ran my 13 mile long run Saturday through all my favorite spots.

Sunday I was back home (goodbye Eugene!)


I ran at least 3 miles on Sunday but wouldn’t ya know I still can’t figure out how to charge that Garmin of mine and it died again… so let’s go with 6?

Weekly mileage: 43-46?

June 16-22

Monday rest and yoga. Tuesday an easy 7 and Wednesday we are back on the track… but not really since it’s a tempo:

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.18.56 PM

Sweet a tempo!  And a short one at that!  I did the usual warm-up with the stride, warm-up quarter, easy quarter and then we lined-up with our groups.  “Group 6, 5A, 5, 4A (me!)… 4A, 4A… ” anyone? Nope.  Just me.

I thought about group 4 but my workout in Eugene was less than awesome and I figured they’d run faster than what was posted (and they did) so I wasn’t ready to jump 2+ groups and 5 seemed a bit slow so I guess I’m on my own?

A quick lap around the track and down to the GL.  My first mile was a bit off which is nothing new.  We start on the track with all the fast kids so the first lap is always fast then up a hill down a hill and who knows what we really run but Garmin said 6:42.  I tried my best to settle in but had no idea how long I’d been running for or what my pace since I hadn’t reset my Garmin’s screens after my marathon (yeah like a month and half ago a this point).  I had the running time until I lapped it at the mile and then I just had the lap time- not even the overall time.  I didn’t have a pace screen either and I was all by myself so clearly this workout was going awesome.

I was able to see the distance so I managed to lap my watch at mile 2 (6:40),  and 3 (6:38).  I tried to do the math and figure out where I thought the 22 min mark would be (because I was clearly not going to run 23 minutes).  I stopped my watch and was about 20 seconds short and decided I was okay with it.  My pace had dropped to 6:30 and I was pretty much spent.

Cool down back to the track?

Not quite… recovery jog back to the track and 5 x 150s.  I always forget about the second part of the workout during the tempo.  Ugh.  The 150s were okay but the cool down after them was less than amazing but I survived.

Since I was still getting back into fast running I opted to take Thursday off for one more week, ran an easy 5 on Friday, 8 Saturday and 14 on Sunday.

Weekly mileage: 44.1

June 23-29

To absolutely no one’s surprise I did not run on Monday but I did do yoga.  Tuesday I ran 7 or 8 (yep dead Garmin) and Wednesday I was back at my favorite spot for a track workout:  1200s woot woot!

Wait do I like 1200s?

The plan was to run 5 of them (because clearly I’m not going to run the 6th one) with 2 mins rest with fast and slow reps.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.39.50 PMSince my group (5 this week) was only running 5 we started with the fast ones.  To be honest I really don’t remember this workout and I’m not sure why I opted for group 5 but my Garmin says we ran pretty honest:  4:44, 4:47, 4:43, 4:45, 4:38.

I even tweeted about it so it must have been amazing:

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 4.44.11 PM

Seriously don’t remember it and it seems like a lot of laps to not remember.  I do remember that this workout usually breaks me- 1200s and 2 mile repeats seem to hate me- give me 1000s or 1.5, 1.75 mile repeats but I’ll pass on 1200s and 2 miles).  Clearly I’ve blocked out the memory.

I must have felt somewhat okay after the workout because I got up and ran 5 miles Thursday morning.  I also realized I had a relay coming up and needed to get some back to back PM AM runs done if I didn’t want to fall apart at the race.

Friday was and easy 8 followed by my last free Saturday run (10 miles) and an accidental 16 miler on Sunday (what happens when I run alone and try to make-up new running routes and thinking I know where I am going).

Weekly mileage: 53.7-54.7?

So there ya go, 8 weeks of post marathon training.  Next week I add the second workout on Saturday, I know life is just so exciting, and because I have to stop telling people I’m still recovering from a marathon I just ran 2 months ago… I mean it feels like I just ran it…

Okay… until next time.



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