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Week in Review: Good news kids, I still know how to tempo

July 8-15

Two actual almost timely weekly recaps in a row?  I know, I don’t know who I am either.  Must be all the endorphins.

I was on my own this week for workouts meaning I had to choose my own based on past plans.  I know life is so hard.

I had the option of  a) hills or b) fartlek and since I ran hills last week I’m bettin you can guess what I chose.  If you picked b) fartlek you win (unfortunately nothing).

But before we fartlek I had an easy 6 with short hills on Monday.  It was an amazing 6 miles of rolling hills and I felt like I was flying and my best Monday run by far this cycle.  Side note:  It looks like I will need to find a new hill to run these on because the pick-up truck parked outside the house on the hill I run looks like it belonged on America’s Most Wanted.  It was sketch.

Tuesday we fartlek and it was a hot one.  I even started early and it was still hot. My plan was a 3 mile warm-up 1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1 ladder with equal recovery (that should equal 34 minutes) and a 2 mile cool down.  The fast reps I was aiming for 10k pace (6:09-15) and the recovery I was aiming for a moderate pace (7:20-30).

I ended-up running pretty even:

Avg Pace
Summary 34:18.2 5.16 6:39
1 1:01.1 0.17 6:03
2 1:01.1 0.13 7:37
3 2:00.4 0.33 6:07
4 2:00.4 0.27 7:25
5 3:00.2 0.48 6:14
6 3:01.0 0.41 7:22
7 2:02.7 0.34 6:01
8 2:00.7 0.27 7:29
9 1:01.1 0.17 6:03
10 1:02.7 0.14 7:19
11 2:00.2 0.33 6:03
12 2:00.8 0.27 7:28
13 3:02.1 0.51 5:57
14 3:01.2 0.40 7:28
15 2:00.6 0.35 5:49
16 2:00.1 0.27 7:26
17 1:00.7 0.17 5:50
18 1:01.1 0.14 7:20

It  pretty much matches my same effort for the last 2 times I’ve run this workout. My legs for whatever reason felt really dead and my stomach was pretty upset so I was happy to walk away from the morning with a 6:39 average and 5 + miles of hard work.

Wednesday I cross trained for 35 minutes on the bike extra bright and early since I had trouble sleeping, followed by my strength workout.  Normally I’d split these two workouts up but I had plans to hangout at this place on Wednesday night:


Row 27 but unfortunately we lost.  We lose a lot.

After being out late on Wednesday I wasn’t really feeling the Thursday run, but I still managed to get myself out the door for 7 easy miles and 8 x 100m half-hearted strides.

Which brings us to Friday and the tempo.  Well sort of tempo.  It’s the “I tricked you into running a 6 mile tempo by telling you its 2 x 3 miles with a 60 second rest”

I fall for it every time.

The plan was to start at marathon pace and work my way down to half marathon pace.  Last training cycle I was doing my marathon pacing at 6:48 and my half pace at 6:30ish but I had trouble hitting those paces this past spring so I decided to go with anything between 7:00 & 6:53 down to high 6:30s.

Seemed like a good plan.

So 3 mile warm-up and I was ready to go.

Mile 1 I felt nice and relaxed.  My watch bounced around between 7:00 and high 6:50s.  It was a slightly uphill mile so I was okay with it.


Right on pace.

Mile 2.  I looked down at my watch and 7:00.  7:00?  Ugh.  Here we go again.  Just like last week but this week I started at the mile makers on the trail to make sure my miles were accurate and the first one was on.

So I speed up?  I already felt like I was running 6:40s?  So my tempo run still isn’t back?

After I over analyzed it I decide to just try to get my turnover going and I stopped looking at my watch.



I guess that worked.

And it felt good, I was working but not too hard.  I still felt relaxed.  Since this mile was fast I tried to just maintain.



60 seconds to catch my breath and I was off for round 2.

I tried to settle in at 6:48-53 pace.  This mile tends to be a bit slow so was trying to feel relaxed.  Every time I looked down my watch said 6:45 so a bit fast but not bad just stay relaxed.


Nice.  Glancing down at my watch on mile 2: 7:00.  Really?  Again?

So I did what I did during the last rep.  Ignored it and ran on feel.


Silly Garmin.  Good news though Garmin was matching the trail makers so I can’t really complain.

My last mile was slightly downhill and as much as I wanted to sprint through it to get it over (mostly because my right deltoid was hurting… yep my arm muscle) I didn’t want to blow the workout.  So I focused on maintaining my pace.



The tempo has returned and it only took one little “get your act together moment”. Not bad especially since last time I ran this workout I completely fell apart.  And by fall apart I mean my last rep was slower than my 2 mile cool down and I was trying to run fast.

Maybe that little time off and strength training is paying off.

Friday night I hung out with Megan and Meghan and learned that in bike racing you can finish second and get fifth and only race 3 laps and get fourth and that a scooter has to pace you for 8 of your 10 laps.  Confused?  I am.


General consensus is that we have more to learn about this sport.

Saturday was a much-needed rest day and some Jasyoga in the park = winning. (Can you guess which one is me???)

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.08.50 PM(source)

Sunday was my last hard workout before Ragnar NWP and it was a combo.  If things unfolded well my plan was to run 14 miles with the last 3 miles at marathon tempo.  If things weren’t going well I’d aim for 12 with the last two at marathon pace or just try to make it back to my car.

I met up with these fly gals again:

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.09.23 PM

And things went well for me so after 10.7 I parted ways with the group for my last fast 3 miles.  Unfortunately I forgot to charge my watch and it died at 8.46 so I had to guess my pace.  I have no idea how fast my last three miles were and to be honest I don’t care.  I was working hard and that’s all that mattered.

My legs were tired and I had to fight to get through the first mile and a half.  I hit the turnaround and knew all I had to do was finish the last one point five.

And that’s what I did.

Later that day I lifted.  It went okay but I’m still trying to figure out my lift schedule.

The highlight of the week?

I can still tempo and after a rocky spring that feels pretty darn good.

Weekly mileage: 49

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