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Too many weeks to count in review: So I might be a little stubborn (part 1)

April (yes April) 29th – June (yep June) 2nd

I know peeps, you might want to skip this… it could get long and ugly but I promise to try my best to keep it quick (mostly because I can’t remember all the details of these past x-# of weeks).

Shall we begin?

April 29th – May 5th

Okay so last we left off I was a bit bummed about my race but ready to move forward.  If you would have asked me on Sunday if I was planning on running the full marathon at Ojai I would have said heck no.  But come Monday I’d changed my answer to heck yeah!

I’m easy.

I really wanted to run a few shake out miles Monday in Eugene after the race but my hips and glutes had other ideas not to mention my heel was sore.  So day off = winning.

The week after a half is always a recovery week for me and usually filed with easy miles and a tempo on the weekend.  My legs weren’t feeling awful on Tuesday so I ran an easy 7 at heart rate (just under 8’s) and some short hills.

Wednesday I did and easy 10 with 3 loops up a hill running then down hill a little bit fast.  My legs were a bit tight to start but once I was warmed-up I was good to go.  I wasn’t feeling too speedy but my coworker spotted me running and couldn’t believe how fast I was running up hill so I guess that’s good right?

Thursday was another 10+ at heart rate and after warming-up I settled in at 7:47 and felt good.  Recovery seems to be working well.  I backed off on Friday with an easy 7 and strides knowing I had a big 22 miler with pacing on Saturday and went bed ready to run in the AM.

I also went to bed feeling a full from dinner (okay really full from dinner) and then woke up at 4:30 nauseated.  Okay… not true.  I wasn’t nauseated but I started vomiting which for me usually means one thing:  partially obstructed small intestine.  Yay.  Thank you stomach adhesions from misdiagnosed ruptured appendix a million years ago.

So zero running on Saturday as I tried down as many high calorie liquids as I could in hopes I could do the workout Sunday (and in hopes that this obstruction would work itself out).  Why was a pushing so much for this workout (I mean besides the obvious reason that I’m a crazy runner)- well it was 3 weeks out from the marathon and this workout was going to determine if I was marathon ready.  I was going to warm-up for a mile, run 10 at 7:30-40 pace and 10 at 7:00 pace and cool down a mile.

Sunday came and I met some peeps for a run and made it 5 and knew I was in trouble.  I left the group drove home and went to the ER.


(This is not what winning looks like).  The ER was not helpful.  My Doc didn’t really seem to care that I couldn’t eat more than a cup of liquid at a time (though they were totes impressed with how hydrated I was… I somehow managed to get a full bottle of Nuun down (it took me like 90 minutes to drink) before my run.  My doc thought I had a stomach bug and thought I’d be dehydrated.  But I knew it wasn’t a stomach bug.  I had a CT scan which I also knew would show a partial obstruction- and it didn’t.  After the CT scan he was ready to send me home and told me it was a bug and it would pass.

Not going to lie.  I about lost it.

This happens all the time with me when I get adhesions, like last May when they incorrectly told me my stomach was broken.  It happened once in college and my dad actually flew out to Arizona (where I was supposed to be racing) to pick me up and talk to the doctors who sent me home from the ER only to have me come back in a few hours with the same symptoms.

My ER doc this time around changed his discharge papers and told me to go see a gastroenterologist and I told him great in only takes 3 weeks to get into one here and asked him if I should I just keep eating liquids for that long which of course he didn’t like so in my discharge papers he wrote something about how they had to take me next day.

I went home frustrated and still not able to eat.

May 6-12

Monday I got in to see the gastro and she agreed that it was a partial obstruction from my scar tissue but that there was not much they could do.


She gave me some medicine that they don’t like to give because it’s pretty toxic but it should force the obstruction loose.

I popped the first pill and pretty much had to go to bed because it made me so dizzy and nauseous. Tuesday was pretty much the same except by the end of the day I could eat toast with cream cheese.  Which means I did what any dumb runner would do on Wednesday; I ran.  I mean who does that?  Guess I do.  5 miles at 9:00 minute mile pace.  Not my brightest idea.

By Wednesday night I was eating real food (just in smaller portions), I’d run 5 miles and I made it through (most) of a workday, so we know what that means right?  If you guessed rest and take care of yourself you would correct as to what one should but not what I did.  Yep.  I ran a mini workout.

Thursday 3 mile warm-up and cool down and this in between:

Avg Pace
Summary 20:30.6 2.98 6:54
1 1:00.6 0.12 8:07
2 1:00.7 0.16 6:14
3 1:01.7 0.13 7:45
4 1:00.9 0.17 6:06
5 1:01.2 0.13 7:39
6 1:01.3 0.17 5:55
7 1:00.6 0.13 7:52
8 1:01.6 0.18 5:40
9 1:01.4 0.13 7:42
10 1:02.0 0.17 6:09
11 1:02.5 0.13 8:18
12 1:01.3 0.18 5:48
13 1:01.2 0.11 8:55
14 1:01.6 0.18 5:50
15 1:01.2 0.13 7:53
16 1:01.0 0.17 6:08
17 1:00.9 0.11 8:57
18 1:00.9 0.17 6:00
19 1:00.4 0.12 8:32
20 1:02.2 0.17 6:00
21 :05.1 0.01 6:51

Yep.  10 x 1 minutes.


It felt okay.

However one of the amazing side effects of the dizzy toxic medicine they gave me is that it causes muscle rigidness.  Not really a runners best friend and by the end of my run my legs and hips were okay but my wrists were tight for some reason.  Well as long as it’s not my legs I’m good… right?

Friday I very wisely took a rest day- I know I don’t believe me either.  Instead I ran ten very tight miles… so maybe my legs didn’t escape the poison.  It was too bad I was hurting so much because I was a BEAUTIFUL day for a run… and I took zero pictures of it.  Sorry.

Saturday I ran 6 easy and still felt tight.  Both Friday and Saturday I ran based on heart rate and was a good 40 seconds + per mile slower than the week before.

And it was gray.


Sunday I did my best to ignore what had happened earlier in the week and set off to tackle my last long run before the marathon (two weeks at this point).  The plan was 18 miles with 13 miles at goal pace.  By this point I was being somewhat of a realist and decided that 6:48 pace was out of reach.  I still thought 7:13 pace was doable- which would match my PR- and I was pretty certain I was in better shape than when I’d run my PR so Sunday I download some new music and set off for Greenlake and several laps.

Things started off great, one 2.8 mile loop done and on the second.  Felt pretty good for most of it, stopped for Nuun and fuel and was off again.  I made it to about mile 7 and that’s when my glutes started to tighten.  No problem just stay relaxed.

Okay maybe it’s a problem.

I don’t remember the last few miles only that the final two felt like a hard.  Still I held pace pretty well but knew it should have felt a lot better.  I mean a lot better.  I’ve run this workout in two other training cycles and sure it’s hard and you always think “there’s no way I can do that for 26.2 miles” but this one felt different.  It wasn’t my breathing so much as my legs (glutes) just locked-up.

Here are the details:

Avg Pace
Summary 2:18:09.4 18.00 7:41
1 8:48.2 1.00 8:48
2 8:21.6 1.00 8:22
3 8:03.8 1.00 8:04
4 7:11.2 1.00 7:11
5 7:06.7 1.00 7:07
6 7:06.3 1.00 7:06
7 7:09.9 1.00 7:10
8 7:11.9 1.00 7:12
9 7:06.6 1.00 7:07
10 7:07.2 1.00 7:07
11 7:09.9 1.00 7:10
12 7:08.9 1.00 7:09
13 7:05.6 1.00 7:06
14 7:07.0 1.00 7:07
15 7:12.6 1.00 7:13
16 8:55.9 1.00 8:56
17 9:09.8 1.00 9:10
18 9:06.1 1.00 9:06

Check out that cool down… okay in my defense it was uphill… and then down hill.  Not helping. But I think it shows just how tight my legs were.

This workout for me was the tipping point.  I wasn’t so concerned about my aerobic fitness but my legs really shouldn’t feel that tight.  I was concerned that if I did run the full no matter how fast I was going my legs were going to tighten up early and that just doesn’t sound like fun.

Decision made.  I will run the half.  To be honest it was a bit of a relief.

Well dang that only got us to May12th.

Guess this is part 1…

run pretty run fast


2 comments on “Too many weeks to count in review: So I might be a little stubborn (part 1)

  1. peonut
    June 9, 2013

    ‘Liking’ this post seems like the wrong message – mad kudos for fighting through.
    Awe. Definitely awe.

  2. robyn
    June 11, 2013

    Haha, I totally understand :). Thank you through, it has been a challenging cycle but I’m glad to have fought my way through!

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