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Week in Review: Hello? Is anyone excited I raced up a mountain last week? Anyone??? Am I being dramatic?

Week in Review:  Hello?  Is anyone excited I raced up a mountain last week?  Anyone???  Am I being dramatic? 

October 15th – 21st

The funny thing about returning to work after a race weekend is that people 1) forget you raced 2) never knew you raced since you didn’t tell them and 3) once they find out you raced only want to hear the short cliff notes version and no more.  Really, they don’t want to hear about it over and over and over again.

So post race Mondays are pretty much hard.  This one was more challenging than most because I flew back on Monday and made my way straight to the office and didn’t see my home until close to the 9:00PM hour.

Bet you’re not surprised that I didn’t run, do yoga or stretch:  Maybe not my best recovery plan.

Tuesday I was up and ready to run.  Surprisingly my legs felt pretty incredible; clearly I was still riding this runner’s high. The view on the run might have helped a little:

I mean really…



Wednesday night all I wanted to was go here:

… but that was a no go.  I was instructed no speed, just and easy 8-10.

I was pretty excited for the run but my legs didn’t get the memo.  I met-up with one of my friends as she warmed-up for the track but then I had to run two long and lonely loops around the GL in the dark.

The legs were not happy and oops… needed my headlamp.  It’s been missing in action since htc #sadbuttrue #sadface

After the long and lonely miles I returned home to find this goodness:


Thursday and Friday more easy running, nothing magical.

Saturday I was ready to R-U-N!!!  My legs however were not, especially the hamstrings.  The workout was pretty simple, 6 plus 1 (7 for you mathematicians) with the first 6 at marathon pace and the last mile fast.

I was happy to make it to the (imaginary) finish line in one piece but could tell my hamstrings were still a bit angry from all those hills, so while my co-workers were completely over my race weekend stories my hamstrings kept the magic alive.  I guess I would have preferred a different reminder, like I don’t know the necklace?

Sunday Megha and I met up with our new speedie friends at 6:30 AM!  I know!  I thought 7:30 was early.  I agreed to the early start time because the main group was running 13 and adding miles at the end didn’t sound fun (we were aiming for 20).

I honestly don’t remember the first 6 or so which was probably good for me.  We managed to get 20 in 7:53’s.  The last 5 were not pretty but I made it to then end pretty much in one piece.

I’ll take it.

Recovery weeks are hard.

Total mileage: 58

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