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Week in Review, Wednesday Night Speed and Saturday Tempos… yep it’s a combo post

Week in Review, Wednesday Night Speed and Saturday Tempos… yep it’s a combo post

November 19th – December 2nd

I don’t really like a combo post but I might never get to recap CIM at this pace (or I might still be talking about November in March):  so here we go!

November 19-25

And now for the real taper and kicking it off right with a nice rest day.  Thank you Monday.

Tuesday was the usual 7 miles easy, wait this doesn’t feel like taper?  Wait for it… it’s coming.

Wednesday no fast speed work this week, instead a nice 7+1 (yes kids that’s 8) mile tempo.  Thanksgiving was the next day and I was heading out-of-town so my friend Megha met me bright and early for this one.

We found ourselves in some crazy rain and wind storm the kind that wakes you up in the middle of the night and makes you never want to leave the comfort of your bed.  Megha texted me before my alarm went off to see if we wanted to sleep in and run it later but later was no good for me since we were trying to get out-of-town.  I forced myself to not look out the window or check the weather on my phone and told her I had to go in the AM.

She agreed to meet me.  8 miles alone is way worse than rain and wind… right?

It was dark (okay so it was just early not bright and early as I previously claimed) when we started our warm-up but the sun was up (well by Seattle standards) by the time we started.


Neither one of us were up to multiple laps on around the GL so we started at the track (because somehow multiple laps around the track sounded easy??  Well at least they are short).  The plan was to run 3 miles and then head down to GL and I’m not going to lie it was not pretty.  The wind was really blowing and it felt like a wall every time we came around the corner.  I’m not sure what happened but after mile 3 we opted for another mile and a lap on the track.

We parted ways with the track (and hopefully the wind) and made our way to the lake.  We only had one lap around but this workout was getting a bit ridiculous.  Every direction we turned we found a headwind.  I kept thinking we’d round a bend and find a tailwind but no go.

We made it to about 6.5 and thought I’d found a way to outsmart the wind but I was wrong.

We did our best to find 6:47 pace during the workout but when it was all said and done I was just trying to run what felt like pace and I stopped looking at my watch.  Our last mile was supposed to be fast and I found a 6:20 somewhere; our average pace was 6:45.

Not awesome but I felt like I didn’t push it too much and though the wind was not a blast I felt like I adjusted well.  And…. we stayed dry!  (No rain!)

Check out those wind blown trees in the background!

Check out those wind-blown trees in the background!

... still windy.

… still windy.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and the 2nd annual Turkey Trot with the family.  This year my brother Geoffrey ran (so hubs was still on photo duty).


I ended up running around 5 miles.  Snapped this pic midway through… name that distant mountain start line?


Overall it was another fun family event even if is was a bit gray…


Okay picture-break back to running.  Friday was an easy 6 and Saturday we were back tempo-ing!

This one was a 5 +1 (6:47 pace again and fast last mile).  We started this one on the track again and then finished-up around GL.

Avg Pace
Best Pace
Summary 40:05.7 6.02 6:40 5:10 565
1 1:42.3 0.26 6:37 5:55 21
2 1:42.0 0.25 6:42 5:58 24
3 1:42.5 0.25 6:48 5:58 24
4 1:41.3 0.25 6:41 6:18 24
5 1:42.7 0.25 6:47 5:54 24
6 1:42.9 0.25 6:46 6:12 24
7 1:41.0 0.26 6:35 6:11 24
8 1:40.9 0.26 6:35 6:12 24
9 6:49.7 1.00 6:50 5:10 95
10 6:49.3 1.00 6:49 5:45 94
11 6:33.7 0.99 6:38 6:07 93
12 6:15.0 1.00 6:17 5:49 93
13 :02.6 0.00 8:34 6:04 1

I think I’m having some watch issues but still no complaints.  This workout felt pretty easy and the last mile pick-up felt good.  Fast enough to get the legs moving but not pushing sub 6:10.

Since this was a taper week I decide to make this workout my long run for the week (12 with a 3 mile warm-up and cool down) so that meant I was able to sleep in and run and easy 7 on Sunday.

One more week of taper and then we race.

Weekly mileage: 50

November 26 – December 2

Race week.  Yep.  Since you already know the race was less than epic I’ll try not to drag this out (much).

Things started off pretty normal.  My hips were tight but I figured my Monday rest day would make them better.

Tuesday I met up with a speedy friend for our final pre-marathon workout.  I was running a 4+1 same as before:  6:47 for 4 and the last 1 faster.  We ran an easy warm-up and I felt a bit more winded than normal but I’ve learned you can’t judge a workout by its warm-up.

I started on the track and felt okay for exactly one lap.  Everything after that one lap was horrible.  Not exaggerating here:  worst workout all training season and maybe all year (remember I’m a truth teller).

I’m not sure what happened but I really thought my Garmin was broken.  It (my Garmin) kept telling me that I was running 6:53 pace and I swear it was 6:35.  It wasn’t.  My legs felt like lead.  I managed to average 6:46 (with the last mile fast) but was done.  I hobbled (almost crawled) through a cool down and was ready to wipe all memory of this workout from my memory.

Not the workout I wanted this week but still I’m used to a bad workout the week of a race so I talked myself away from the edge.  I’m still not really sure what happened.  My hips had been really tight and I’d been stretching and using the foam roller more than usual but still not sure what went down.

I ran easy an easy 6 on Wednesday and it felt fine, dare I say even good?

I rested Thursday and then ran light on Friday and Saturday.  This is a bit of a change for me.  Normally I’d take Friday off but this seemed to work.  My legs felt good both days and come Sunday my legs were ready to run.  Too bad the rest of me really wasn’t.

As tempting as it is to dive into all the fun goodness that went wrong Sunday you’ll just have to wait for the CIM 2012 race report.  Next post, pinky promise.  Anyone want to take bets on if I’ll post it before 2013?


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