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Wednesday Night Speed: 3 x 1 mile

Wednesday Night Speed:  3 x 1 mile

November 7th

Oh miles, it’s been a while.

I pretty much showed up to the track determined to run well.  I hadn’t felt like I’d run a good workout since before Nike Women’s half and was thinking I might have already peaked in this training cycle which sounds ridiculous because I’m pretty sure I just stated this thing.

So my head (and maybe a little bit of my heart) needed this one.

Megha and I warmed-up as usual and were off.

The plan was to run 6:05, 6:03 and 5:59.  You might remember my last mile repeats workout was epic and I managed to easily run under 6:00’s.

For this trip around the oval I was aiming for the same ballpark but my main goal was to run based on how I felt.

We did our usually quarter-mile fast lap and there must have been something in the air because I ran a 78.  I know!  I used to always run this in 92-3.  Lately I’m in the mid 80’s so 78 was a surprise but it felt great.  (Geez maybe I actually was a sprinter once upon a time).

We jogged another easy quarter and were O-F-F off!

I settled in right at 89 pace for 3 laps.  I think I panicked on the last lap and thought that I was running these too fast and ran a 91 for a 5:59 mile.


Two and a half minutes later we were lined up and ready for round two.  88.  Feels good.  88.89. 86 for a 5:53.  Not going to lie, I was a bit freaked out with the time, but I felt relaxed and I couldn’t tell I’d picked up the last lap (the rest of our group was running a different workout on the track so when they passed me I kept speeding up… oops).

Two and a half minutes later and four laps till done.

85.  Big oops.  I have no one to blame but myself and my eagerness to finish the workout.  88 (more like it), 87 and 86 and yes 5:48.  It felt hard like mile repeats should but it felt great.  It didn’t feel like I was pushing too hard or like I was racing (something I’ve been very guilty of in the past).

A good workout.

It was very much-needed.

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