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Week in Review: Anaerobic what?

July 1-7

In this blog post I do so solemnly swear to only recap one week.

I know.

Mind blown.

I guess my 5 weeks of resting (ish) is sort of over.  This week’s workouts arrived in the inbox with some unfamiliar codes:  “An power” which I’m guessing means anaerobic power though it should be coded:  anaerobic pain.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Monday I ran 6 easy mile on a pretty amazing pacific northwest morning.

There was some of this…


And this…


And a little of this…


And this…


You get the idea.  Pretty much the type of pacific northwest morning one dreams of #sigh.  After my 6 I ran some very, very easy strides.  I was going to cut them out all together because I’m trying to be careful with my inflexible calves but I think I was over running them this past winter so to be safe I slowed down and it seemed to do the trick (for now).

Tuesday was the anaerobic pain, I mean power day (see I wasn’t that ahead of myself).  The plan?  8 x 300m runs up hill at 1500m- 3k pace.  Yeah.  I have no idea what that is either… so I guess we just run hard until we feel like throwing up right?

Okay so I didn’t attack the hill that hard but it was a pretty good pace.  I’d share my splits but they really mean nothing.  I made it to about number 4 and felt like I was going to throw-up.  At that point I figured I must be doing the workout right.  I had flash backs to my high school sprinting days and running Romania hill in Eugene.


I somehow managed to power through #5 & 6 and then let’s just agree that the last 2 were hard and maybe ugly.  I didn’t throw-up and I was ridiculously consistent:  59-60 seconds for each of them, so I guess that means a good workout?  I stood at the top of the hill at the end and tried to collect what was left of my lungs.  I then I shuffled my way through a cool down.  I’m still not quite sure how I made it back to my car.

Clearly and anaerobic workout.

Thank goodness Wednesday was a cross training day (45 mins on the bike) and weights (okay the weights were a bit of a challenge on the legs).

Thursday was the 4th of July and I was on a boat!


Not a bad view.

Before the boating I got in 8 easy miles that sort of surprised me since it seemed like a week ago 6 miles felt ridiculously long.  I also ran 10 short steep hills.  Yep.  More hills.

Friday was workout #2 of the week and it either went really well or really not so well.  I’m still not sure but I think my Garmin might have been lying to me… or that’s what I keep telling myself.

The plan was an easy 3 mile warm-up, 30 minutes of progression from marathon to half marathon pace based on feel and a 2 mile cool down.

I started the tempo in a woodsy area (not by choice but I will spare you all the boring details behind that little adventure).  I knew my first mile was going to be off since Garmin doesn’t really like trees but when I looked down it read 7:07.

Okay.  I was hoping for 7:00-6:50 but what- evs, the pace felt ok.  On to mile 2.  7:00.  7:00 really?  It felt like 6:40s.  Dang my pace skills seem to still be on break.  I then proceeded to turn into typical obsessive compulsive runner and tried calculating my own splits based on the trails mile and half mile markers.


I think I figured the mile was about .02 off and then I figured out I was being a giant idiot.

Who cares?

It’s July and I’m supposed to be running of feel and this pace feels right.

So there.

And I just ran.

30 minutes.

Garmin did say my last mile was 6:28 and I swear I didn’t speed up but I guess we will never know.  And that is okay friends.

And if you’re wondering if I went back and tried to map it on one of those websites or run it on another day my answer would be no… but I totes thought about, I’m just too lazy.

Ugh… being a runner is exhausting.

Thank goodness Saturday was my rest day.

And Sunday I met some of my favorite fly ladies for runday Sunday… or Sunday runday.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.02.39 PM


13 miles and the longest since Ojai!  Woot woot!  It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t horrible so I will take that as a win.

Weekly mileage: 45

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2 comments on “Week in Review: Anaerobic what?

  1. Meghan
    July 10, 2013

    What, you’re blogging more regularly? Is this a joke like April Fools or something? 🙂 Love the weekly recaps and hoping I get to run with you soon. Maybe one of these Sunday Rundays I’ll actually get my butt down there to join in on the fun.

  2. robyn
    July 16, 2013

    Ha… well I wouldn’t get too used to it… racing starts this week and well we all know what that means. Please come down and run! We totes have fun.

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