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Month in Review: Okay December, so you’re not that bad and here are the pictures to prove it (don’t say I didn’t warn you…)

Month in Review: Okay December, so you’re not that bad and here are the pictures to prove it (don’t say I didn’t warn you…)

December 3rd-30th (okay so almost a full month in review…)

So CIM came and went and the morning of December 3rd my friend Megha and I were left with a tough decision:  which wineries to visit?  Okay and maybe which January marathon do we run?

The first question was easier to answer:


And we sampled (and hydrated of course).


Before we started our wine sampling we did manage to get a rather uncomfortable 30 minute jog (and I use that word (jog) very loosely).  My legs hadn’t felt too bad on Sunday but Monday was a different story.  I don’t remember feeling that bad after any marathon.  The only day I remember feeling worse was the last 2 mile shuffle I ran at Steens Mountain Running Camp in high school.  At the conclusion of that 2 mile run I swore I’d never attend that crazy camp again only to (of course) find myself up there for many many more years.

Okay enough of the high school flashback.

The grounds where we stayed were lovely and it was fun to spend a day relaxing with an amazing friend.  (And apparently blue skies actually do exist in Cali- who knew).


Megha and I had no problem deciding which winery to attend but picking a January marathon proved much more of a challenge.  I told myself I’d train through December 16th and then make a decision.  We had 3 marathon options but I was only seriously considering 1: Houston.  A friend was working on comp entries and if they didn’t workout I figured the universe was telling me to slow the heck down (and I’d better listen… you don’t just ignore the universe).

So I started this last push of training with a big fat rest day.  Thank you Tuesday.

Wednesday I hit the road running with and easy (very easy) 7 miles.  I also strapped on a heart rate monitor for the first time in almost 20 years but that’s a topic for a separate post (shockingly I have some serious issues with heart rate monitors).

The morning run was perfect just what one needs after a DNF.

IMG_4022 (1)

Thursday was an easy 8.  I still wasn’t feeling great but I told myself it would get better.  My heart rate looked good (whatever that means) and I just took the miles as easy.

Friday was more of the same, 7 easy miles.  I wasn’t sure if I was feeling better or more motivated but it was nice to get out and just run.  At this point I hadn’t made a choice about January race which meant Saturday was going to be a workout.

My coach went easy on me and I should add he was surprised I was already asking for a workout but I wanted to make a decision one way or the other (okay so patience is not my strength).

Saturday morning I found myself all alone on the track.  Most of my group was racing cross-country nationals and my running partner (in crime) Megha had moved back to Portland.  The workout called for 4.5 miles at tempo with the first 3.5 at 6:50s and the last mile fast.  I was determined to hit pace (and by hit pace I mean not run this thing too fast).

And here’s what happened:

Avg Pace
Summary 29:40.1 4.50 6:35
1 1:41.0 0.25 6:42
2 1:41.1 0.25 6:41
3 1:41.6 0.25 6:43
4 1:42.0 0.25 6:44
5 6:43.6 1.00 6:44
6 6:45.6 1.00 6:46
7 3:18.0 0.49 6:41
8 6:07.2 1.00 6:07

I know.  Not 6:50.  It didn’t feel awesome but I wasn’t dying.  I was hoping this workout would give me some insight in my January racing decision but it left me sort-of blah.

I capped my week off with a less than impressive cold and wet 13 miles on Sunday.  I thought by the end of this week I would have felt somewhat inspired to race or rest but I found myself sort-of in no mans land (oddly much like my CIM race).

On Monday I rested and waited for the burnout bug or marathon fever to bite or hit.  But no biting or hitting.  Still I’d convinced myself I’d train hard through the following weekend:  two more hard workouts.  I have that in me right?


Nothing in me wanted to go to the track on Wednesday and Houston wasn’t looking promising so on Tuesday I decided it was time for some downtime (after and easy 6 miles of course).  I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  The idea of training through the holidays didn’t sound appealing at all.  Maybe if this had been in the spring I would have found some motivation because spring doesn’t bring visions of sugarplums dancing around ones head (or my mom’s cinnamon rolls).

Normally I’d take a full week off and then a week of running every other day but this go around I decided to keep running and cut out speed through December.  Okay um… most of December.

So Wednesday I ran an easy 7 and Thursday I rested but it was a pretty sweet morning:


Friday didn’t want to be out done by Thursday…



… and I managed and easy 7.

Saturday morning I met some of my very besties for a little jog.


Haha, I have a Julie and a Jody on my shoulder :).  No one told me on Saturdays we wear red.  This was Jules last full day in Seattle and she’s off to Iowa (insert multiple sad faces).  It was great to see these ladies and catch-up.

We met in Bellevue and ran one of my favorite spots on the eastside.



I debated running long but wasn’t feelin it so ended the day at 10.  It was also a special day for me and the hubs came through with some sweet gifts from my most favorite store:


I capped the week off on Sunday with an easy 8 and opted again to not add my weekly mileage up.

Have you lost track of where we are yet?  I have.  Monday December 17th!  Umm… I don’t remember how far I ran this day.  My Garmin died and only recorded 3 miles… but I think it was 5 miles and I think there may have been so short hill repeats.  Oops.  I love December.

Tuesday easy 6, Wednesday easy 7, Thursday easy 6 (plus), and Friday 7.  I’d planned on running in the AM on Friday but made it about .5 miles when I decided it was too icy to run so I turned around and tried again at noon.  Noon served me well and I managed to run this one as a progression (my first mile was fast because this dude on the Burke was trying to race me and well… I guess I’m competitive):

Avg Pace
Summary 52:41.6 7.01 7:31
1 7:41.3 1.00 7:41
2 8:30.0 1.00 8:30
3 7:47.2 1.00 7:47
4 7:34.0 1.00 7:34
5 7:16.1 1.00 7:16
6 6:58.7 1.00 6:59
7 6:49.5 1.00 6:50
8 :04.9 0.01 7:46

Not going to lie I was pretty amped about the last two miles and they felt good.

In addition to an awesome run Friday also had a pretty epic sunset…


Saturday rest and easy 10.5 with my favorite birds on Sunday (okay… there may have been a few slightly faster miles mixed in).

Monday (December 24th!!!) and home with the family in Portland.  More easy miles (6) and some strides:  8 of them and they were amazing.  I forgot how much I loved strides (okay and they may have been slightly downhill).

I did get to play my all time favorite game ever but lost (again to my brother).  I hate the thief.


Tuesday was Christmas and most people like to wake up early and open presents.  My fam sleeps in just enough for me to get-up early and run and by run this year I mean fartlek:  Merry Christmas to me!

I was actually pretty excited because I love being the only one up and out on the road.  The workout was 4 miles with 30 sec of fast running and 2:30 of moderate running.  I was aiming for 10k and half marathon pace though I think the half marathon pace was a bit ambitious.  My Garmin’s laps were full so I only know my mile splits (6:42, 6:58, 6:40, 6:50… can you tell where the hills were???).  The last mile was hard and I was pretty excited to hit the traffic light(s).  Still 8 miles total and I was back in time to shower, put my pajamas back on and eat the most amazing cinnamon rolls EVER (shout out to my mom).

Christmas was great hanging out with the fam is always fun.

Wednesday I was going to take the day off (and by day off I mean go snowshoeing) but my brother-in-law had to go the ER (he’s okay) and snowshoeing will have to wait for another day (hopefully!!!).  I did get to run an easy 8.

Thursday was an easy 7 in the parentals hood.  I love the area.  There are rolling hills and big trees sure the days were gray and a bit soggy but no complaints from me.

Friday was the second sort-of hard workout of the week and my speedy friend drove all the way to the eastside to run with me!  Sweet!  But it also means it was sort of hilly.  It was a 6 mile run with the first two easy, then two moderate and then two faster.  Here’s what it looked like:

Avg Pace
Summary 43:42.3 6.00 7:17
1 8:46.7 1.00 8:47
2 8:02.9 1.00 8:03
3 7:04.2 1.00 7:04
4 6:49.1 1.00 6:49
5 6:30.4 1.00 6:30
6 6:29.0 1.00 6:29

Easy mile cool down and a big fat rest day on Saturday.

Sunday some more long running with some fast birds (11 to be exact) and the last two miles were fast.  My watch was sort of messed-up for this but my last mile was 6:08.  I know!!!  I don’t know who I am either.

So you can see December’s not all that bad so maybe I should hold off on breaking up with it (her? him?).

It was a good month with family and friends and some pretty sweet miles (and cinnamon rolls).  I do have plans for the next year and who knows maybe I’ll even write a post about these said plans.

Maybe I’ll even start adding my miles up again but until next time…

run pretty run fast

Oh… and shout out to the best hubs… this post was written on my fun new MacBook Pro that the hubs surprised me with for Christmas.  I was shocked (and I clearly figured out how to use Photo Booth).  Okay… back to football watching…)



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