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Saturday Morning Tempo: Long run combo 14 +5 (and a cool down)

Saturday Morning Tempo:  Long run combo 14 +5 (and a cool down)

November 10th

I love me a combo workout:  this one, long run plus pacing.

It was the most beautiful Saturday fall morning in the Pacific Northwest and a great day for running (maybe a little cold).  Okay really cold… I didn’t want to leave my car.

photo (63)

But I did (eventually).

This workout called for a two-mile warm-up 12 miles of easy long run (14 miles total) then 5 miles at marathon pace (6:47) and a mile or two of cool down.  Easy right?

Not so much.  I’d had some rough runs on Thursday and Friday after my epic mile repeats but by Saturday morning I thought I was recovered but I was wrong.

It happens.

I met Megha and our friend Jodie and we were off.  I’m not sure when I started to feel bad, maybe from the start?  But it wasn’t pretty.  My breathing was okay but my legs did not show-up to the game.

I may have been the world’s worst running companion.  I eventually just tucked in behind the girls and prayed for the end (or multiple red lights).  As we neared the end of the run I tried to figure out how I was going to get out of the tempo miles.

Maybe I call it day and try again tomorrow?

Ugh.  Maybe not my best option.  I talked myself into running one mile of the five and maybe one whole lap (close to 3 miles) around the lake and go from there: I can do that… I think.

The last two miles of the 14 were the worst.  I dropped behind and barely made it to the start line (again not the most awesome company).

Our friend Nikki joined us for the tempo miles and we were off.

Here we go.

A quarter-mile in I looked at my watch and we were a bit fast but I wasn’t dying so maybe just keep going???

Mile 1- 6:42

My glutes had give up (tmi?) but everything else was going well.  Keep going?  Yep.

Mile 2- 6:46

Mile 3- 6:41

Mile 4- 6:42

Mile 5- 6:39

Who am I?  These 5 miles felt better than the 14 at 8:00 minute mile pace (save the whole glute issue).

We cooled down a few miles and I finished the day with 21 miles.  Megha ran an extra mile at pace for good luck.

photo (62)

Megha, Nikki and I were amped for some SBUX goodness at the end of it all and yes I think I’m wearing 5 tops in this pic (because yes it was that cold).

Last really, really, really long run.

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2 comments on “Saturday Morning Tempo: Long run combo 14 +5 (and a cool down)

  1. Jean
    December 7, 2012

    I have that sweatshirt! So comfortable. It’s funny that you seem to have a hard time running SLOW enough sometimes. My issue is the complete opposite…

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