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Week in Review: Hello most weekly miles I have ever run in my entire life

Week in Review:  Hello most weekly miles I have ever run in my entire life

November 5th-11th

Hello peak week!  Finally!!!!

Now about all these miles…

There were a lot of them (miles).  I think the plan was 67 but I’m a few miles ahead of plan so it’s looking more like 69 = my highest mileage week EVER!

Unfortunately my feet were feelin it.  Good thing I invested in a new pair of these kicks:

photo (61)

photo (60)

No they are not sketchers.

Yes they are light.

And yes I know they don’t look light.

You don’t have to believe me (but I am a truth teller).

Okay, about this week.  Monday:  Kicked if off with a rest day and sadly no yoga.

Tuesday I bumped my normal 7 to 8 miles (I know- I’m living life on the edge here people).  Had I spent any time planning my week out I would have run a few more miles on this day.  Poor planning on my part = more miles at the end of the week.

But it was an amazing morning:


Wednesday we hit the track for my most epic (to date) 3 x 1 miles.  My head and heart needed this workout but not going to lie I paid for it.

Thursday I was in desperate need of 12 miles but couldn’t squeeze it in before work so I split the run.  My 7 miles in the AM were brutal.  When you end Wednesday in the dark and start Thursday in the dark you feel like you never went home, ate dinner and slept for 7-8 hours.

I somehow managed to make it through a full work day only to change into a clean pair of running clothes and head out into the dark again.  Didn’t I just do this?

I had no plan for this run.  I knew I need 5 miles but it seemed impossible so when I found my car at mile maker 5 on my Garmin I was more than pleased.

Friday was another long dark and lonely 7 mile morning run (apparently I bore myself):  counting the hours until Saturday morning because I know I’m meeting running friends.

I did go watch the NCAA Western Regional Cross County meet (where I ran into my Oiselle Sherpa buddy and twin:)

photo (4)

I spent the morning running back and forth and then back again cheering at the meet and I feel like I should at least get to add a mile to my weekly mileage which would put me at 70!  I know, tone down the #runningcrazy.

The good news was that by Friday morning my legs were feeling pretty recovered and I was thinking maybe I should have been doubling during this training cycle that was until I started running on Saturday.

It was brutal kids:  BRUTAL.  My attitude may not have been awesome.  I somehow drug my body through 14 miles and then tempo-ed 5 miles and then cooled down for 21.

Ugh.  I still need 13 miles this week.

The plan was to sleep in and run crawl through 13 miles but in a lapse of judgement I agreed to run 13 miles with Megha and Club Northwest.  At least they don’t start until 9:00 so I can sleep in… except my body didn’t get the memo and I was up before 7:00.

Double ugh.

We finally met-up and made it through 13 very fast miles, say 7:30 pace except for the gigantic steep hill that tried to kill me.

69 (70) miles total


run pretty run fast


2 comments on “Week in Review: Hello most weekly miles I have ever run in my entire life

  1. kelseygodfrey
    December 13, 2012

    WOW! 70 miles??!!? You. Are. Amazing. I loved seeing that sunset photo on instagram this week! Way to kill it on your most weekly mileage ever.

    • robyn
      December 14, 2012

      Thank you! Hope all is well with you!

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