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Week in Review: This week brought to you by the golden arches… don’t judge me

Week in Review:  This week brought to you by the golden arches… don’t judge me

October 1st-7th

Seriously though, this is a judgement free zone.  So here we go (right up front) definitely ate at the gold arches twice this week.  Monday and Thursday I just needed an extra dose of sodium and questionable chicken meat.  Thank you chicken mcnuggets.

There, now that’s off my chest lets talk about some running shall we?

Well first I guess we’re talking resting because Monday, as normal, was my day off.  Not as normal?  No yoga.  Super sad.  Before you get too concerned that I’ve fallen of the yoga wagon I have been practicing a home with my own runners yoga:  sun salutation, warrior II, side angle pose, runners lunge and everyone’s fav pigeon = happy hips.

Tuesday I hit the road and actually remembered my camera.  We’ve had a crazy warm fall (by northwest standards) and this morning was beautiful.





Some trails.

The lake.

And lots of smiles.

7 miles of smiles… yep, I just rhymed… word.

Wednesday I hit the track for a surprisingly awesome (and fast) 3 x 1 mile workout.  Now there are good workouts and then there are GOOD workouts.  This was the second.  This was the run where all the running stars align and your run feels like it just might be magical.

And then Thursday and Friday happened:  way less magical.

I really have no one to blame but myself.  I usually get-up early on Thursday to get an easy 7 in but this week I slept in.  My immune system had been working some ridiculous overtime and I wanted to get it a bit more sleep to help it out.

Unfortunately that meant I sat at my desk all day giving my hips and hamstrings plenty of time to fully tighten up.  Lucky me.  At least it was a beautiful night and I squeezed an extra mile in.

Friday felt worse than Thursday and I was happy to crawl my way through 7 before the sunrise.  Saturday should be awesome right?

Oh Saturday.  Hello awkward (and surprisingly chilly) warm up miles and hello start line.  My friend Megha and I lined up, tried desperately to not think about our sore legs and we were off.  3 mile cut down and 6 x 45 second hills later we were still standing but both of us were feeling miles.

Post workout smiles! I’m still standing!!!

Long run Sunday… hmm how about a long crawl?

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.  Normally after a week like this I’d like to sleep in and try to run an easy long run on my own.  But not this week.  I’d committed to a new and fast group of runners and the early (for me) start time of 7:30AM.  7:30!  I know.

This speedy group’s regular running route is about 13.  It was a nice loop and it combined about 4 of my other running routes into one.  We finished the 13 (note I did not die) and Megha and I ran an extra 3… AND I totally PR’ed for a 16 mile long run!  For reals.

What surprised me more than anything was that it didn’t really feel any different from my slower long runs… so looks like I found me a new group.

Another shout-out to the immune system this week (and those gold arches).

Weekly total:  60 miles

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4 comments on “Week in Review: This week brought to you by the golden arches… don’t judge me

  1. Kathleen
    October 27, 2012

    pretty pictures and your long run sounds amazing. good work!

  2. XLMIC
    October 27, 2012

    I think you’re always smiling 🙂 What kind of sauce did you get on those McNuggs?

  3. robyn
    October 28, 2012

    Haha! Honey mustard of course. 🙂

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