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Week in Review: The week I almost had to run 67 miles alone

Week in Review:  The week I almost had to run 67 miles alone

October 22-28

Scary title right?

I was a smart kid this week and kicked the week off right with 75 minutes of Jasyoga.  Reset officially hit.  Monday I ran exactly 0 miles.

It was a pretty night in the great Pacific Northwest:

Tuesday life was back to normal with my easy 7.

Now I know you’re guessing that Wednesday I was back at this place:

But not so fast.  The coach’s schedule said rest.  Rest?  Rest?  Looks like a typo.  Remember last week was rest because of the half marathon!!!??? But this week we run right?  And run fast????!!!

Okay, confession:  I panicked a bit on Tuesday and emailed my coach, included his plan, and inquired if this was in fact correct.  Oh yee of little faith.  He reassured me that he was in fact correct and that my body was still recovering from the (hilly) half.


I was wrong, no speed.

I think he’d also realized that I have a tendency to get injured or sick about 5-6 weeks out and decide to give my body a little rest.

So instead of running around the oval on Wednesday night I left the office for a long and lonely 12.

I might also mention dark.  I left the office later than expected and misjudged the Seattle sunset.  My run out 6 miles was beautiful but the return home was dark and not well lit and I was just a bit unprepared.  Note to self, remember to pack safety gear.

Thursday was my usual 7 miles but Friday was 10, not so normal for me but it’s what I need to hit my weekly mileage.  Neither run felt awesome and at this point I was starting to feel the “burnout”.

When’s that taper thing?

My running schedule wasn’t matching up with anyone’s and I realized I had a lot of lonely miles ahead of me this weekend.

And then Nikki saved the day with a quick text message on Friday night.  She agreed to run with me on Saturday.

Saturday’s workout was a long run combo.  11 miles easy and then 3 x 2 miles with 800m recover and then 3 mile cool down for 21 miles.

It wasn’t pretty.  But I got the job done.

Sunday end-up not being so lonely either.  Megha (who had just raced a half) and I met up with our new speedie friends and managed to find the strength to run 11 miles.  I know I don’t know who I am either.

Weekly total: 68 (take that lonely 67)

My cat did not run 67 miles this week… I’m not sure she even took 67 steps.

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