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Week in Review(s): The most boring blog post ever written in history of blogs…

July 15-28th

You have been warned.

I do promise an epic recap of my Ragnar Northwest Passage experience with an extremely underwhelming photo recap because surprising no one I lost my phone for most of the adventure and when I did know its whereabouts I did not remember to use the camera, or tweeting or instagram functions, ffurther proving my point that I am in no way and awesome blogger.

As for the days leading up to Ragnar Northwest Passage I have no good excuse for my epic lack of picture-taking.  I will say the northwest is having a ridiculously awesome summer and I must just be too busy enjoying it to remember to snap a pic.

Onto the running.

July 15-21st

I was pretty tired after a my first real week of hard training so my plan was to just run easy, skip the lifting and maybe do some strides.

For the record this might have been a dumb idea but I wouldn’t fully realize that until Thursday night.

Monday I had a 6 mile run with 10 x short hills.  Not my best life choice.  After a combo long run workout on Sunday and weights I should have just run an easy 6 or taken the day off.  My hamstrings were feeling the hills and I told myself to get through 4 and once you get to 4 you’re almost halfway and then you’re halfway and then you just can’t quit.  Additionally I rationalized that since I’m not running a hard speed workout this week my legs will have time to recover and surprisingly they did (well at least for the first part of the week).

Tuesday I ran an easy 9 and things felt good.

For Wednesday and Thursday I decided to run in the evening because  I wanted to try running in some heat (our mornings have been pretty cool).  I ran 5 easy around the GL and did 8 easy strides on the track (which felt amazing).  Thursday I ran 4 miles and I felt like I was running in quicksand.  My pace wasn’t bad and my heart rate looked good but my legs felt like they were filled with lactic acid.  Was it the strides?  The lack of a speed workout?  Still don’t know but not really what you want the day before your race.

Friday and Saturday I raced Ragnar Northwest Passage and Sunday I rested and did a little yoga.  You might notice that there are three things missing from this week (well 4 if you count weights).

1) no weights

2) no speed

3) no cross training

4) no rest day

2-4 were most problematic for me.  Skipping weights was the right call but I think I needed a little speed session on Tuesday.  Looking back I should have skipped the long run combo workout last Sunday taken Monday off and done 4 miles with the last half mile fast on Tuesday.

Live and learn.

Weekly mileage:  41?  I don’t really know.

July 22nd-28th

Monday I was feeling pretty good (thanks to Jasyoga and 12 hours of sleep Saturday night) so I hit the road for an easy 7 and felt pretty good.  Tuesday more easy miles (8) and then Wednesday I decided to try to find a little turnover.

Theoretically I have a rule that after half marathons and relays I don’t do a hard workout until Saturday.  I’m pretty good following that rule for the half but for relay’s I’ve had some pretty good lighter workouts on Wednesday so I figured I’d give it a go.

It wasn’t pretty.

The plan was an easy 3 mile warm up, 2 x 2 miles at half marathon pace and 1-2 mile warm down.  The warm-up felt bad but that’s pretty normal for me so no need to worry.  I ran 2 x 200m to get the legs going and then started on my first 2 mile rep.

It was not awesome.  I managed to hover around 97 second pace hoping things would feel better but they didn’t.  My second mile slowed to 98s and my heart rate climbed.  I finished in 13:06, 6:33 pace which is right on for me but I knew I was pushing more than I should.  So I called it day.

I lifted Wednesday night and took Thursday completely off.  Friday I ran and easy 7 and remembered I owned a camera:




I also did some sample sale shopping:


Saturday I was ready to test my legs again with some speed.  My plan was an easy 2 miles, followed by 2 miles somewhat faster, then 2 miles faster than somewhat faster and then a 1 mile warm down.  I’d run this workout in December and ran 9:00, 8:00, 7:00, 6:50, 6:30, 6:25 and 8 something so I was hoping to run about the same.

I was pleasantly surprised with the following:

Avg Pace
Summary 51:55.8 7.02 7:24
1 8:53.2 1.00 8:53
2 8:14.5 1.00 8:14
3 7:00.1 1.00 7:00
4 6:49.9 1.00 6:50
5 6:19.8 1.00 6:20
6 6:07.0 1.00 6:07
7 :13.7 0.02 10:22
8 8:17.6 1.00 8:17

It was nice to get my turnover going.  The first mile was a nice climb uphill.  Mile 2 leveled off and then 3 started with a nice downhill.  7:00 minute pace downhill felt harder than expected but I tried to just focus on feeling good.  Mile 4 was mostly flat with a little bit of an uphill and it didn’t feel harder than mile 3.  I decided to push things a bit on the last 2 and they felt good.  I was working hard but not too hard.  My heart rate data looked good as well:  174 and 180 for the last two miles which is pretty low for me.

I finished my week with 11 miles easy on Sunday with my favorite peeps and some weights later in the day.



Weekly mileage:  48

So yawn… I hope y’all made it through:  pre and post relay.

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