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Week(s) (and weeks) in review: If your Garmin deletes your runs did you still run?

And here begins my sad attempt to catch the blog up.

Ready, begin.

October (ha) 14-20

Post race week = recovery week!  And on Monday I could tell I needed it.  In all of the post race PRs lost/found passport excitement I completely forgot to run a cool down jog and paid the price on Monday.  My legs were sore.  Like I’m having trouble lowering myself into my chair sore.

So I took the day off from running and did some yoga, yes yoga.  I knew I’d been leaving something out of my training plan.  Thanks legs for the subtle reminder.

Tuesday I ran an easy 8 miles.  I know.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I lied to myself and believed the legs were warming up but they wanted nothing to do with this AM run.

It was on this day that my Garmin started deleting my runs instead of saving them.

Silly Garmin.

Since I download my data often and by often I mean rarely, I didn’t realize it and fix it until November 6th.  Yep.  Time to play a fun game of “what runs can I remember”.

To make this blog post even more amazing I took exactly zero pictures for almost 2 weeks… now who’s excited to keep on reading?

Wednesday the rest of my body decided it wanted nothing to do with functioning in the real world when I finally caught the bug that had been floating around my office.

No running Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday miles seemed like a good life choice so I ran 4.  Things were looking up Saturday so I ran an easy 3 miles.

Apparently 7 miles of running somehow gave me the confidence to attempt a long run on Sunday at Redmond Watershed.  Good life choice?  I met-up with some of my most favorite peeps:


(oiselle’s pic)

… and after about 5 miles of what seemed like straight uphill trail decided I’d better call it day.  Only problem, I’m not awesome with directions or trails and I had no idea where I was in the watershed.  After a few more miles we found the main road and guessed the start was to the right.  I parted ways with my peeps and prayed I’d find my car.  Just over a mile later car found just in time to follow the rest of the group to coffee.  Winning.

Weekly mileage:  23?  Maybe?

October 21-27

Monday I was starting to feel more like myself and got out the door for 6 miles easy.  There were probably some strides or short hills in there… let’s go with hills.

I have no idea what I did on Tuesday.  There was supposed to be a track workout and I know I did not run that… I might have run 5 x 3 mins hills (half flat half hill) or I might have run easy.  Or maybe I took the day off?  #garminfail #memoryfail

Wednesday maybe 10?  Thursday 5 and strides?

Friday definitely a track workout… I always remember the track. #tracklove

This one was a bit intimidating with 2 x 2 miles at half marathon pace (2 min recovery) followed up with 8 x 300ms at 3k-1500m pace.  Since I’d just run my half at 7:00s I kept the pace around 7:00-6:52s.  The 300s were a little fast (59 seconds) but I was consistent and in a hurry to get them done.

Saturday was a rest day and a nice drive down the 5 to see the fam.  Sunday I ran my favorite 12 mile LR with the last 3 miles at 6:50, 7:04 (hill) and 6:40 (the downhill) and then continued my drive down the 5 for a work conference.

Weekly mileage:  Maybe 44?  I really have no idea.

October 30 – November 3

Monday was not the best morning of my entire life.  I was excited to meet-up with some of htc Pink Lady peeps and some colleagues for a little run around Eugene but for the life of me couldn’t sleep on Sunday night.  I stayed late (for me) at our work function but still manage to get to bed at 10:00 trying to get some sleep for a 6:00AM run.

11:00PM rolls by, 12:00AM, 1:00AM, 2:00AM, 3:00,AM 4:00AM and yes 4:30AM finally some shuteye; And then a nice little wake-up call at 5:45AM.


Time to channel my inner relay-er.

I met the group for some nice predawn miles, caught-up with old friends and even managed some half-hearted strides.  I made a much need stop to the local Sbux, rallied through a day of meetings and finished the night off with a little visit to a local winery.




During the span of this 12 hour day I somehow managed to come down with crazy case of hives.  I hit-up the local drug store, purchased an antihistamine and was out for the count.

Tuesday I had the luxury of sleeping in until 6:00AM and running a delightful hill workout on a nice little Benadryl hangover.

Running on antihistamines is not fun.

3 mile warm up, 5 x 3 mins (1 min flat 2 min hill 5k effort) up the prefect hill on Emerald street and 2 mile cool down.  What can one say?  Hills are hard.  I ran them smart but by number 5 I was hands on knees tired.

Wednesday morning I ran a completely underwhelming easy 10 miles and learned that it’s even harder to run on prescription strength antihistamines.  But there was an amazing sunrise:


Thursday more antihistamine filled miles (6 easy and short hills) so Thursday night I skipped the drugs and hoped the hives would continue to improve.

My hives remained the same but my times improved.  Not sure that’s a win.

Friday was a track day and a hard one at that and not because I was still battling the hives (oh and a sinus infection according to my doc) but because the workout looked like a beast.

3 mile warm-up followed by 3k (10k pace) 3 min rest, 2k (10k pace) 3 min rest, 1k (5k pace) 2 min rest, 800m (3k-5k) pace 2 min rest, 600m (3k pace)  2 min rest, 400m (1500m pace) done,  2 mile cool down.

Confused?  I am.

My goal was to get through the 3k.  It was long but I managed to hit 95/6s (6:20s).  Now 2k, just a mile and a lap… right?  2k 94/5s (6:16ish).  1K, 800m, 600m 400m and done.

1k 3:44 just under 6:00s, 800m 2:58 (sub 6), 600m 84 through the quarter 40 to the finish and 400 81.  And done and off to the airport for yet another work trip.

Hello SFO!


Saturday I rested (well from running).  Sunday was a long run.  The plan called for 16 but there was no way that was happening on this trip.  My goal was to run for 90mins and I managed to get it in and see some sights but my legs were not happy after a track session and plane ride (and maybe 8 hours in an airport due to 2 canceled flights…)

But back to SFO sights:



Not bad.

Quick flight north Sunday night, 5 days until the weekend and 3 more until my Garmin remembers to save my runs!

And several more days until this blog is caught up (note days not weeks! I like my optimism).

Weekly mileage 53-6?  Still don’t know.



One comment on “Week(s) (and weeks) in review: If your Garmin deletes your runs did you still run?

  1. Carly
    January 25, 2014

    Awesome pics 🙂

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