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Week in Review: Can I find a pace please?

December 31st – January 6th

A new year and a new training plan.  And with the new plan goodbye to my Mondays of rest.  It’s okay.  I said goodbye to 2012 with a nice 7 miles easy and some short hills.  My heart rate monitor went all bonkers on me during this run.  The run was slow, cold and foggy and my heart rate kept spiking; like 235 spiking.

Now before you freak out and try to send me to the ER I’m pretty sure it’s a just Garmin being Garmin and having an off day- I’ve said it before Garmin… it happens to the best of us.  I wasn’t breathing hard, my heart was not racing but I’ll use any excuse to slow down.

But wait, before you think I’m completely reasonable I did still run my short hill sprints #goodlifechoices.

But at least the fog can be pretty:



I finished saying goodbye to 2012 (and hello 2013) with some fun friends.

And by more I mean we’ve never run together but I think we totes should.  I mean we both love bacon and are the same height (um that second one might be a bit of a fib… dang #failtruthteller.)  (And yes that’s the only picture I took the entire night but these ladies really know how to throw a party and make really fun announcements).

Tuesday I was a smart kid and took my rest day which meant I kicked off my short work week with an early AM hill workout Wednesday morning.  Say what?



6 x 2 minutes.  I picked the same hill form this workout.  This last workout I was running 3 minute repeats and I included a flatter section of the hill and made it about .42 of a mile.  This time around I was much faster (if that even means anything on a hill) running 6:35, 6:31, 6:46, 6:53, 6:43, 6:43 for about .31 of a mile. (Um nerd much).

The workout was hard.

I tried to go easy on the first one and was heaving at the top.  I tried to slow down on the second one but no luck.  The 3rd and 4th reps were hard and I questioned if I could finish but then something clicked in my head and I just decided I was a good hill runner.  Up until that point I’d just been telling myself the workout was hard.  After the 4th rep I had a mini flashback to high school and I remembered hills were my favorite and they were my favorite because I was good at them and not scared of them so I just decided I couldn’t have lost it: so long story long… I’m good at running hills and I finished strong.

Done and done.

Thursday was an easy 7 and this thing finally came out:


Friday I hit the track.

Yep only one rest day before some more speed, maybe not my best strategy ever.

The plan was 2 x 2 miles at half marathon pace followed by 8 x 200ms.  At this point in training I wasn’t sure what my pace was so I figured I’d start around 6:40 and hope to speed-up to maybe 6:35.  I’d calculate my splits before I hit the track but completely forgotten what I was supposed to run.  My speedy friend did some quick math and informed me I was to run 95s.  Sounds good.

Ready begin.

It wasn’t until lap 5 I realized 95s was 6:20 pace.  Oops, that is not my half marathon pace.  I thought something was wrong when I went through the first mile in 6:08.  Did I miss a lap?  I tried to slow things down and finished in 12:26s (average pace 6:13s).

Two minute easy jog and a promise to myself to slow down and I was off.

I broke my promise.

93s felt good so I settled in.

Now in my defense I slowed down… to a 12:29 (6:14s+).  The first mile and a half felt good last eight hundred was hard but I did finish 89 so… yeah…

And an easy two minutes and some 200m repeats.  Dang, I wish I would have remembered I had to run these during those two-mile repeats.

200s were hard but I found my stride after number 4:  39, 40, 39, 38, 38, 37,37 and 36 (I was aiming for 39).

Easy cool down and done (hmmm I might pay for this tomorrow…).

Saturday was an easy 6.  And after my PR workout (I HAVE to stop doing this) I was pretty sore.  So I opted for one of my favorite trails and it did not disappoint.



(Don’t worry I did not run into that tree).


Helpful signs for the directionally challenged.

The run was not fast in fact my first mile hurt so much I thought about quitting but glad I made it out.  So… I rewarded myself with a sweet breakfast including bacon:  #mmmmbacon #yepthatsoatmeal.


… and some premium hydration and my cat and a fire (I mea who doesn’t love a Saturday morning???)

Sunday was the long run.  I had 12 with the last 3 at marathon pace… ya know 6:48s.  So I don’t know why I ran this:

Avg Pace
Summary 19:17.2 2.90 6:39
1 6:49.8 1.00 6:50
2 6:35.4 1.00 6:35
3 5:52.1 0.90 6:31

Maybe I need an intervention???

I did get to run with these fun peeps (yep I stole this pic from this gal and thanks hydrated for the photog duties).


Solid first week of 2013 and here’s to finding pace.


run pretty run fast

(and sorry for the picture overload… I promise less next week… maybe).


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