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Weeks in review: Maybe not the best half marathon training plan…

Good news kids my lack of blogging is not due to an injury or major life crisis but everyone’s favorite excuse: good ole busyness.

So I think it’s time we got caught up (or at least start catching up).  Hold on tight and be prepared to be completely underwhelmed with tales of skipped/failed workouts, a little bit of racing sadly very few pictures (for those of you that like pictures) and some spotty writing about running.

Sounds like a good, possibly great read.

September 23-29

My last blog (training) post said we left off with a challenging week of running and come Monday my legs were feelin the wear and tear and general abuse, but what’s new, I’m a distance runner?  I ran an easy 6 and hoped they’d bounce back.  It also helped that Tuesday was a crazy day at work so I’d already planned on taking the day off  hoping the extra r & r would do my legs some good come Wednesday’s track workout.

Silly hope.

I ran a 3 mile warm-up (like I always do) and quit the workout partway through rep 2 of 4 or 5 or 6 or I don’t remember.

The plan was to run mile repeats, I think there were 5 of them but I don’t remember now because I barely made it through 1 mile.  I jogged my rest, okay I stood around and caught my breath during my rest, and then started rep 2 and things were not looking any better.  I normally can crank these out in the low 6s but couldn’t even break 6:30.

My legs and lungs weren’t there and I wasn’t too surprised.  I pushed hard the week before and I could tell my legs needed more time to recover so I opted to run easy miles around the lake.

It was a good call and proof that sometimes I do smart things.

Thursday I ran my usual midweek long run and I still hurt.  I thought the legs would warm-up after 4 miles but not so much which is a problem when running an out and back loop.  Trying my very best to be responsible and smart I took Friday off (I know who am I?).  Saturday morning I was ready to run a workout.  But I didn’t.  I made the drive into Seattle parked at the GL saw my old running group and barely made it through 6 miles of rain and wind.

My legs were tight so I ran some strides at the end and that seemed to help out some.

Sunday I ran a solid hilly 15 miler (7:49) with the last 4 miles slightly faster (7:35, 7:38, 7:28, 7:17).

It wasn’t the training week I was looking for but sometimes we all needed a little break.

Weekly Mileage:  49

September 30-October 6

Monday I kicked this week off with my usual 6 easy miles and 10 short hills.

Tuesday I was back on the track and hoping for a good workout.  The plan called for 10 x 300m at 3k-1500m pace but I wasn’t feelin it.  I somehow managed to forget that I’d signed-up for a half marathon in a few weeks and felt like I needed more of a 10k type workout after my failed mile repeats workout from the week before.  So after a 3 mile warm-up I picked one of my favorite workouts:  2 sets of 10  x 400m repeats (10k/5k) with a minute recovery.

I ran the first set in: 90, 89, 90, 92, 91, 90, 92, 90, 89, 91 (is that 10?).  They were a little fast but I had a hard time settling into pace and it felt pretty awkward all around.

The second set went down like this:  88, 85, 83, 83, 83, 84, 84, 83, 83, 82.  I know.  Way too fast, but they felt good so I went with it.  My cool down felt good so can’t be too bad right?

My garmin went missing on Wednesday so I was watchless but I still managed 10 miles even if there is no Garmin data proof.

Thursday was another solid day (6 miles easy with some strides) and Friday I was ready for some speed but my legs missed the memo.

Friday was supposed to be a combo workout (3 mile progression (half) 3 min recovery and 8 x 1 min hills) but since I had that nice little half on the horizon I decided I’d run 2 x 3 mile repeats at half marathon pace.  I warmed-up ready to run and then failed.

Here we go again.

The first rep I settled in to what I thought was 6:50 pace but could barely hold 7:00s.  I hit the first mile at 6:59 and hoped things would feel better.  7:04.  Not so much.

I started mile 3 and decided to stop and catch my breath.  I started-up again and hit 7:06.  Not what I was hoping to run.  I jogged a few minutes recovery and started the second rep.  I decided I’d be okay if I could hold 7 but it was useless.  The legs were just not there so I called it a day and cooled down.

If you are keeping count that is 3 failed speed workouts out of 4… just what one wants heading into a half right?

I did my best to push the failed workout(s) out of mind and took a rest day on Saturday.

Sunday I was back on the roads for my last long run before the half.  I’d planned on running 12-13 since I was training through the half and I knew I wasn’t really in half shape.  I was hoping to pick-up the pace the last few miles but the first part of the run was pretty fast and at the end I was only able to find about 2 miles at 7:00s again.  And again not what I as looking for heading into a race week.

To be honest I was getting a bit frustrated.  I should have felt pretty rested and I’d run weeks like this in the past with no problem so I wasn’t sure what was going on.  I headed into race week thinking that maybe I should drop down to that 8k which seemed to match my training better than a half.

Weekly Mileage:  51

October 7-13

Race week!  EEK!

So we taper right?

Monday 6 miles and strides!  Tuesday, track!  3 mile warm-up some 200s and then 5 x 1k at 10k pace 90 sec recovery.

They hurt.

Not the usual hurt, I just can’t seem to get myself moving.  My paces weren’t bad:  3:53, 3:53, 5:52, 3:49, 3:50, but I just never felt “comfortable fast”.  Can’t quite place my finger on it but glad to get through a workout.

Now we rest!  Wednesday some easy recovery miles, Thursday rest, Friday 4 miles with 4 strides and about a mile on Saturday easy run to the expo.

And then the Victoria half with this little one:


(JJ’s pic since I clearly can’t remember how to use a camera when traveling)

And this fun group (also JJ’s pic)


The whole week I went back and forth about dropping down to the 8k but finally I decided to run the half.  I’d promised JJ I’d run with her and even though I wasn’t sure I could hold her 6:52 pace I figured I wouldn’t know unless I gave it a go.

I won’t hold you all in suspense until I post my race recap in March, JJ broke 1:30 and I was about 1:30.40ish which I was more than pleased with… and it was an amazing weekend.  So amazing that I’m planning another trip up to Victoria and I’m pretty sure I’m going to add this race to the calendar for next year.

Full race recap coming (hopefully before March).

Weekly mileage: maybe 40?

run pretty run fast (and show up at the start line, you never know what will happen)


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