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Weeks in Review: Oh hey, August I guess we have some catching up to do…

July 29-August 25

A full Hood to Coast 2013 recap is coming soon (well relatively soon) but first we have some miles to get caught up on!  I last left off this training tale with a riveting recap of my pre and post relay weeks of training.  I’d been in a bit of a slump (or so it felt) at Ragnar and about mid-week figured out why, made a few adjustments and my training seems to be picking up rather nicely.

Monday I ran and easy 6 with some short hills. Tuesday was an easy 8 and change and Wednesday I hit the track for my first workout with my old group.

I knew they were in the midst of 10k training so I was looking forward to some 800m or 1000m repeats but no luck.  The group was off the track with a 3 mile tempo at 10k pace followed by a minute rest and 1 mile faster than 10k pace.

For whatever reason the pace groups had a huge gap this week.  I could either run with group 4A at 6:37s or group 4 at 6:14s.  One seemed a little slow and one just a tad fast.  So a few off us opted for form our own group at about 6:30ish pace.  We did our first half mile on the track and settled in at 6:20ish pace.  I know it was a bit fast but it felt like 10k pace so we all agreed to stay the course and I’m glad we did.  Our splits were very even (especially for a Wednesday night at Greenlake).  We made it through 3 miles, rested and rallied for the final mile.  I felt really strong during this workout and it was just the boost I needed.

Avg Pace
Summary 26:11.6 4.05 6:28
1 6:20.6 1.00 6:21
2 6:22.3 1.00 6:22
3 6:18.4 1.00 6:19
4 1:02.5 0.05 19:51
5 6:07.7 1.00 6:08
6 :00.1 0.00 :34

Thursday I lifted but I opted to rest from running (the lifting would prove to be a bit of a mistake come Saturday).  I had a nice 9 on Friday and felt rested and ready to run steady hills on Saturday.


Steady hills.

This workout really is the pits.  I’ve run it several times and have had some really good runs up the hill but the last few rounds have been a struggle and unfortunately Saturday was no different.

I showed-up early to meet the group, ran a few miles and was ready to run.  The plan was 3 x 1.6 mile hill with 1 mile jog down at a steady pace.  I usually run them from 11:45-12:00 minutes.  I always run my first rep fast so my plan was to run conservative (I know who am I?) and for once my plan worked for the most part.  I made it up in 11:58 ran back down the hill and was (sort-of) ready to go again.


I could tell my quads were shot not having fully recovered from Wednesday or Thursday.  I felt like I was starting my third rep instead of my second.  But what can you do?  For this rep I started with one of the faster high school girls and she took off much faster than expected.  I still managed to hold my own until we hit the steep section.  I tried to maintain but by the time I crawled to the top in 12:00 minutes I was done.

I’m sure I could have found one more rep but at what cost?  How much was I really loosing by stopping at 2?  Guess I won’t know.  I told my coach my legs were toast and he had me run back down and finish the workout with 5 minutes at 6 minute mile pace.  I’d like to say I ran those 5 minutes but about 1:30 in it was even more clear the legs were gone.  So I called it a day.

Sunday I managed an easy 13 with some fun peeps and we only managed to get lost for about 4 miles on the same course we always run (have I mentioned how directionally challenged I am?)  It is certain we will never run that exact route again but I’m equally as certain that we all had a blast running it.

Finished the week off with some yoga and weights.

Weekly mileage:  55

August 5-11

Monday was an easy 7 with short hills and my legs were still feeling the burn from the previous week’s runs.  Tuesday was my first real track day I was desperately hoping my legs would finally recover.

Good news, they did.

The plan was to run 2 sets of 8 x 400m (60 sec rest between reps 4 mins between sets).  I’d done a similar workout during marathon training and figured 4 less reps made sense for half marathon training.  My plan was to run around 90 seconds but if I felt better I’d just settle in and see what the legs had in them.

Apparently they were happy to be back on the track.

Set 1:  89, 89, 86, 88, 87, 87,86, 86

Set 2:  86, 84, 83, 82, 81, 80, 81, 79

I was thrilled with this workout and vowed to only run repeat 400s for every speed workout forever and ever.  Okay maybe not realistic.

Wednesday I ran an easy 10 and at pretty good pace considering the quarters the day before.

For whatever reason my 6 easy on Thursday felt less than awesome but that seems to be the pattern for me:  good workout Tues, good mid long run Wed and dead legs on Thur.

Friday would normally be my second workout of the week but I haven’t been feeling super motivated when it comes to second workouts and it had been a long week so I opted for a moderate pace hilly 10 miler (7:36 pace with 600ft elevation gain- whatever that might mean).

I took Saturday off but spent some time at the family farm.





And then Sunday I slept in and ran 14 miles in my hometown with the last 3 miles faster:

Avg Pace
Summary 1:48:12.9 14.01 7:43
1 8:22.9 1.00 8:23
2 7:47.7 1.00 7:48
3 7:38.0 1.00 7:38
4 7:44.0 1.00 7:44
5 7:46.4 1.00 7:46
6 7:43.1 1.00 7:43
7 7:43.8 1.00 7:44
8 8:26.6 1.00 8:27
9 7:48.3 1.00 7:48
10 7:41.1 1.00 7:41
11 7:40.3 1.00 7:40
12 7:15.0 1.00 7:15
13 7:20.5 1.00 7:20
14 7:11.1 1.00 7:11
15 :04.1 0.01 7:03

The LR felt really good and it was by far my best long run in a long time.

Weekly mileage:  59

August 12-18

Monday I kicked the week off like I usually do, 6 miles easy except this time I had 8 x 100m strides.  Tuesday was officially my second anaerobic power workout of the cycle.  The plan called for 10 x 1 min at 1500m-3k effort up a hill with a 4 mile warm-up and 2 mile cool down.

All I really have to say about this workout is that it’s hard.  Hills are hard.  Sprinting up hills are hard.  You make it through about 4 reps and then your lungs and legs are burning but when you finish 4 you’re almost half way and then you’re just 5 (long) minutes away from being done.  So you run.

Wednesday was another mid-week long run with 10 miles and my legs felt surprisingly fresh.  Thursday was a repeat of last week with less than fresh legs for 6 miles and some short hills.

My plan called for 3 x 10 mins at half marathon pace with a 2 min recovery on Friday but I’d had another hard week so I opted for a rest day and figured I’d run the workout Saturday.

I was still struggling with motivation on Saturday but pulled myself out of bed and through a 3 mile warm-up and once I got going things went pretty well.  I ran this one based on effort and was a bit faster than planned but at the same time my heart rate data looked good and I felt like I was running half marathon effort.  The details:

Avg Pace
Summary 36:01.0 5.02 7:11
1 6:35.1 1.00 6:35
2 3:26.1 0.52 6:33
3 2:00.4 0.16 12:14
4 6:23.7 1.00 6:24
5 3:35.6 0.56 6:24
6 2:01.5 0.12 17:30
7 6:25.3 1.00 6:25
8 3:34.2 0.57 6:19
9 1:59.2 0.08 23:23

Sunday I ran 13 and my legs were feeling the hurt from Saturday.  I also tried a new gel I don’t usually use and it left me in bed for the rest of the day.  Not really what I wanted the weekend before hood to coast but at least I’m almost caught up on season 2 of Downton Abbey.

Weekly mileage:  55

August 19-25

Monday’s 6 miles with strides or shorts hills was replaced with a rest day since it’s relay week (and one thing I learned from Ragnar was that I need a rest day the week of a relay).

Tuesday was another hill workout with a 4 mile warm-up and 10 x 75 seconds at 1500m-3k pace.  Since my legs felt good last week I figured I’d at least run 8 and then see how I felt.  They hurt (again) but I finished all 10 and I felt better than I’d felt the week before.

Wednesday was another story as I struggled to run 9 easy.  I’d taken the day off work since all the htc festivities kicked off.  I went home, packed and then slept for a solid hour.  It was one of those sleeps where you wake-up and are not sure what day it is or where you are but the good news was (well besides being home on my coach) that I felt like a different person when woke-up.

Good thing because I was meeting all of my Nuun htc teammates that night!

We met-up at the Garage in Seattle and bowled and I was reminded that I am in fact not a good bowler.  Low score wins right?

Thursday we ran 0-6 miles around Greenlake (I ran 5) and then Friday and Saturday we raced!  And it was awesome!  And I do so solemnly swear a race report and maybe this year I will even talk about all three of my legs!

Sunday I shuffled 4 miles through Seaside before heading north.

Race report coming along with an underwhelming week of recovery running.

Weekly mileage: 48

Now back to football!

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5 comments on “Weeks in Review: Oh hey, August I guess we have some catching up to do…

  1. TartanJogger
    September 1, 2013

    Great pics- and some great runs in there- well done!

  2. Katie
    September 3, 2013

    So fun to read your blog now that I *know* you!! Can’t wait to read your HTC recap:) Miss you lady!! xo

    • robyn
      September 3, 2013

      Thanks Katie! Glad we *know* each other! Seriously great meeting you! Miss you too!!!! xo

  3. MILF Runner
    October 3, 2013

    I want a family farm. And to be able to run fast like you.

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