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Week in Review: Pretty much the most amazing training week ever.

January 21-27

Yep.  This week was amazing.

There must be something in the water.

The last few weeks of workouts have been pretty similar: 5k type workout, tempo and tempo long run.  This week’s schedule mixed things up a but with 1) a workout I never in a million years thought I’d attempt and 2) a really long tempo run much longer than I’d run to date in this training cycle and my second longest tempo run ever.

But as usual I’m getting ahead of myself.

Monday was a holiday which meant sleeping in till 7:45am and an easy 6 followed by some short hills.  My heart rate monitor was acting-up on Sunday and Monday it wasn’t any better (maybe it wanted a day off from work too).  It keeps spiking for no reason and it makes running based on heart rate a challenge (so temperamental).

Maybe it just doesn’t like the fog:



Tuesday = most favorite workout all time.  ALL TIME.

I was nervous when I saw this one on the calendar and at the last-minute I found out I’d be running this one alone.  Adding to the nerves was the not so distant memory of my Friday track workout (bit of a fail) and the 15 mile long run on Sunday (recipe for success?).

Looks like it.

The workout:  2 x 10 400m.  Yep, that’s 20 x 400m kids.  One minute between reps and four minutes between sets.  First set at 10k pace and second set at 5k pace and not my “conservative I think I can only run this pace” but my McMillan Running PR pace calculator pace (6:08 and 5:55).

My plan was to start nice and relaxed and find a 91-92 but I was fast with an 88.  It didn’t feel bad but it shouldn’t feel bad (this is my 10k pace).  I knew I needed to slow down.  2 1/2 miles at 10k pace should feel pretty good but the 2 1/2 miles at 5k pace was going to feel hard and it was going to feel really hard if I didn’t slow down.

I didn’t manage to slow down until rep 6.  I finally figured out I was going out too fast my first 100m and figured out how to relax for reps 7, 8 and 9 and then I forgot to think for rep 10.  I actually lost count and I thought I had one more rep.  I had to stop my watch and count splits.

The details:

Summary 24:24.2 3.16
1 1:28.0 0.25
3 1:30.6 0.25
4 1:00.1 0.07
5 1:28.8 0.25
4 1.00.6 0.07
7 1:28.7 0.25
8 1:00.6 0.05
9 1:29.8 0.25
10 1:00.8 0.07
11 1:32.4 0.25
12 1:00.8 0.06
13 1:30.1 0.25
14 1:00.1 0.07
15 1:30.5 0.25
16 1:00.3 0.07
17 1:32.3 0.25
18 1:01.0 0.08
19 1:28.5 0.25
20 :18.9 0.03

Four minutes of recovery and I was off again.

My goal: 88-89.  85 is not 88 or 89.  Maybe I was just a tad bit excited.  And clearly I couldn’t slow down.  I felt okay so I decided to settle in.  I went back and looked at my heart rate info and I was recovering well for the first 5 or 6 but 7-10 didn’t looks so good (can I blame it on Garmin?).

In my defense I felt recovered, I was breathing hard but felt recovered enough to start the next rep.  Maybe it’s the 800m runner in me but I will want to keep an eye this (I don’t want to over run my workouts).

The details.

Summary 24:11.0 3.10
1 1:25.4 0.25
2 :59.9 0.07
3 1:25.4 0.25
4 1:00.8 0.06
5 1:25.9 0.25
6 1:00.8 0.07
7 1:26.0 0.25
8 1:00.6 0.05
9 1:24.7 0.25
10 1:00.4 0.04
11 1:25.7 0.26
12 1:00.0 0.05
13 1:23.3 0.25
14 1:00.1 0.05
15 1:22.2 0.25
16 1:01.5 0.05
17 1:22.8 0.26
18 1:00.6 0.05
19 1:22.6 0.26
20 1:02.8 0.07

I am still excited about this workout.  It felt awesome and I’m pretty sure from here on out I need to run all my intervals in 400m increments.


Wednesday was an early wake-up call and an easy 10 miles.  Things started off slow (um I just ran 20 400m repeats) but picked-up on the back half.

Thursday was an easy 8 (with an amazing sunrise and sadly no pics) plus 8 x 100m strides.  The legs were tired at first but the strides seemed to loosen things up.

Friday easy 6 right at 8:00 minute mile pace and I had to work to get my heart rate up to 150 range.

And Saturday (finally) the long tempo run (and the part of my training that needs the most work).  10 miles at marathon pace.  I know 10!  My longest tempo in this cycle was 2 x 3 miles progression with 1 minute recovery (aka tricky 6 mile tempo) so hey lets add 4 more miles.

I didn’t really feel like tackling 10 miles alone.  Luckily I didn’t have to.  This was the first long run tempo of the training cycle and it just happened to fall on a Saturday that just happened to have 10 mile race on it… I know!  Sign right?  I talked the training partner into making the trek down south for the race.

And race we did.  Sort-of.  I ran mine as a workout but still faster than marathon pace.  Since it was technically a race you’ll just have to wait for all the awesome details in my race report.

The short of it?  I ran 65:32 (6:33s) and a bit of a break through effort for me.  Full report soon (pinky promise).

After the race I recovered with this deliciousness:


And seriously… there is something in the water and yes there is bacon in the Bloody Mary.

Sunday rest.

run pretty run fast (and full race recap on the way…)


3 comments on “Week in Review: Pretty much the most amazing training week ever.

  1. thedancingrunner
    February 4, 2013

    Awesome! You are one speedy lady!

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