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Wednesday Night Speed: 3 x 1 mile repeats… again

Wednesday Night Speed: 3 x 1 mile repeats… again

November 14th

Yep back on the track and more mile repeats and I know two weeks in a row!  Not the norm but I had to move my workouts around because of that little trip to Dallas which means back to back repeat mile workouts.


I wasn’t really feelin the track this night.  It’s hard to run the same workout two weeks in a row especially when the last one was epic.  Still compared to all the tempos this was short so I knew it would fly by, and fly by it did.  The plan this night was to run 6:00 mins for all three with a shorter recovery than the week before (2 mins).

I ran my regular 3 mile warm-up and fast quarter (76 seconds boom!) followed by and easy quarter.  Our coach was telling everyone their workout but since Megha and I had our own we just took off.

Unfortunately our timing was a bit off this week.  We finished our first quarter right when the rest of the group was starting and I somehow ended-up at the front of a group.  Not just any group, this group was a few pace groups faster than my normal group.

I really wasn’t sure what to do so I just ran.

We came around the track at their 800m split and my 1200m split and I heard someone say we were a little slow but as far as my workout was concerned a was more than a little fast.

Why won’t they just pass me already???

One more lap and we stepped off the track. My coach was confused and I reminded him we were doing a different workout.

First mile:  5:52.  Yep.  That’s not the same as 6:00.

Two minute jog and we were off again.  I won’t bore you this week with every quarter-mile split (like last week) but when all was said and done I’d run 5:54 and 5:54.

I know I should have been amped but I wasn’t.  The last two reps my splits were all over the place and just couldn’t get settled.

I know, I should lighten-up just a tad.

Last speed session in the books (and really maybe I should run a 5k?)

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