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CIM 2012: Dear Rain, I thought I understood you…

CIM 2012:  Dear Rain, I thought I understood you…

I know I haven’t talked about it a lot but all this crazy running as of late has had a purpose.  I’ve been training for a marathon that happened yesterday.

We all know I’m not a timely blogger so I’m still 3 weeks (err maybe 4 weeks) behind in my recaps so I promise a full race recap in an untimely manner but for now here’s what you need to know:

It rained a lot.  I’ve been known to talk about end of world rain in Seattle but valley rain is another beast.  I know of this firsthand from my short (and by short I mean long) 5 months of living in the valley.  I was actually sent home from work twice because they were worried about flooding rain.

Sac town was in the midst of such flooding the weekend of the race and the yellow/red eye of the storm hit at the start of the race and for the first hour or two (okay the whole thing).

The wind blew a lot.  I mean like a lot.  The morning of the race was calling for 35-38 mph winds.  By the end of the race they’d dropped to a respectable 25 mph (yes please read that sentence with sarcasm).

I don’t like wind but I especially don’t like the S wind in Sac town (aka headwind).

These two factors were not very helpful at the start line.  I’ll be honest (because we all know that’s how I roll) I didn’t have much of a game plan going into this thing and what little plan I had was rattled by the above factors.

As my friend Megha and I started the race we’d abandoned pretty much all our planning only to find ourselves easily settling into the 3:00 hour pace group.  Guess this thing is happening.

And happen it did until I got tangled-up at a water station, lost contact with the group, ran alone for too many miles in the S headwind and eventually backed off in hopes of another race day(s).

More details to come but we did eventually drop out because you just can’t watch your friend get hypothermia in a marathon (okay and maybe my body temp was taking a similar dive).  But before I can tell this epic story in its entirety I feel like I need to recap this last month’s training so you can fully appreciate (or I can fully bore you ) with the training I was (and am) trying to preserve for a somewhat drier and windless day.

Be warned:  frequent posting ahead.

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4 comments on “CIM 2012: Dear Rain, I thought I understood you…

  1. XLMIC
    December 3, 2012

    It sucked so badly out there on Sunday. I was just spectating…I had fun but the conditions were miserable. Pulling out was smart if things weren’t going well. I’m sorry it worked out that way 😦 Looking forward to reading about your experience though 🙂

    • robyn
      December 5, 2012

      I’m so glad you came out to cheer! Thanks for your encouragement! It was the right call for me 🙂

  2. Hi there. I met your dad this morning at the gym. I can tell, like me, he’s excited to talk running with other runners. We chatted about marathons and he of course was bragging about his speedy talented daughter. So I wanted to check out your blog and say “hi.” So sorry about CIM. I haven’t ran many marathons but weather has never been a factor. It has to be such a disappointment to not walk away with a time on the clock that is a measure of all the hard work you devote to training.

  3. robyn
    December 5, 2012

    Hi Carissa! Nice to meet you! I’m glad you were able to meet my dad (I happen to thinks he’s pretty fantastic!) I clearly enjoy talking about running and look forward to checking out your site! Sunday was brutal but there is always another race! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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