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Hood to Coast: And now we run. (Yes, I know it’s November…)

Hood to Coast:  And now we run.  (Yes, I know it’s November…)

Since it is almost October November I figured I better get started on this leg recapping from August.

So here we go.

As you may remember from my earlier htc post I was running leg 6.  I’ve never run leg 6 before so I was pretty excited.  I’d looked over my leg assignments like a million times and then pretty much completely forgotten everything about them.

It’s also been a few years since I’d been in van 1 so everything was a bit fuzzy.  I was pretty sure my fist leg was over 6 miles and downhill, my second leg was 5 miles of gradual uphill and my last leg was 5 miles of (beautiful) downhill.

Let’s just say I might have missed a few details along the way.

The nice thing about running leg 6 is that you have plenty of time to prep for your leg.  You have  pretty good idea of when to eat and when you’ll run since you have to let van 2 know what time you’ll be at the exchange.

It also gives you plenty of time to read the map and realize that somehow in your hours and hours of studying your elevation chart you failed to read the part about how rolling down-hills also include rolling up-hills (anyone notice a pattern here?) AND .75 miles means your leg is actually almost 7 miles and not 6.  WHAT?

.. err… um I think this is Caroline‘s pic…

Yep… that’s me in the purple sparkle skirt.  I’m on the verge of crying and crumpling into a ball on the side of the road rocking back and forth for comfort (pretty classy).

Don’t panic.

You can do this…  Remember Ragnar???

I can honestly say in my many, many years of running I have never worn the following gear together:  Sparkle Skirt (purple), sparkle headband (silver), sun glasses, reflector vest (best reflective vest ever) and knuckle lights:  NEVER.

I felt ridiculous wearing sunglasses and night safety gear at the same time, but safety first, fashion a very, very, very (did I mention very) close second.

I took the slap bracelet/baton from my new bestie Shanna.  At that point I had no idea how sick she’d been on her leg, I don’t think I’d even realized that she handed me the baton later than we expected.  I was too busy trying to not completely freak out over my leg (clearly I’m an awesome teammate).

You’ve most likely long, long, long since forgotten that I was on my second round of antibiotics for some flu/sinus thing and I was just desperately hoping I’d feel somewhat close to normal.

As I set out on my leg I had a little pep talk with myself… it went a little something like this:


(continued) “Don’t go out too fast- yes this is too fast, stay in control and RELAX.”

Pep talk over, Garmin checked and we are good.

Then some guy in blue ran up next to me and commented on my awesome outfit and by commented I mean he made fun of me.  Really random stranger guy?  Really.

More pep talk “Run your own plan, STAY RELAXED!!!”

Pep talk two over.

My legs did not feel awesome but I wasn’t going to let it get to me.  I was just going to relax and go with it.  A few miles in I saw my van and the other my other Nuun peeps.  They got me some Nuun and I was good.

I might mention at this point I passed the random comment guy.  Then he saw his van and passed me back.

Now worries. Running my own pace.

I saw my team again at the crest of the hill before the long down stretch, passed random commenter guy for good and prayed for the finish line.

I was happy to hit the down hill and managed to settle in.  It wasn’t long though until I started freaking out (again).

You see, I’m not good with directions.  Not shocking if you know me.  As I was sprinting down hill I noticed a road off to the side and it looked like a perfectly good road to run on.  I said to myself “maybe I’m supposed to turn there”.

I looked down the road, no one there.  I looked a head of me, no one there. Dang, what to do?  What did that map say?

I’m pretty sure I’m just supposed to go straight (but was that other road straight or the one I’m on now???).

So I just kept running and looking back.  Finally some Nike guy passed me and I figured I was good.

I don’t like getting passed but I don’t like getting lost either, so I’m good.

Another mile or so and I saw everyone’s most favorite site:  the exchange zone.

Leg one done.  But it sort of felt like leg 2.  Still can’t complain.  I ran it faster than my leg one at Ragnar (like that means anything) and I was still standing.


Final time:  45:07 (6:41 pace)

I love you Hood to Coast (too soon?)

Two more legs to go… maybe I’ll post before the new year.

run pretty run fast (and wear safety gear)


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