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Month in Review: March, wait which step is acceptance?

I’ll be honest with ya kids when it comes to running and training I like to camp out on the step of denial.  I’m fine running workouts and dreaming of races but actually signing up?  Actually picking a race?  Well that is another story.  Don’t I need another 16 or 60 weeks of training?  So I’m not entirely sure how it all went down but I finally managed to stand up and work my way through all the other steps and land on our favorite step: acceptance.  Yep world, time to admit to myself that I am in fact training for a marathon.


I know, it seems like I’m always training for one but truth be told I haven’t actually found a finish line since 2010.  So my only real goal this go around is to find that little line.  (They can’t be that hard to find right?  Just follow the mile markers for 26.2?)

March 3-9

After a nice little recovery week (with the exception of that little aggressive Saturday long run workout) I was ready to get back into normal training the best way I know how:  A Monday rest day.

Aim high kids.

Tuesday I was back on the roads for an easy 7 and Wednesday, if you guessed the track you win.

The plan was a 4.5 mile flow workout with the first 3.5 at 6:55 pace and the last mile hard however the marathon group had a 4 mile temp at 6:44 pace with 5 x 30 second hills.

6:55 sounded awesome but a healthy dose of a little ol running peer pressure and I was off with the marathoners (hmm… I see hints of my good ol friend denial).  I remember 2 things about this workout, no 3:  It was the wettest of rainy runs, it was the darkest of dark nights, and we ran way too fast:

Avg Pace
Summary 26:14.5 4.01 6:33
1 6:27.6 1.00 6:28
2 6:38.8 1.00 6:39
3 6:36.1 1.00 6:36
4 6:29.5 1.00 6:29
5 :02.5 0.01 5:21


… oh and 4, I felt amazing.

The 30 second hills weren’t so bad either.

I ran an easy 6 on Thursday (my longest run post workout to date) and it wasn’t awful so we’ll count that as a W.  Friday was a slightly above average 7 and Saturday I hit the track.

I was expecting another long run combo workout but most of my group was out-of-town and long run combos alone are not amazing.  So my coach had me jump in with a group for 4-6 (my choice, ha!) tempo at 6:40s.  My coach told me to try to hang on for 4 (I clearly didn’t tell him about the workout I over ran on Wednesday).

So I started with the group.  Two of the girls took off at 6:20s and I didn’t see them until the cool down.  I settled in with a group of guys and we were a bit slow through the mile, then fast and then for 3 they slowed to 7:00 and I decided the high 6:30s felt good so I settled, alone.

Mile 4 got away from me and I was ready to stop but I talked myself into one more mile. By the time my watch chimed 5 I was clearly over running yet another workout and called it a day vowing to never over run another workout ever, ever again.

I don’t believe myself either.

Avg Pace
Summary 33:05.8 5.01 6:37
1 6:48.4 1.00 6:48
2 6:36.5 1.00 6:36
3 6:36.6 1.00 6:37
4 6:32.0 1.00 6:32
5 6:29.9 1.00 6:30
6 :02.3 0.01 6:46

Sunday I decided it was time to throw down my first 20 miler.  Two hours, fifty minutes, seven seconds and one thousand plus feet of elevation gain I was done.

Weekly Mileage: 58.2 (thanks Strava).

March 10-16

Monday rest day!  Woot!  Woot!  trying to gain a few extra miles I bumped my Tuesday run to 8 miles.  It was gray.


Wednesday was the first sort of spring-ish day of the year and quick 20 minute tempo and a not so quick 6 x 1 min hills.  (Dang 60 seconds is long).

(just the tempo)

Avg Pace
Summary 20:02.6 3.07 6:32
1 6:34.3 1.00 6:34
2 6:34.2 1.00 6:34
3 6:27.5 1.00 6:28
4 :26.6 0.07 6:43


More miles on Thursday (only 5 because I was late to work and my legs hurt- mostly because my legs hurt) and 7 easy on Friday.

And then Saturday.  Saturday, Saturday, Saturday… it was a steady hill Saturday.  Know doubt I have whined about this workout on more than one occasion here… it just the steady hill workout is a actual beast.  I tried to run it this summer and made it through 2 of the 3 reps.

You can click here if you want to take a look at my first (and best rep).  Basically it’s 3 x 1.6 miles up a not so steady hill.  It starts gradual and then climbs and climbs and you guessed it, climbs.

A good day for me I’d run 11:45 to 12:00 mins.  I think I had one amazing workout at 11:30s so kicking off this set at 11:32 was amazing and a bit terrifying all at once (meaning rep 3 could be ugly).

I tried to settle in for rep 2 and managed an 11:34.  Good or bad?

Mostly good.  Rep 3 I ran the gradual hill section at the same pace as the others but lost some time on the steep section but I wasn’t a total train wreck so that’s good right?  11:41 and yes even a smile:


Yeah… don’t know who I am either.  This workout ends up being 13-14 miles total so I backed off on Sunday, ran slow 16 miles.

Weekly Mileage: 60.5

March 17-23

Monday = rest.  A big “0” miles, Tuesday 8 easy and Wednesday back at my most favorite place in the city… the track.  But not for long.  4 mile tempo… sound familiar?

The goal for this one was 6:52’s or half marathon pace since we were running a 20k on Saturday.   We were a little fast (the first mile was downhill) but for the most part we were nice and relaxed.

Avg Pace
Summary 26:52.3 4.01 6:42
1 6:38.7 1.00 6:39
2 6:42.2 1.00 6:42
3 6:44.5 1.00 6:44
4 6:44.6 1.00 6:45
5 :02.2 0.01 4:54

My cool down felt amazing but my Thursday run was ugly.  Apologizes to anyone who may have spotted me running that day, clearly they can’t all be awesome.

Friday I ran an easy 6 and Saturday I raced!  It was a 20k at Fort Steilacoom.  But you’ll have to wait for that nice little recap.

Sunday I did something I rarely do with running… I made a good decision.  I know right?  I took the day off.  My only 2 injuries have happened after the Fort Steilacoom 20k and 10 miler and I wasn’t ready to 3 peat so I took it easy.

Yay me.

Weekly Mileage: 45.6 

March 24-30

Monday I ran…





Maybe I’m not totally predictable.  8 easy miles followed by another 8 on Tuesday and surprise, surprise no track work on Wednesday.  More good decisions?  I did get 12 in and they felt great.  Thursday I took off since I’d missed Monday and Friday I ran and easy 7.

I was ready to run a workout on Saturday but my coach doesn’t like us running hard the week after a half marathon.  He told me if I felt good I could pick-up my last few miles but didn’t want me to worry about a workout.

So what did I do?

I ran a hilly 22 with the last 3 at 7:00s.

Sort of good decisions?

I had to work pretty hard to get to 7:00s but overall a good run.

Sunday I recovered with and easy 8 so I must not have done too much damage.

Weekly Mileage: 66.4

Acceptance… looks like you’re not so bad.




One comment on “Month in Review: March, wait which step is acceptance?

  1. emmelineruns
    May 19, 2014

    That looks like a fantastic month, those were some great workouts!

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