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Saturday Morning Tempo (or Friday?): 3 mile progression and 6 x hills

Saturday Morning Tempo (or Friday?): 3 mile progression and 6 x hills

November 2nd

Good morning Dallas, it’s an early one.

I was pretty excited to run this workout in Dallas.  I’d been nervous for weeks about finding a place to run around the hotel finally I just called them and asked if there was anywhere to run near by.  They were excited (um okay maybe they weren’t excited) but they did inform me that they had “quarter-mile” “track”.

Say what?

I continued to quiz them for several minutes on this said track to the point of annoyance but by the end of the conversation I felt comfortable (and yes excited) about my workout plan.

Once I arrived I learned that Dallas and I have very different ideas regarding what we call tracks:

Okay, not what I expected but I’ll deal.

I set my alarm for 4:45 AM Friday (yes 2:45 AM PST), channeled my inner hood to coast and was out the door.

I decided to warm-up on this rolling track path.  I switch my Garmin on determined to learn if Dallas and I also had different definitions of “quarter-mile”.  Turns out we do.

2 miles later, some obsessive compulsiveness (that may have included lapping every split lap and some mild interrogation of the girl working the front desk at the fitness club) I concluded that Dallas and I don’t agree on the definition of “quarter-mile”.

Oh well still can’t complain, not a bad place to run a workout.

The plan was a 3 mile progression run.  I’d run this workout twice during this cycle and both went well so I was trying my best to not compare this effort to my earlier efforts, for obvious reason (ya know, travel and all).

My goal was to run 6:32, 6:24 and 6:16.  I started off and felt surprisingly good.  I tried to stay relaxed and came through the mile in 6:28 a little fast but close to the pace of my earlier workouts (dang… guess I am still comparing this to my earlier workouts).

My second mile didn’t feel as great 6:19.  Hmm… still faster than pace and close to the previous workouts.  I can run one more mile right?

Errr… maybe not.

I made it through the first 800m and could tell things were going downhill fast.  I was having trouble maintaining my pace and felt like the wheels were falling off.

So I stopped.


I walked back around the track to where I’d started my workout and where I had a bottle of Nuun waiting for me (iced tea- I was in the south after all).

After catching my breath and attempting to restore my electrolytes I managed to finish the last half mile for a 6:13 (clearly not counting the stop).

I jogged an easy 15 minutes and ran over to the “hilly” side of the path (hilly in quotes because it really was a minor undulation).  6 x 1 minute sprints later I was 2 miles away from being done.

The cool down wasn’t bad and I even saw the sun rise.

Not my best workout but clearly not my worse:  I’ll take it Dallas.

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3 comments on “Saturday Morning Tempo (or Friday?): 3 mile progression and 6 x hills

  1. Jean
    November 25, 2012

    It may be a messed up track, but it looks reasonably scenic! I’d take that over a regular track any day (but then again, I’m slow and don’t do speed work!).

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  3. robyn
    November 26, 2012

    It was totally beautiful (even if most of my laps were in the dark at least it was well lit) and the soft surface was extra nice! Glad it to have a place to do some speedie laps!

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