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Month in Review: r-e-s-t-i-n-g find out what it means to me…

May 27 – June 30th

Week 1 of r-e-s-t-i-n-g: May 27th – June 2nd

May 27th officially kicked off my off-season (whatever that means).  As I mentioned previously I haven’t had any downtime since last May and I was back on the track within 2 weeks even with having undergone a minor surgery (remember how I sometimes do dumb things?).

Determined to really find some real rest I made a little plan for June and it looked a little something like this:

1) No running for 7-10 days

2) Revisit strength training since I’m pretty sure I’ve developed some muscle imbalances

3) Consider doing core (Ha… I don’t even believe myself)

4) Ease back into running maybe play with pace the last week of June

So I kicked off my off-season in style on Monday with my besty at Manhattan Beach.


We couldn’t have asked for a better day.



The funning thing about LA on a Monday holiday is that no one was up until noon so we had the place to ourselves.  We shopped, ate got our nails done and just enjoyed the sun.  Then she dropped me off at my other besty’s house and hung out with one of my favorite 4 year olds.


I finally made my way back north to Seattle and managed to not run a single step for 10 days and I wasn’t even tempted to run on day 8.  I’d rather take 3 extra days of rest now than 3 months off later.

Weekly mileage = 0

Week 2 of r-e-s-t-i-n-g: June 3-9

I wasn’t ready to start running or cross training on Monday (cardio) but I was ready to start lifting.  So I lifted.  I used the same plan from last summer.  This program actually end-up being too much for me once I started to build my mileage but I figured it would be okay for June.

Tuesday, nothing, Wednesday nothing.  So intense.

And Thursday I ran.  I have no idea how far I ran because apparently I didn’t wear my Garmin and I can’t pull my data up.  Excellent.  I think it was 5 miles.  My heel was sore afterwards but I figured out the two points on my calf (you know the one Bunny the Pony Horse helped break in my early 20s) that are causing the issue and have spent time bruising myself… er I mean rolling it out, to alleviate the heel pain.

Seems to be working.

Friday I lifted but with a new plan.  I’m not even sure I how I found this book.  I was poking around on amazon and it suggested it so I put in my cart and the next day there it was smiling up at me from my front door.

Seriously best purchase.  Thank you

If I was a good blogger I do some full review on this book but I’m not even an okay blogger.  Basically the premise of the book is this:  Runners (or any endurance athletes) develop muscle imbalances and we need to balance those to avoid injury.  Most endurance athletes start with the best intentions but once mileage or intensity kicks in the first thing we drop is strength training.  This book has specific exercise programs based on your endurance event to help balance those imbalances.  Err… I probs could have said that better.

It also utilizes periodization so there’s an off-season, preseason and in season plan.  What this means to me is that I can do 2 quick circuit workouts a week (30 mins in the offseason and shorter during the season) and my legs are not going to be too tired for my hard days.

Loving it so far and I feel much stronger.  And bonus?  Strengthening my hips and glutes has helped my heel pain go away.

Okay moving on.

Saturday I hit one of my favorite local trails for 6-7 easy miles.


It was totally dreamy.



I was tempted to meet some peeps on Sunday for a run but knew better.  So Sunday I rested.

Weekly mileage = 12… maybe?

Week 3 of r-e-s-t-i-n-g: June 10-16

I’d say Monday I ran an easy 5 miles on one of my favorite loops, but nothing about it was easy.  300ft of elevation gain felt like 3000 but honestly I didn’t mind.  I know who am I?  This was also my first run back with my heart rate monitor which was nice to have because I gave me permission to back off pace when my heart rate started creeping up.

Tuesday I bike for 45 minutes.  It was not fun.  I did my new strength training program so that was fun.

Wednesday was an easy 6 (but you wouldn’t know it by looking at my Garmin because apparently during my time off I forgot how to properly use the start and stop buttons on a watch).

Thursday more cross training (40 minutes on the bike) followed by 6 easy on Friday and a rest day (plus strength training) on Saturday.

Sunday called for an easy 7 that was some how turned into 8.64 and 7:46s which is pretty fast for me at this point.  I was hurtin at the end but held my own.

Weekly mileage = 25.64

Week 4 of r-e-s-t-i-n-g:  June 17-24

When this week’s schedule arrived in the inbox I was surprised to see a fartlek workout.  What speed already?  But the weekly mileage said 30 so I figured it wouldn’t be that bad.  As I looked over the runs for the week it seemed a lot more than 30 miles and I even half heartedly added them up and got close to 40 miles but before I could add the miles up again I decided I didn’t really care.  I was pretty tired from two busy weeks at work and was getting ready for my annual work conference so I figured I just do as I was told.

I like to follow rules.

So Monday was an easy 6 with short hills.  Not going to lie, 6 miles felt ridiculously long.

Tuesday called for 7 but with a wake-up call before 4:00am for a flight to the 108 degree Arizona sun I decided to call it a rest day.

And I found myself here:


And here:


This is what 108 looks like.

Wednesday was supposed to be a cross training day but I scratched that an opted for 7.  A hot 7.  I woke-up early and drank some water and carried a bottle with me.  Most of it felt great and there was a  nice path to run on.  The last mile I was starting to feel hot and it wasn’t even 7:00am.

My fartlek run the next morning might not feel awesome.

But I will give it a go (you know me).

Thursday called for a 3 mile warm-up, 5 miles of 30 second fast (low 6:00s) and 2:30 mod (7:20s) for 5 miles and then a 1 mile cool down for a total of 9.

I started from a drinking fountain and brought 3 tabs of Nuun with me and a bottle.  Things went well for the first 2.5 miles.  I ran 3 reps out one way (9 mins) and left my bottle under a bush.  I should have either carried my bottle or only done 2 reps out because I really needed some electrolytes by the time I reached half way.

I filled up my bottle and added a tab and went headed out for another round this time with my bottle.  My paces were looking good except my mod was too fast (closer to 7s).  I was also getting pretty overheated so I had to stop several times to just cool down but my paces remained constant.  In the end I was happy with my effort especially considering the 85 degrees temps.

Thank you electrolytes.


Friday was a rest day/travel day and while the desert was totes pretty,


I was happy to see this pacific northwest sight.


Saturday I ran 6 or 7 (thanks Garmin) on a local trail and lifted.

I capped the week off with an 11.5 mile long run on Sunday.  I know, 11.5 surprised me too.  I was sort of wimp during it but glad I had a friend to pull me along.

Weekly mileage = not 30.  39.5 or 40.5

I gotta work on my math skillz.

Week 5 of r-e-s-t-i-n-g:  This is still rest right?? June 24-30

Dear Training,

You are sneaky.



Monday, not too surprising with 6 easy miles and 10 short hills.

Tuesday called for a bit of a progression:  3 easy, 3 at 7:20-30 pace and 1 mile fast with a 1 mile warm down (8 miles if you are counting).

I was pretty excited for this run.  I was hoping 7:30s would feel good and hoping I’d find 5k pace for that last mile.

If you’ve read my blog for a while it will not surprise you that I may have run a few of these miles too fast.

View Splits
Avg Pace
Summary 1:01:10.2 8.19 7:28
1 8:23.7 1.00 8:24
2 8:14.2 1.00 8:14
3 7:51.1 1.00 7:51
4 7:14.5 1.00 7:14
5 7:09.2 1.00 7:09
6 7:02.6 1.00 7:03
7 5:49.2 1.00 5:49
8 8:00.7 1.00 8:01
9 1:25.0 0.19 7:29

I know.  I have no excuse.  My legs just felt good and my breathing was relaxed so I went with it.  It also started raining like it was the end of the world around mile 5.5 so I was sort-of in a hurry to get done.

And then there’s that 5:49, even fast for me.  I’m usually good for a sub 6:10 on the road and 6:00 minutes on the track but 5:49!  Okay it was a little bit down hill, but still I was pretty ecstatic.  I sort-of wanted to tell every person I saw on Tuesday about my last mile but have learned most (if not all) of my co-workers don’t share my enthusiasm for my fast miles.

I lifted in the evening and cross trained (biked) for 45 minutes on Wednesday.

And then Thursday was another hard day.


Maybe I shouldn’t have over run Tuesday.

Thursday I was dead set on running pace or slower.   The plan 3 mile warm-up, 6 miles of that 30 sec 2:30 fartlek and 1 mile warm down (10 total).

I promised myself no 7:00 min pace on the moderate.  And for the most part I kept my promise.  I felt pretty good.  I didn’t push too hard on the 30 seconds and tried to settle in for the 2:30s.  I was pretty close to 7:20s for the moderate sections and 6:00 min pace for the fast.


Friday was an easy 7 with weights and a much-needed rest day on Saturday.  Sunday was a pretty crappy 10.6.  It was supposed to be 12 but ya can’t win them all.  I was supposed to start the run at an easy pace and then work down to a moderate pace but I think I started too fast and it just got away from me so I called it early.

Right choice.

Weekly mileage = 41.6 or 42

I was a bit bummed that 42 miles felt so hard but then I remembered it was 42 miles on 5 days of running and 2 hard workouts so all in all not bad.

So there ya go.  Resting or something sort of like it.

Anyone else take rest period?   Why on earth did I wait so long for it???

run pretty run fast



2 comments on “Month in Review: r-e-s-t-i-n-g find out what it means to me…

  1. Emily
    July 6, 2013

    I’m totally a fan of resting – my body forced me to rest in April with a nasty IT injury. Ever since, I’ve been hyper aware as to what my body’s telling me. Resting is JUST AS IMPORTANT as tough training days – sometimes more so!

  2. robyn
    July 9, 2013

    I totally agree! I used to be really good at resting even when things didn’t hurt and then well the running mind just takes over. I’m working on putting real rest in my training cycles! I hope your IT band had recovered!!!

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