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Too many weeks in review to count: So I might be a little stubborn (part 2)… (dang I hope there are only two parts…)

April (yes April) 29th – June (yep June) 2nd (part 2)

May 12- 19,

Dang, we’re only in May?  I can’t even remember May anymore… must have blocked it out.

I promise there is a race coming.

Monday was a rest day (shocking) and the legs needed it.  I also helped them out a bit by doing this yoga at home.  Tuesday managed to slip away from me so I ran after work and it was one of the most amazing runs I’ve had in months (no sarcasm).  My heart rate was running a bit high but my legs finally had some spring in them and I’m fairly certain the Monday yoga was to thank.  I ran some short hills and called it a night.

Wednesday is normally a track day but for whatever reason the mastermind bumped the intervals to Thursday and I was more than happy to run an easy 9.  My legs were not quite as peppy as they were on Tuesday night but for the close turn around I was happy.

Thursday I hit the track with my speedy friend for some 1000s.  8 of them to be exact with 1:30 recovery (sound familiar?).  After the events of the past week I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about them but figured I’d give them a go.  I ran my 4 x 200m to warm up glancing at my watch because they felt fast but the reality was they were a tad slow.

Ugh.  (Could be a long one kids…)

First rep, ready begin.  3:48.  Not bad even though I was aiming for 3:50-2.  I’ll slow down the next one.  3:50 better.  3:50, 3:49.  All steady but to be honest the legs and lungs just weren’t feeling it.

3:54.  Yikes.  5 down, 3 to go and here’s where I got just a bit mad.  I mean I should be able to run 3:50s?!  Apparently I run better mad: 3:48, 3:47 and 3:43.  Craziest part is that the 3:43 felt just as hard as the 3:54.  What changed?  I stopped trying to run harder and focused more on my turnover and it seemed to do the trick.

Best part?  I mean besides being done?  My legs felt pretty good for the cool down… no slow crawl like Sunday = winning.

Friday I backed off on pace and ran an easy 7 and took things easy again on Saturday with 5 and 6 x 100m strides.

Sunday I was ready for a solid half marathon workout and was pleased with the results.  I warmed-up for 3 miles and then ran 2 x 3 miles starting at marathon pace and cutting down to half marathon pace.  Here are the details (last 3 miles are my cool down).

Avg Pace
Summary 1:07:02.4 9.23 7:16
1 6:55.8 1.00 6:56
2 6:45.1 1.00 6:45
3 6:22.5 1.00 6:22
4 :05.0 0.01 7:55
5 1:01.5 0.05 21:26
6 6:51.6 1.00 6:52
7 6:35.5 1.00 6:36
8 6:19.5 1.00 6:20
9 :09.8 0.03 6:27
10 8:04.8 1.00 8:05
11 8:04.7 1.00 8:05
12 :12.1 0.02 8:37
13 8:25.1 1.00 8:25
14 :56.1 0.11 8:42
15 :13.2 0.01 19:03

Not bad right?  Felt great.  Really my first solid tempo where I felt like myself.  But then it happened.  Random sharp pain on the outside of my right foot.  I don’t really remember when it started but about a mile an a half into the run I felt like I was limping.

And I was.  I made it back to the parking lot and removed my orthodic and limped into Starbucks.  And then I limped the rest of the day.  This will go away right?

Wishful thinking is so cute.

May 20-26

I woke up bright and early Monday morning, swung my feet out of bed, hit the ground and couldn’t stand.


I tried my best to be optimistic thinking it would warm-up but by 10:00AM I was desperately emailing our trainer at work to take a look at my foot and contacting every PT in the greater Seattle area (my PT  apparently has a life and was on vacation.  Totes good for him).  I did manage a light pool run to keep the legs loose and a little yoga, but no running.

No running continued Tuesday (rest) and Wednesday (pool run) and more yoga.  Old PT thinks the orthodic is hurting my foot now that I’ve changed my stride so we pulled those and transitioned to super feet and hoped for the best.

Oh hope.


At least the sky was pretty (and hopefully not falling on me… well at least not at this point).

After doing this (see below) every morning (ice and electricity apparently do mix and = magical healing powers):


I was able to run 5 pain-free miles on Thursday.  Foot felt a little sore but not bad.

But then (isn’t there aways a but then now?)  I got on one of these:


And the foot started hurting again.

My hips also started hurting after a slightly longer than expected drive to Ventura.  Yep, this Ojai half thing is still going down (I told you there was a race coming).

I finally made it to the hotel- no thanks to the 405 and 101- tried not to think about my foot or hips.  I did some drills along the beach and ran for about 10 mins with a sore foot.  But at least the view was nice.


By the time I’d run and showered it was getting late.  I made a quick trip next door for dinner where I was seated next to a 20 something year old convincing his grandma that he was totally capable of driving her Bentley and a rather intoxicated man who wanted his jack and coke and only wanted to order off the lunch menu with his last $30.


I don’t know either.

Saturday I was up a the crack of dawn.


Ran 3 easy miles and sipped some Starbucks at the beach…


.. and did all the other normal pre-race hoopla including driving the course, hydrating, picking up packets, trying to figure out how the heck I was going to get to the start line and consuming carbohydrates and then it was off to bed.

I felt ready to race on Sunday morning.  And here’s my race recap:

It was awesome, and then it wasn’t.

There you go.  Okay there’s actually (believe it or not) more to it.  I wasn’t going to write about it because I’m just ready for this season to be o-v-e-r but now that I have just a smidge of this thing called perspective I realize it’s been a pretty sweet training cycle and I’m really happy with how I raced even if it wasn’t the end result I was hoping for…

So tune in tomorrow — same Bat-time, same Bat-channel! (Okay we all know it won’t really be tomorrow but I will try to post soon…)

… until then

run pretty run fast


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