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Wednesday Night Speed: 3 mile tempo (cut downs) and 5 x 1 minute hills

Wednesday Night Speed:  3 mile tempo (cut downs) and 5 x 1 minute hills

September 26th

I know, it’s October.  Always playing catch-up, so here we go.

Day 6 of the longest work stretch of my life (I exaggerate… a little).  Wednesday marked my second 12 hour work day (not including my commute) of the week.  I knew I had a meeting in the evening but figured I’d run the workout in the AM until I realized that I’m a total idiot and that I now teach a class in the AM.


When to run?

I knew this workout was deceiving long once you add the warm-up and cool down (close to 12 miles total).  So I knew I need some time.  I figured I’d start around 3:30 giving me enough time to get back for my meeting.

I texted my friend Nikki to see if she’d join me (since she’s a teacher I knew she’d be off work earlier than the rest of us 9-5ers).  She was game but couldn’t get going until 4:30.  We agreed to meet at the track ready to go at 4:30.  I knew it would be cutting things a bit close but better than running alone.

Okay enough back story (geez).

We opted to stay on the track since the miles were a bit faster and we wanted to make sure we hit pace.  Nikki took the lead on the first mile and we were off.

And boy were we off.

The first mile was supposed to be 6:36, then 6:28 and then 6:20.  We went out 95 and I was pretty sure that was fast.  Right?

Clearly I was a bit brain-dead at this point and trying to calculate spits in my head was not happening.  How much do I need to slow down by?  Do I stay with Nikki?  If we keep running this pace do I stay the same pace or try to cut down?

So many questions.

I don’t know why I didn’t slow down but it felt good so I went with it.

The fourth lap on the track we were finally able to find pace (97 seconds) and then I took over.  Oh and 6:25-6 for the first mile.  Only 10 seconds fast.

I know you are all thinking I took off but I didn’t   I ran a 97.  It felt fine but we were supposed to be at 95s now.  So I picked it up:  91.  What?  And it felt the same as the 97.  Clearly this bird needs to work on pace.

I managed to settle a bit.  My second mile was at 6:14-5.

Mile 3 here we come.  Things I’ve promised myself I won’t do in a workout:  race.  I got in the bad habit doing that last year (yes I can admit it).  So I settled in and tried my very best to relax.

Surprisingly things felt good.  I finished in 6:02-3.  18:41 total.

I know.  I don’t know what I was thinking.

Time for 15 minutes easy jog and some hills.

To be honest I’d pretty much forgotten about the hills.  Still we managed and I was done with plenty of time to cool down and make my evening meeting.

Clearly I’m having some pace issues.  Do I need to settle down and hit the paces my coach says?  Or do I relax and run what feels good?

Decisions, decisions.

run pretty run fast.


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