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Week in Review: I do dumb things

March 18-24

Monday I took a  much-needed rest day from all aerobic activity.  I think I might have officially reached my cross training threshold.  Seriously I’m no fun to be around as evident by my lack of pictures (sorry #fail).

My heel was still angry as was I.  My PT however liked my progress and all the pain in my heel was a result of the new stride and he gave me two running options.  Keep running easy runs but capping them at 6-7 miles or run faster runs capping them at 4 miles and cross training on the other days.

Hmmm… any guesses as to what option I selected?  To celebrate my return to speed I spent an hour at yoga class paying extra attention to my very stubborn calves and hips.

Tuesday was my first real attempt at a tempo.  I hit the AMT (open stride) for a 24 min warm-up and then made my way out to the Burke.  I was feeling pretty nervous because I had no idea what to expect.  My plan was to run 4 miles with 30 seconds fast and 2:30 at a moderate pace.   I ran this workout on Christmas Day (I know who does that?) so I had some idea what I was doing.  I figured I’d aim for 10k pace on the 30 seconds (6:08-6:15 pace) and 20 seconds slower than marathon pace on the 2:30s (7:08-7:13 pace).

Here’s how it went down:

Avg Pace
Summary 27:18.9 4.00 6:49
1 :31.3 0.08 6:38
2 2:31.0 0.35 7:10
3 :31.1 0.08 6:08
4 2:32.1 0.37 6:55
5 :34.2 0.09 6:35
6 2:31.3 0.36 6:57
7 :32.6 0.08 6:32
8 2:34.3 0.37 7:00
9 :31.4 0.08 6:39
10 2:31.0 0.36 7:01
11 :32.1 0.08 6:23
12 2:30.7 0.37 6:49
13 :31.7 0.08 6:13
14 2:31.6 0.37 6:50
15 :32.3 0.09 5:54
16 2:31.3 0.37 6:50
17 :31.7 0.08 6:30
18 2:17.6 0.34 6:48

In hindsight I ran my fast a bit slow and my moderate a bit fast but I was still a bit nervous about going too fast on the heel so no complaints from me.  The Burke is pretty flat but I could feel every little incline suck the life out of my legs.  Guess that’s what time off gives ya.

Compared to my December workout my pace was nearly identical however my heart rate was higher and the course from December had many (many) more hills.

No complaining here, very happy with the results and btw so amazing to run fast!

I hopped back on the AMT for a cool down and back to my office to ice.

Tuesday night I realized something just wasn’t right with my foot.  It was hurting A LOT.  Great… is this a set back?  Did I do something dumb?  I swear my foot didn’t hurt while running.

Not a set back.

I did do something dumb.

And really my foot didn’t hurt while running.

Turns our I might have been just a bit aggressive with the icing and I might (and by might I mean I did) give myself a mild case of frostbite.


Wednesday my foot hurt from the burn and it hurt to walk on.  I figured I’d try to go use the AMT but when I got to the gym this woman snagged the last open machine.  She looked me straight in the eye and I swear she laughed.

I tried to bike but gave up after like 30 seconds.  Maybe it’s a sign?  Better head to drug store for some second skin.

I spent a good 15 minutes trying to describe what second skin was to the sales associate at Bartell’s drug store.  Finally he gave up on me and found his manager and I learned that they keep the good stuff behind the counter.

I limped back to my office and bandaged my entire heel.  Hmm… do I skip yoga?  Nope.  Second skin is amazing.  No pain through yoga and an hour on the AMT after work.

My PT was pretty impressed with my frostbite on Thursday.  I guess it’s kind of hard to give yourself frostbite (PT had actually done some original research on the topic… random right?) but it explained why my foot is taking a bit longer to heal:  my circulation is not epic.  Good to know.

I spent another hour on the AMT.  Not going to lie… it’s getting old.

Friday was another run day!  Heel fully wrapped in second skin I was ready to run.  The plan was a little progression run:  2 miles easy (8:00), 2 mod (7:08) and two fast (6:30).  I’d run this one back in December in 8:45, 8:00, 7:00, 7:00, 6:28, 6:28 (or something close to that) so I felt good about my plan.

My legs ended up feeling a bit weak so I didn’t exactly hit my dream paces but I can’t complain:

Avg Pace
Summary 51:57.8 6.98 7:27
1 8:14.9 1.00 8:15
2 7:56.3 1.00 7:56
3 7:10.0 1.00 7:10
4 7:19.8 1.00 7:20
5 6:41.2 1.00 6:41
6 6:12.7 1.00 6:13
7 8:23.0 0.98 8:35

I was able to talk miles 1-5 so that has to be a good sign right?

My foot was pretty sore by the end of the day.  I ended up walking around a lot that afternoon and the pain seemed to be getting worse.  I decided to try to put more pressure on it (because I do dumb things) and surprise surprise it felt better.

So Saturday morning I decided to test my new theory out and ran to and from the gym and wouldn’t you know the foot felt better after I ran on it (4 miles total and 20 mins on AMT).

Maybe I’m on to something?

Okay Sunday… let test this thing out on a long run.  I mean what could go wrong?  (Insert nervous laughter.)

I started running and decided to just run based on my heart rate (which was a good thing).  My heel hurt for the first two miles but then was gone.  I hadn’t decided on a route or distance but was planning on 7-10 with maybe some faster miles at the end.

Somewhere along my route I realized my watch was having trouble with the distance.  I tried my best to ignore what the pace said and just focused on my heart rate.  Good life choice because it measure the course real short… like .1 per mile short (I’d run this route before and knew it was 9 miles).  My 8:30 + pace was actually 7:24-7:30 pace.  #oops and #hooray

For some reason I decide to run two more faster miles using the Burkes mile markers (and confirming my watch issues).  I ran a 6:40 and 6:50 (second one was up hill- slightly).  The last two miles were hard but my foot felt good and it was nice to push myself just a little.  11 miles seemed a bit short for marathon training so I made my way back to the AMT machine for 25 minutes.  Not gonna lie, not so much fun after running outside.

Overall super happy with the week.  26 miles total and 22 of them over a three day period.

April and May races are still looking good.

run pretty run fast


I case you missed it Nuun is back to their relay dream making magic.  They are looking for female bloggers (sorry dudes) to run Hood to Coast.  You can check the details out here (apps are due this Friday by midnight).  Seriously the highlight of my 2012… and I scored some pretty sweet shades (sticker included):


… okay and I met some really amazing people and had the time of my life… so if you’re thinking of entering DO IT!!!!


… and you might get some super sweet shade.


3 comments on “Week in Review: I do dumb things

  1. Brittany
    April 2, 2013

    That run with Nuun sounds awesome!!!

  2. robyn
    April 3, 2013

    It was AMAZING!!! The entire weekend was amazing and HTC is my all time favorite race!

  3. supernorts
    April 4, 2013

    haha iceburns ive had a few of them in my time. proper hardcore respect.

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