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Weeks in Review: Good-bye 13… I know it’s February.

Continued sad attempt to catch-up the blog.

November 4-10

Here we go.

This week kicked off the third and final leg of a 3 week work stretch with exactly zero days off.  The light at the end of the tunnel was a nice little 3 day weekend.

I can’t believe I managed to get all my workouts in during this stretch.  Unfortunately it left me a bit burned out and spoiler alert opted for a weekend away with the hubs instead of cross-country racing weekend and the end of the season… but look at me I’m getting ahead of myself.

Back, way back to November.

Monday still no Garmin!  But safe to say I ran an easy 6 with some short hills.

Tuesday I was back on track with 2 x 2k with 3 minutes recovery and 8 x 400m with 1 minute recovery.  And I ran hard, maybe too hard.  My 2ks finally felt okay, guess I like a mile plus a lap.  I managed 93-4s for my first rep.  My second one was a bit faster with 91-2s.  But since my Garmin hates me I don’t know my final time.

The 400s were painful.  I was running late for work and felt rushed so I tried to push the pace.  Clearly the extra 2-3 seconds I saved each rep will would help me make it to work on time.


I ran them in 83s an 84 and an 82.  I was toast after the third rep but somehow managed to find the finish line 5 more times (and if you were concerned I did make it to work on time).

Wednesday I finally figured my Garmin out and manage an ugly easy 10.  Thursday was an easy 5 and strides and Friday I was back at the track for a combo workout with a 4 mile progression run and 5 x 300m.  My progression was solid with a 6:55, 6:49, 6:39 and 6:28.  The 300s were all around 60s.  Not a bad day and overall a solid week.

Saturday I was more than happy to sleep in and rest and then my Sunday long run tried to kill me.  1000ft of climb for 7 miles with a nice 1000ft drop on the way back which didn’t really seem to help much.  14 hard earn miles.

Weekly mileage:  56

November 11-17

Monday r-e-s-t and round 2 of weird hives and more prescription antihistamines.


Tuesday I decided to run a 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 fartlek and it was not awesome.  The on reps were 10k pace and the off reps (equal to the on) were at 20 seconds slower than marathon pace.  I was pretty consistent and in all I ran just over 5 miles at 6:44 average.  I’ve run this workout several times and I can say this was much harder than it should have been.

Wednesday was an easy 7 mile recovery run and Thursday 5 with strides and I remembered I owned a camera:




Love fall running in the Northwest.

Now if you guessed Friday I was back on the track you win:  6 x 800m with 90 sec recovery.

They were not awesome.  I think this is where things stared to go south for me.  Looking back I should have taken a real down week or backed off but I sort of just decided to keep pushing.

I might be stubborn.

2:59, 2:57, 2:58, 2:58, 2:57 and 2:59 and all too hard.

Saturday was an easy 6 and Sunday I nearly quit my 12 mile easy run at mile 5.  Unfortunately it was an out and back run and my only option was go back.

All signs point to need some rest… so of course I kept running.

Weekly mileage: 48 miles

November 18-24

Monday easy 6 and strides

Tuesday hills!  I was sort of relieved.  Hills are based more on effort than the clock and I really need a break from the clock.  I picked a hill began my 5 x 3 min reps.  I ran a new hill and it was steep, like stop and walk steep. I crawled my way to the top of the hill 5 times and called it a day.

Wednesday was a solid 9 miles followed by and easy 5 and short hills on Thursday.  Friday I was supposed to back at the track but my legs weren’t recovering so I made a slightly good life choice and took a nice rest day.

I said only slightly good life choice.  Saturday I was up bright and early for 15 400s with 1 min rest.

And they felt awesome.

All 15 of them.

87, 88, 89, 88, 88, 86, 87, 87, 88, 87, 86, 86, 85, 86, 85!  15!

Cool down and call it a day.

Sunday was my long run day I should have just run on my own or I don’t know not run 12+ miles, but 12+ miles were run and my legs were toast.  Well and least I’ll sleep well right?  And hope that my legs recover for a nice little Thanksgiving 5k.

Oh silly hope.

Weekly Mileage: 53
November 25-December 1
5k race week woot woot!
At least I started the week off excited.
Monday was supposed to be 8 200s and as I type the words now I see how stupid that sounds with how my recovery was going, but peeps, it was on the plan, so I have to run it right?
I think the universe was trying to tell me not to run but the universe clearly didn’t know about the plan.  My running partner couldn’t meet and I couldn’t make it to my regular track which meant I settled for a foggy and frozen dirt track here:
Which meant I was running on the turf since running 200s on a frozen dirt track is dumber than running them on the turf.
So it was me, the turf and the fog for 8 200s, I can rest Tuesday right?
Tuesday I ran and easy 6 that felt great followed by and easy 5 on Wednesday that did not feel great.
And Thursday I raced.  It was not amazing.  It was cold and felt uphill for the whole 5k.  It in fact (according to my Garmin) was rather flat.
The Sherwood Give n’ Gobble was a great 5k and I hope to give it another go next year.  The set-up for the race was great starting and ending at Sherwood High School.  For reals I would run it again.
My race report is simple.  I went out the first mile, felt horrible, kept running, felt more horrible, kept running and prayed for a finish line.  I finally found the thing right at 3.1 miles (funny how that happens in a 5k) and was the second woman!  Woot woot!.
I ran a  19:46.  I know not a bad time, but not anywhere near what I’d been training for.  I went out in 6:21, then 6:23 and closed with a 6:14.  And it hurt.  Honestly I’d run faster than this in a 4 mile workout in July.  And maybe that’s the point.  July- it’s been a while since I’d had any downtime.
I took Friday and Saturday off and met up with these fun peeps on Sunday to cheer people on in the Seattle half (and run 9 miles):

… and made some life choices:

1).  Take some downtime

2).  Return to my old training group.

Weekly Milage:  err… don’t know maybe 36?

December 2-8

Now before I start this downtime (one week of no running, one run when ya want, no speed for 2-3 weeks and no long run for 2-3 weeks) I wanted to pay a visit to the Wednesday night running group.

So more resting on Monday, easy 6 on Tuesday and Wednesday night running group on well… Wednesday night.

It felt like home.

I saw a lot of peeps I hadn’t seen for a while, ran a little workout (1k at 3:50, 2 min recovery, 2.5 mile hilly tempo (6:45), 2 min recovery and 1k (3:45).

It was great, great enough to think I might just run a 5k on Saturday until I fell apart on my Thursday run.

It happens.

At least it was it looked like this for 5 miles:


And it lead me to start my time off.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday for zero miles.

Weekly mileage:  does it matter?  Thought so.

December 9-15

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday zero miles.

My Garmin says I didn’t run on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I’m pretty sure there were 4 miles in there some where.

Weekly mileage:  Still does it matter.

December 16-22

And then I ran. (Monday)

And it was amazing (for 6 miles).

It was in Canada…




No running on Tuesday, easy 4 on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday, rest on Friday, 3 on Saturday and 9 easy with the birds on Sunday.

Weekly mileage:  27.

December 23-29

I rested Monday and ran an easy 7 on Tuesday.  And then go sick that evening… on Christmas Eve.  Pretty much blind sided me and I was down for Wednesday, Thursday ran and easy 4 on Friday and 20 minutes on Saturday and more rest on Sunday.

Weekly Mileage:  12!  Woo hoo!

December 30-January 5th

And a return to Excel!

Feels like home.

12/30-1/5/2014 6 miles easy (no watch!) 2 + 10 x 90 sec 60 sec rec (3.5 miles) 1-                               7 miles total 4 miles really hard (9:23/147 Kirkland) & Tom’s Exercises yoga (all around) 4 miles easy (9:10/150)  mile 4 7:57 & 147) started to feel better (CORE) 5 miles easy (9:15s?/150?) hilly 13 miles 11 miles- after 0 last week- oiselle- no watch but good pace until last 3 on my own 30-35 miles 37 miles

Monday 6 easy miles and a busted watch but pretty morning.


Tuesday I was finally back at the track.  The workout is usually on Wednesday but with the holiday my coach bumped it up.  I ran 10 x 90 seconds a little slower than 5k pace.  No one in my pace group showed up nor did anyone near my pace group show-up so I got to run with an 8th grader.

She definitely held her own and there’s no way I could have run that at her age.

For the most part it felt nice and relaxed.  I was still trying to shake off my flu/cold but was happy to say goodbye to 2013 at one of my favorite spots:


I was determined to run to run on January 1st and probably should have rested on Wednesday.  I managed an ugly 4 miles and quickly decided moving forward I needed to take the day off after a speed day.

Lesson learned and I found my yoga mat on Thursday.

4 miles easy Friday, 5 Saturday,  and 11 on Sunday.

Weekly Mileage:  37… and it looks like we are back on track kids.

And at least now we’re caught up to the correct year…




4 comments on “Weeks in Review: Good-bye 13… I know it’s February.

  1. run100run
    February 17, 2014

    a great post! super effort on the consistanty and commitment to your running and fitness! I’m looking forward to building up to your distances and be able to run along some nice track like you have managed to do! id love it if you followed along my journey aswell

    • robyn
      March 8, 2014

      Good luck on your journey and building up those miles!

  2. Jenny
    February 18, 2014

    I’m proud of you. You’re only 6-7 weeks behind! Now, Robyn. Pace yourself.

    I’ve never done that 1-2-3, etc. fartlek before but I put it on my schedule in a few weeks after reading a Hudson article on Competitor (I think). Seems like you’d go into it thinking that “it’s ‘just’ 1,2,or 3 minutes” but curse yourself for thinking that by the end. Amiright?

    Your posts need more pictures of your obese cat.

  3. robyn
    March 8, 2014

    Friend. I miss your face. I don’t even want to know how many weeks I am behind now #worstblogger.

    How’d the workout go? I was most likely weeks ago- but I really like that one. The 3 mins seem short because they are just under 800m!.

    I will work on some beast pics- promise!

    Miss you! xo

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