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Week in Review: After your most amazing week ever of training you sometimes get sucker punched in the throat

Yep it happens.

January 28th – February 3rd

We last left off with the most amazing week of training ever complete with a Sunday rest day!  Woot!  Woot!

I woke-up bright (okay dark) and early on Monday for an easy 7 miles with some strides.  Power through an amazing day at the office and then it happens.  The throat starts to feel a bit funny and you tell yourself it’s nothing no big deal. You head off to your next meeting desperately trying to focus but in the back of your mind you can’t figure out if you should be concerned with what seems to be a growing pain in your throat… this can’t possibly be a sore throat?  Right???

But you know better (I know better).  So cut out of work early (and by early I mean by like an hour) and try to rest but it’s no use.  The pain is settling in.

And you ask yourself is this the cold or flu?

Or if you’re me you ask if you can I hangout in denial for another day or two and maybe squeeze in this hill workout?


No luck, worst sore throat in ages.  I’m smart enough to stay home Tuesday and Wednesday with exactly zero miles.  My Hokas taunted me from the hall closet the entire time.

Two days of full rest.

Things were starting to turning around so Thursday I hit the roads for 5 easy miles (based on my heart rate) and ran some short hills.  The plan had me running 7 on Thursday but I didn’t want to press my luck.

Hmmm… speaking of pressing one’s luck I did attempt some fast running on Friday (remember this is a judgement free zone).

Now the plan called for 2 x 3 miles progression (starting at marathon pace and finishing up at half marathon pace) with 4 x 200m just for fun.  At some point in my in my cold induced fog I decided it wasn’t smart to run the whole workout but I sort of got lost in that same cold induced fog and forgot all about my somewhat rational (and might I add responsible) life choice by the time I started my warm-up.

The fact that I was pretty winded and slightly light headed at the end of the warm-up should have triggered my commitment to rationalness and responsibility but it didn’t.  Some quick stretching and some strides and we were off.

To make this workout a bit more confusing we ran the first rep the wrong way around the track.  I know this is good for my body (especially my left leg/foot) but it threw me off a bit.  Still I tried to settle in.  My first mile wasn’t bad with a 6:44 and I felt okay (aiming for 6:48).  I wasn’t lapping my watch and more running on feel so I was okay with this mile.

My second mile was 6:34 (goal 6:40) and still feeling good.

I started to feel the burn mile three with a 6:24.  I could tell I was tired but wanted to see if I could bounce back to the 6:48 pace.  So I jogged the easy minute and was back at it for exactly two laps.  My first lap was a 1:44, second 1:43 and I it felt bad (real bad).  So I stopped and jogged with no intention of finding the last 2.5 miles.

I still have a cold remember?

Of course I ran the 200s.  I felt weak on them but still managed to run right around 40 secs.

So sort-of good life choices?  Sort of???

I woke-up Saturday excited for a sunny 54 degree day (as promised by but no luck.  It looked like this:


Yep… still winter.


I ran and easy 4 (trying to be responsible).

Sunday was a combo long run, 17 miles with the last 3 at marathon pace.  I felt tired for the whole thing but my heart rate was fine and so I kept running.  It was hilly but we managed 7:51s for the first 14.  Then the last 3, well, were not awesome.  I’m not sure what I ran since I messed up my watch.  My first mile appeared to be on pace and then who knows the rest and to be honest I’m not sure I really care.  I am happy to have this week behind me and looking forward to some cold free running ahead of me.

Race report on its way… it promises to be completely underwhelming.

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