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Saturday Morning Tempo: 8 miles- 6 at marathon pace, last 2 faster

Saturday Morning Tempo:  8 miles- 6 at marathon pace, last 2 faster

September 29th

I was pretty excited for this tempo since we’d had such a solid group the week before.  I showed-up to the track bright and early and found myself alone.  All alone.  Apparently the rest of the group was meeting down at the Greenlake track.  Memo missed.

One of the guys from the group filled me in since he was running a different workout.  I waited for my friend Megha and my other friend Megan showed up.  We decided to head down to Greenlake.  Megha and I figured we’d just run a few times around the lake (just shy of 3) and Megan was going to find the rest of the group (they were running a cross country workout).

Right when we were getting ready to leave our coach showed-up to let us know the rest of the group was a the lake.  He must of known there’d be a few of us who don’t pay attention to directions.

I was hoping my friend Jody from the week before would make it but no luck.

The three of us ran down to the lake said bye to Megan and made our way to the start.  Almost 3 times around this thing, did I mention that already… hmm, that’s a lot.

I was set on hitting 6:55s and nothing faster.  I wanted to practice marathon pacing.  6:55s!  WHY IS THAT SO HARD!!!!

I’m not going to drag this out.  We were fast.  Megha was great she kept talking to me.  Every time I tried to talk I’d slow down but she was fine with my grunting yes and no and occasionally other one syllable words.

We finished the workout in 53:08.  Here are the splits:









Yes the last two did hurt, but I didn’t  feel like I was falling apart.  I was just ready to be done.  Overall this was a good workout for me.  The part of running I struggle with most is realizing its okay to breathe hard while running and to trust that my body isn’t going to totally shut down and trust that I can actually maintain a faster pace.

Okay.  We all know I’m not good at conclusions.  So until next time…

Maybe, just maybe I will learn to hit pace (but don’t count on it).

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