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Week in Review: I don’t know what day it is or really what time it is for that matter…

Week in Review:  I don’t know what day it is or really what time it is for that matter…

October 29th– November 4th

Oh traveling, not helpful with my marathon plan, but it happens so here we go.   I mean here I go!  (Do you like my enthusiasm?)

I’ve known about this trip to Dallas for work since August, what I didn’t know was that it would hit during peak marathon training season.

I’d looked ahead on my schedule and realized I was going to have to move some workouts around.  I emailed my coach for his feedback and he agreed (unless I wanted to run hill repeats up freeway ramps –clearly not an option) I’d better move my workouts around.  So after much review I moved mile repeats to the following week, bumped hills up and moved the 3 mile progression to the “weekend” workout.

So here we go.

Monday!  Rest and restorative yoga at Jasyoga.

And Tuesday… Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday:  Steady hills.  This workout tried to kill me but clearly I survived.  Three times 1.6+ miles up, up and up.  The legs were tired from the previous weekend’s running activities but it was still a solid workout.  Glad to have this one behind me.

Wednesday was an easy 11.  Yep.  I needed the miles and not going to lie, it was slow.

Thursday was an early (rainy) 3 mile type of morning since I had an early, early flight to catch.

After countless hours (and by hours I mean minutes) of debating when to run my second hard workout of the week I landed on Friday.  The conference I was at was a fan of early morning meetings and Friday was our latest start and my best chance to get my long workout in.

The workout was hard but the morning was pretty perfect.

Saturday was an easy recovery day.  At this point I hadn’t really seen much of Dallas except for the hotel property (which is pretty expansive).

“The Tower”

“The Track”

… one more…

I’d planned on checking with the front desk for a running route to see just a bit more of Dallas but after a million meetings I was too tired to ask and figured someone would be able to help me in the AM.

I was sort of mistaken.

I made my way down to the front desk way before dawn and asked for a route.  They were shocked I didn’t want to run my 7 miles on the treadmill or the quarter-mile trail and told me if I “had” to run on the road to just run around the property, it was about a 2 miles.


And unfortunately only 1.25 maybe 1.30 miles around:  that’s a lot of laps people which make you look a lot of crazy.

Oh well.

I got my 7 miles in.

… and Im ready for another full day of meetings!!

I spent part of my day lamenting about how the 12 miles I had planned on Sunday morning was going to suck (sorry for the language) if I was going to have to stick with Saturday morning’s route.

Lucky for me I connected with another runner (who was much faster than me) but he told me where their group had been running.  I quickly took notes and hatched my morning running plan.

Sunday up again before dawn and out the door (thank you time change for another hour of sleep… much-needed).

I left the property and tried to follow the directions from my new running bestie.  Sad for me I have no sense of direction.  I spent a good 4 miles or so lost (don’t worry I was near the hotel AND I had my phone) finally I found this mystery route and ran my way into downtown Dallas (which was pretty nice).

The route did take me on a street that was a bit on the sketch side so I was extra, extra alert.  On my way back the sketchy neighborhood actually didn’t look that bad.

Did I mention it was an amazing morning?

Surprise, surprise Dallas I am a fan.

Now if only I can figure out this time zone, daylight savings working on the weekend thing… which way is up?

Weekly mileage:  58 Boom!  With travel!

p.s. flight home wasn’t bad either:

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