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Week in Review: And so this is taper…

Week in Review:  And so this is taper… and apparently I don’t take pictures during taper (sorry)

November 12-18

Let’s start with Monday and a big fat rest day.  I heart you Monday.

Tuesday was my normal 7 miles.  Nothing too life changing.  It was cold and dark and seemed to last forever.  On a non-life changing note I had to change my route around a little because I keep finding stray dogs on my favorite route and I think it’s weird (or maybe it’s a sign???).  Probs just weird.

Wednesday was my awkward 3 x 1 mile repeat workout that was slightly less epic than the previous week’s ridiculously epic 3 x 1 mile repeat workout.  I know this one wasn’t everything that I hoped and dreamed it would be but for the most part it went well.  Maybe I was just sad because deep down in my heart I knew I wasn’t going to get to see any fast track running until 2013.  I know, I’m weird.

Thursday I was all set for another not too life changing cold and dark run.  Lucky for me this guy was tired of running alone so he agreed to join me for few miles.  I forgot how fast miles fly by when running with someone and before I knew it 7 miles was done (and no stray dogs).

Friday was a repeat of Thursday.  And then Saturday (because you know it always follows Friday) and the workout I’d been fearing all training season.

I know I shouldn’t be scared of a workout but 12 miles of tempo just seems SO long.  Not to mention the pace was faster than my half marathon pace from October.  I did a fairly decent job talking myself off the ledge before this workout.  Here’s what I told myself:

1.  The half I ran was in SFO and ridiculously hilly so don’t worry about running 6 seconds per mile faster than PR pace in a workout.  (Insert nervous lol)

2.  I’d run every workout my coach gave me at the pace he told me or faster so this one was no different.

3.  I’ve run a 12 mile tempo alone during my last training cycle so this is nbd because Megha would be right along side me (on my left of course).

4.  I’m going to run a marathon at this pace so better put my big girl pants on and run.

Profound right.

And surprise, surprise I survived.  You can read all about it and its full awesomeness here.  17 miles total.

Sunday was a wet one but I met some of my favorite fast birds for some surprisingly speedy miles (11 in all).

When all was said and done I finished the week off with 60 miles the highest mileage I’ve ever run during taper.  Normally I’d completely freak out over the high mileage but I feel like I’ve made the adjustment well and let’s be honest I knew the next two-week to really taper.

Here’s hoping I can find some pics for my next post.

run pretty run fast (and taper)


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