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Saturday Morning Tempo: 12 miles, 11 at MGP last mile fast

Saturday Morning Tempo: 12 miles, 11 at MGP last mile fast

November 17th

Say what?

Yep… pretty much the workout I’d been dreading since my coach sent me my plan.  Longer tempo’s are hard for me (which might be a clue that I should maybe work on them just a bit more #justsayin).

Still I’d run a 12 mile tempo when I was training for my last marathon in 2010 and I had to run it alone and it went well so this can’t be that bad right?

Um… right?  No really?

Megha and I opted out of our usual GL location for Lake Union.  The loop is just over 6 miles.  I was fairly certain it wasn’t super flat which made me a bit nervous but it still sounded better than 4 laps around the GL.

(pic taken last March... but pretty much looked the same... gray)

(pic taken last March… but pretty much looked the same… gray)

The plan said 6:47s which seems faster than marathon pace (6:52s) but I figured my coach knew what he was doing so we’d give it a go.

Megha and I both agreed we’d start closer to the 6:50-3 mark and then pick it up (clearly not a workout we wanted to start fast).  Since my brain just couldn’t fathom 12 miles I told myself to make it through 6 and then hit a mental reset and run another 6.

A quick 2 mile warm-up and we were off.  We settled into what we believed our pace was but our watches were not super helpful.  Megha’s had us in the 6:30s and mine was around 7:00.

Hmm… split the difference?

I don’t really remember looking at my watch at all the first lap.  I simply tried to run for feel and settle in.  I can’t say it felt good but at the same time it didn’t feel bad.

We made it around the first loop and were on to the second.


I started the first loop off strong but struggled around miles 10 and 11 (imagine that).  I tried my best to stay relaxed.  I could tell we picked-up the pace and just settled in and let Megha go (she was feeling good).

I tried my best to not completely lose contact but it was a struggle.  We hit the mile to go on a slight uphill and I tried to find another gear.

Not sure how I did it but I found one.

It was hard: 6:22-4 range and quite possibly one of the longest miles of my life.

Megha has a fancy Nike watch so here are here spits (including our cool down miles):

Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 8.52.36 PM

Miles 10 and 11 were slower for me and my mile 12 was a faster.  Somewhere along the way our watches managed to  sync up… weird right?

I thought the elevation was brutal but it turns our I might just be a wimp (yep… that says 83 feet).

Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 8.51.41 PM

Happy to have this one in the books.

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