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Week in Review: The week I didn’t take any pictures… probably because I ran 66 miles.

Week in Review:  The week I didn’t take any pictures… probably because I ran 66 miles

September 24th-30th

Not going to lie.  I don’t really remember this week.  I just remember being at the office for about a million zillion hours.

I don’t have any pictures to remind me what happened this week either but thank the good Lord for my trusty friend Garmin.  She (or he?) confirms that I did in fact run.

So here we go.

Monday:  Rest.  I have some foggy memory that I was going to do yoga but after 12 hours at the office I went home and passed out.  Scratch that, I went home and watched the only 4 minutes you needed to see of the Seahawk game and then went to bed.

Tuesday was the normal hilly easy 7 miles and a relatively short 10 hour work day (yippee!).

Wednesday I used all my creative thinking/strategy/logistic skills to orchestrate the perfect (albeit slightly fast) mid-week workout.  3 mile tempo with cut down miles and some little hills at the end.

I woke up bright and early Thursday morning and slept-ran my way through 7 miles. I only worked 8 hours (slacker) but capped the night off with some amazing football and a fancy new pair of Frye boots.  I know win win (yes they were like 65% off).

I really don’t know how many miles I ran on Friday.  My watch says 5 and that sounds sort of right.

Saturday morning was the usual tempo run except this time is was really long:  8 miles.  I figured we’d run a mile on the track, a mile down to the lake and then three laps around Greenlake.

Not so much.  Because I don’t pay attention to directions we ended-up warming up to Greenlake which meant almost 3 full laps around Greenlake (2.8 miles per lap).  This workout was good for me for marathon training because it helps you (and by you I mean me) mentally.  When one runs 26.2 you want 3 miles to feel short and this workout helps with it.

You can read all the awesome details here.  When we finished I was done.  I barely made the 2.5 miles back to my car.  I knew I had a long run the next morning and had no idea how that was going to go down, not to mention I spent my whole evening at a football game.  Lots of walking and ramps.  I know.

I did get to eat this bundle of poison (gluten) and it was awesome (and look I did take one picture).

If you haven’t had a hot dog with cream cheese you’ haven’t really had a hot dog. #justsayin #seattlestyle

Sunday morning, oh Sunday.  Luckily I was able to rally a group of girls for a 9:00AM start time which meant I was able to get a little extra shut-eye.  It also meant we weren’t done with the run until the middle of the day (not as awesome).

The plan was to run 20.  I really didn’t think it was possible but thank goodness I’m too dumb stubborn awesome to not try.  So there I was.  It was hard but I started to feel alright after a few miles.  Before I knew it we were running some of our miles under 8:00s.  I know I don’t know who I am either.

When it was all said and done I was at 20.5 and we were running 8:10ish.  Now you may or may not know this but I have a few running rules.  One of the rules is this:  if the Garmin says .49 or less you stop but if it says .5 or more you finish the mile.

So yes.  I finished the mile.  21 total.

66 miles for the week.  Too many hours at the office and zero pictures (except one of an awesome hot dog).

I’ll take it.

Before I go watch a heck of a lot more football a big shout out to my immune system.  Way to fight and stay strong.  Please hang in there for the rest of this marathon cycle.


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Just so I have one more pic… and since I never posted it.. and since it’s my favorite hat… and since you might be able to order it now… and… okay I’m done.  For reals.


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