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Month in Review: February, pick a distance any distance…

January had its fair share of fast and slow miles and for the most part went pretty well.  Come February I decided to finally admit to myself that I was in fact training for a spring marathon and that the week of February 3rd meant I was a good 13 weeks away from race week… so I guess I better get some racing in?

Like any intelligent runner I picked a 5k and an ultra relay because those 2 things clearly go together.

Good life choices kids.

The training:

February 3-9th

I kicked the week off on Monday with the most boring of boring activities of all activities, the indoor bike.  I only made it 30 minutes and then called it a day.

Tuesday was the first easy run that actually felt easy (8 miles) and Wednesday I was back on the track ready for some miles.

The workout called for 4 x 1 mile and it was C-O-L-D, cold.  I think I might have given myself frostbite.  I was optimistically excited about the workout since the previous week had gone so well but things turned on me pretty fast.

The first rep felt bad (per usual so nbd).  6:08 (right on pace).  Rep 2 started off okay and then I proceed to continually decrease my speed.  6:13.  Rep 3 I made it to 4 minutes and 23 seconds and was done.

I was cold and things just weren’t coming together.  I knew the pace was just to fast for me that night so I waited for 4A to finish their 3rd rep and jumped in to finish the last mile at 6:18.

Sweet, positive splits the week of a race, best confidence booster ever.

Maybe not so much.  Can’t win em all kids.

I took Thursday off, struggled through 6 miles on Friday and was ready to race on Saturday!  Okay- truth, I wasn’t ready to race but sometimes ya just gotta show up at a start line, so here we go.

For those of you that don’t want to read my long-winded race report that I’ll most like post in two months… here’s the spoiler:  it actually wasn’t horrific and I sort-of liked it.

I know!

Who am I?

I ran 19:08 (6:09s) only 3 second slower than when I ran it few years ago when I was actually in sort-of marathon shape.  My partner (it was a Valentine’s Day race) and I were 2nd in our age group.  So we’ll mark that in the W column… and I negative split the thing, something I have never done in a 5k.  I usually go out ridiculously fast, slow down to a crawl and somehow drag myself across the finish line.

Oh 5ks.

All smiles post race:


(GL sbux with LF- photo courtesy of Lesko)

Or maybe I’m just happy because someone finally gave me some coffee.

Sunday was an easy and snowy 12.

Weekly Mileage:42

February 10-16th

Monday kick started the week with a big rest day.  Love me some zero miles.

Tuesday was an easy 8 and if you guessed Wednesday track you are almost correct.

Most of the group was running intervals but the marathoners (I guess that’s me) had a little tempo.  The goal was 25 minutes at 7:05s.  So of course my group stuck to the pace and nailed every mile.

I know I don’t believe it either.

6:54, 6:47, 6:36 and 6:41 for the last .71.  The pack started to pull away on the last bit but I failed to mention we had 6 x 1 min hills after the tempo and I sort of want to finish them… good news I did.

Thursday was an ugly 4 mile recovery, Friday was a better looking 7 and Saturday I was back a the track for a surprise long run workout.

Now it wasn’t a complete surprise.  I’d heard a rumor we were running a 17 miler with a 2 mile warm-up 8 miles at 7:45s, 5 miles at 7:12s and a 2 mile cool down, but for some reason I was still in denial that I was training for a marathon and I figured I’d get a nice little 6 mile tempo in.

I was wrong.

Luckily there was a nice group of us to run this one together.

Here’s what Garmin said I ran:

Avg Pace
Summary 1:35:36.4 13.00 7:21
1 7:15.3 1.00 7:15
2 7:19.6 1.00 7:20
3 7:39.7 1.00 7:40
4 7:38.6 1.00 7:39
5 7:37.5 1.00 7:37
6 7:39.8 1.00 7:40
7 7:40.9 1.00 7:41
8 7:42.8 1.00 7:43
9 7:06.8 1.00 7:07
10 7:03.4 1.00 7:03
11 7:11.4 1.00 7:11
12 6:54.7 1.00 6:55
13 6:45.0 1.00 6:45
14 :00.7 0.00 4:22

So… yeah, another fast workout (surprising no one).

For the most part I felt okay.  The 8 miles was long and we were running faster than I wanted to run but all in all it went well. The last 2 miles were fast but they were down hill and to be honest I just wanted to be done with the workout and apparently 40 seconds I saved made a big difference.

I know.


The 2 mile recovery was miserable but I made it though and even managed and easy 10 on Sunday, so all in all a solid week even if I can’t seem to run an assigned pace.

Weekly Mileage: 56

February 17-23th

Guess what week it is?  Relay week!  Yikes.  And by relay I mean ultra relay in the desert with these peeps:

IMG_7507(stole this pic form one of my teammates)

I spent most of the week trying to recover and rest-up for the race:  0 miles Monday, 7 Tuesday, 4 Wednesday, 0 Thursday and Friday we raced!  Well and Saturday we raced!  And Sunday we slept.

Best weekly recap ever.

I promise an underwhelming race report in the near distant future.

Weekly Mileage:  47?  maybe?

February 24th -March 2nd

Hold on tight kids, this week promises to be and equally amazing weekly recap.

Monday 0 mile (starting off strong), Tuesday 6, Wednesday 5, Thursday 0, Friday 6 and Saturday long run workout.

This one was even better than the previous week at 18 miles with another 2 mile warm-up and cool down but only 4 miles at 7:45 and 8 at 7:12s so you know what that means?  Yep another round of let’s run this workout faster than we’re supposed too.

I wasn’t onto this workout at all and wasn’t quiet sure how recovered I was from relaying but I’m a sucker for peer pressure when it comes to running so here we go.

The 4 miles were okay, of course faster than I wanted to run and then the first 3 of the 8 were not awesome.  We were fast and I wanted to slow down but I knew it was slightly downhill so I figured it would even out.  We made it to 3 on the out and back and turned around and guess what… it was slightly up hill and now this really feels hard.

I somehow settled into pace and managed a solid workout (according our friends at Garmin):

Avg Pace
Summary 1:25:57.1 12.01 7:10
1 7:35.3 1.00 7:35
2 7:18.7 1.00 7:19
3 7:32.2 1.00 7:32
4 7:28.8 1.00 7:29
5 7:06.9 1.00 7:07
6 7:02.6 1.00 7:03
7 7:07.8 1.00 7:08
8 7:07.0 1.00 7:07
9 6:59.2 1.00 6:59
10 7:01.4 1.00 7:01
11 6:52.8 1.00 6:53
12 6:42.9 1.00 6:43
13 :01.5 0.01 4:34

Sunday I met my favorite birds for 10 easy miles and some coffee and called it a week.

Weekly Mileage: 45?

Happy to get some miles in and even a few races.  Guess this spring marathon thing is happening…




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