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Saturday Morning Tempo: Combo long run with marathon pacing- 3 x 2 miles

Saturday Morning Tempo:  Combo long run with marathon pacing- 3 x 2 miles

October 27th

The plan:  11 miles easy followed by 3 x 2 miles at marathon pace with half mile float in between each and 3 mile cool down for 21 miles total.

Easy peasy.

Maybe not.

To be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to this one.  Sure, I should have been amped to get back out there after 2 weeks without Wednesday night workouts (more on that in my weekly review) but by the end of the week I’d managed to run one too many runs alone and wasn’t looking forward to more miles solo.

And then Nikki saved the day.

For reals.

She texted me on Friday night and just like that I wasn’t alone.

Nikki agreed to meet me at a somewhat normal hour (8:30) for an easy 11, however there was really nothing easy about it.

My legs were pretty beat from the week of easy mileage (I know sounds crazy) and normally I would have been able to handle that but it was raining.  I mean like the end of the world rain.

Let me be clear here peeps, I can handle rain, I mean this is the northwest!?!  But this was the “I’ve been outside for 30 seconds and there’s not a dry piece of clothing on me rain” type of rain.  Again, this bird doesn’t mind running in the rain but I was soaked right down to the bone by mile two.  Mile two!

Maybe I just need to invest in better rain gear.

The rain managed to let-up a bit but by that point I was completely soaked.  I think I would have quit if Nikki hadn’t been there and it was great to catch-up.  The miles flew by and by the time we reached the track we were at 10 miles ready to run one more easy and get these repeats over.

One slight problem:  JV/Freshman football.  Yep full swing.  There was no chance we were running these on the track.   My heart sank just a little.

The last tempo run at the GL about killed me and my OCD self was desperately looking for some repetitive and steady laps around the oval.  Not a chance on this fine October morning.

Nikki and I parted ways, I put a dry long sleeve shirt on and I made my way to the GL.

My plan was to run 6:50-3.  I wanted to stay as relaxed as possible.  For those of you not familiar with the GL (Greenlake) there are quarter-mile markers around the lake (most of the way).  I found the start and planned to check my watch at the half mile.

I settled in to what  imagined 6:53 felt like.  Everything was going fine, sure I was a bit cold but this was only going to be 2 miles.   I can run 2 miles?  I hit the half mile marker and to my despair I was at 7:10 pace (3:35).



I better get a move on.  I picked things up and up and finished the first 2 miles in 13:35 (6:47-48 pace) and yes I know that’s too fast.  What can I say?  I panic when I’m not on pace.

Rep one did not feel relaxed and I really hope that my marathon doesn’t feel like those 2 miles.  But guess what? I’m not done.  Half mile jog and I’m ready to do it all over again.

I experienced the same pain for 13:33 never really relaxing.  By this point I was also freezing.  Another half mile (and a short  bathroom break) and I was ready to get this last rep done.

Not more than 5 second into the run I ran into some friends.  Quick hellos and how ya doings later I was ready to restart.

13:28.  Done.

Not awesome.  I didn’t push it.  I’m actually not sure what I did because by this time I was wet and cold.

A miserable 3 mile cool down later (with some walking but no crying) I was ready to crawl into bed for the rest of the winter.

21 miles done.

photo (3)

They can’t all be glamorous.

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