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Week in Review: And this might not be how one tapers for a half marathon… #maybe

April 22-28th

And now a race week (finally geesh).

Initially I’d wanted to race race the Eugene Half Marathon but with my little running set back I realized I was going to have to train through this one if I wanted reach my marathon goal.

I was at least smart enough to realize my tempo runs hadn’t been going great so I should try to taper a little (okay maybe my training partner told me I should cut my mileage down let’s be honest I’m not that smart).   My plan was to run close to my normal week but cut back on my mileage towards the end of the week.  My thought (again training partner’s thought) was the easier days would allow my legs to bounce back for Sunday.  Seems logical right?

Things started off great with a nice rest day on Monday (much needed after my 22 miler on Sunday).  My rest day did include a little yoga for the hips.

Tuesday I was back on the roads for an easy 8 miles and some short hills.  My legs were still pretty tired and the course was hilly but all in all not a bad run.

Wednesday I was back on the track for speed.

8 x 1000m.  Thousands sound long right?

As always my plan was 10k pace so 6:08-12 pace.  So 92s?  What does that mean for 1000m?  I don’t know… I’m not good at running math.  I figured 3:52 pace was about right.  I did a quick round of 200s to warm-up and was off.


Okay at touch on the fast side.  I know you think you know where this is going but I really did want to slow down and though this was a speedy rep I still didn’t feel as strong as I normally do. 1:30 jog and off for number 2: 3:50.

Okay so maybe you know where this is going.

Two down… six to go.  Six?  I told myself to get to four and see how I felt.  Five would be solid and six would be great.  Anything else was bonus.


Then the PE class came out for their warm-up lap.  I’d already made it 800m when I caught the group and surprising no one one of the boys tried to race me for about 25m: 3:45.

Hmmm… well apparently running is easier with others because that last 200 felt awesome.  Midway through this rep I was wondering if I had any more in me but if I can run a 3:45 I figured I had two more in me.

3:49, 3:49.  I know, not 3:52 but they felt good.  I got two more right?  3:50 and 3:48.  Not a bad day and my heart rate was supper steady and my cool down was faster than a crawl.  Winning all around.

Thursday is normally my mid long run but here’s where my taper begins, I only ran 7.46 easy.  And then Friday I rested and Saturday was a 4 mile shakeout run and where I saw my first red flag.


At least I look happy right? (I stole this pic from Patty).  She’s on the right bottom (below) with sunglasses and a white tank (I’m not sure if she has a blog)… and then I stole that pic from someone… sorry someone if it’s you let me know and I promise photo cred… (surprising no one I’m a bad blogger).


I wasn’t going to wear my heart rate monitor for the shakeout but grabbed it at the last-minute.  I figured the run was going to feel hard because for me shakeout runs always feel hard but when I glanced at my heart rate it was a good 10 beats higher than normal and I was running a good minute pre mile slower… hmmm that’s not good.  But what can you do?

Sunday was race day and it was awesome and it was nice to be home:

photo (15)

And I may have run in this fun new uniform…


(photo: Oiselle)

… and there may be a shiny new PR involved even though by mile one (yes your read that correctly mile one) my legs hurt, but you’ll have to wait for all the awesome details.

So lessons learned:  

1) 22 miler the Sunday before a half might not be your best life choice

2) 8 x 1000m faster than 10k pace might make your legs hurt for your half marathon and again might not be your best life choice

3) Data is awesome (Always wear your heart rate monitor)

4) And sometimes showing up even when your legs don’t = a PR

Recap coming soon…

Until then…

run pretty run fast


4 comments on “Week in Review: And this might not be how one tapers for a half marathon… #maybe

  1. I think 1000’s were my least favorite workout in high school. Hated them. Not sure why since they’re not THAT much longer than 800’s. Who knows.

    Snazzy new uniform! Pondering running Eugene next year after reading everyone’s posts…

    • robyn
      May 13, 2013

      That extra 200m is brutal. I think I only ran 1000s once in high school and way too many times to count in college but never on a track!

      Thanks, lovin the uni :). And you SOOOO need to run Eugene! I loved the half course and it’s on my list again for next year! #doit

      Maybe I’ll finish my race recap before the month is over… #maybe

  2. Running Hutch
    May 9, 2013

    Wow, I’m starting to learn about track workouts because I want to build speed. 1000’s seem Godawful, though. At any rate, this at least helps me see how track workouts are SUPOSED to work! lol. [o:

  3. robyn
    May 13, 2013

    Haha… they are brutal and 8 is a lot! 5-6 is all you need for 5-10ks and even the half. I think I maybe did 7 during my last marathon training cycle. Love speed workouts the most! Good luck!

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