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Week in Review: Who am I?

Week in Review:  Who am I?

September 17-23

And back to reality.  Do vacations really have to end?  Really?  Apparently they do.

In hindsight taking the week before the week before (confused?) the busiest work week of the year may not have been the best life choice, but at least it wasn’t the week before the busiest week (yeah, I’m confused too).

Monday marked my last day of freedom I mean the last day I get to practice noon time yoga at work.  My schedule changes on the 24th so I’d better make the most of it.  And how did I make the most of it you ask?  By missing the memo that we’d be practicing on the basketball court instead of the gymnastics room and thus needing to bring a yoga mat.

Major, major fail.

What to do?  Go back to my office and mourn my loss?  Or stupidly go to the gym and hope for the best?

We all know what I did… I practiced yoga on that basketball court.  #sohardcore

It wasn’t the most comfortable practice ever but still well worth it.  I am going to miss this Monday practice.  But before I take my break from my beloved Jasyoga they selected me their featured athlete of the month on their blog.

Serious yoga face.

I know someone called me an athlete… it sort of weirds me out.  I just haven’t identified as an athlete since oh I don’t know… 1999?  I’m just a runner…

Don’t worry, I moved past my identity crisis pretty quickly.

Tuesday morning was amazing… need I say more?


Okay maybe a few words:  7 miles… fall mist:  Pacific Northwest (smiles).

Wednesday: I was back at the track for a little tempo (and by little I mean 6 miles).  By Wednesday I was sort of done for the week.  As I drove to the track all could think about was how I was too old for this… I mean everyone else was headed home for the night and I was going to go punish my body for and hour or more.  I somehow managed to make it through the whole workout even though I ran alone.  It was probably for my own good (and for the good of those around me #justsaying).

Thursday I recovered with and easy 7 in the AM.

And Friday began the longest 10 days ever (okay not really but it was pretty busy with work).

After my crazy work event that had me at the office at 6:30AM the last thing I wanted to do was run.  Somehow I laced up the shoes and headed out the door in the late evening.

I didn’t bring my watch and I planned to drag myself through 3 miles.  How then did I end up at 5?  Clearly I must have been asleep by this point.

Saturday was another tempo (I know 2 TEMPOS IN ONE WEEK!!!! WHO AM I??).  And… with no Garmin.  I kid you not.  You can read about these 7 miles here.

On Sunday morning I didn’t feel like running long.  I felt like sleeping in.  So I didn’t make any running plans.  But my body wouldn’t have any of this extra sleep so I was up and out the door with no plan.

I managed to make-up a slow hilly route.  It was okay.  It was slow, but I did manage to get 17 miles in.  That makes an even 60 for the week.  Yep my longest to date.  I know… I don’t know who I am either.

Anyone else have trouble calling themselves an athlete?  Or find yourself sleep running?  Or just need some alone miles???? Two tempos in one week??? What is the meaning of this???

run pretty run fast (and tempo)


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