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Saturday Morning Tempo: 7 miles, 6 @ marathon pace, last mile fast

Saturday Morning Tempo:  7 miles, 6 @ marathon pace, last mile fast

September 22nd

Finally a somewhat fall morning!  But 2 long tempos in a week?  This could be interesting.  And to make matters worse I committed one of the worst running sins:  I didn’t charge my Garmin.


Not a big deal on the track (I have a blue Timex) but a tempo!  And a long tempo at that!!!!  Here’s hoping one of my training partners brought their magical Garmin.

And they did.  One had a Garmin that wasn’t working but the other one was a go.  The only problem?  She had it set on instant.  Do you know what that means?  You only know your instant pace instead of your average mile pace.

Awesome.  (And if you can’t tell by my tone this is not awesome).

Oh well, I’ll take what I can get.

The plan called for 7:00 minute mile pace for 6 and then dropping the last mile.  My coach still isn’t sure if we’re shooting for 7:00 minute mile pace or 6:52s and wants to see me race before we commit, hence the 7:00s.

I figured I’d start at 7:00s but really wanted to hit the faster pace (patience right?).

We started the first mile on the track.  You’re ready for my spits now right?  Well I’m not good with the Timex and I deleted them (shaking my head).

Here’s what I vaguely remember (since I’m not a timely blogger).  Mile one was on the track and we were right on:  6:59.  If felt nice and relaxed and we had a nice group.  Best of all since it was on the track and I didn’t have to ask our Garmin keeper what our pace was every 20 seconds, I just had to wait for the quarter.

For mile two we headed down to the GL (Greenlake).  And yes I asked our Garmin keeper how fast we were going like every 30 seconds.  But remember it’s downhill and I was just trying to make sure we weren’t going to fast (I know I don’t believe myself either).  And surprise we were a bit fast, say 6:45?

Not to panic, we rebounded with a 7:02 or 03?  Not really sure because I clicked my watch at the wrong moment.  I know.  Fail.  This Timex is more complicated than it looks (okay user error).

I’m not sure what happened mile 4 but we settled into 6:52 pace (maybe it’s because I stopped asking how fast we were going- okay I was making up for the slower mile, I can admit it).  6:52 felt better than the other 3 miles so I settled in.  I think we hit 6:50s for the next two miles.  They were no walk in the park but I still felt like I was running well within myself.

Mile 6 beeped and we picked it up.  And I ran.  We were at 6:20 pace and then I pulled away.  I pulled away from my training group (you know me I like a mad sprint at the end, it’s my inner 800m runner).  I had to guess my last mile and stopped around 6:13 since that seemed to be my pace earlier in the week.

Turns our I ran long.  I was closer to a 6:06.  And I’ll take it.  It felt good and I felt strong and was thrilled to have just tempo-ed 7 miles.  Longest one to date.  And without my Garmin.  I know, I’m shocked as well.

You’ll find this hard to believe but I guess it is actually possible to run a workout without a Garmin (or at least mine… as long as you have a friend with one… even if is stuck on instant).  It was a nice little experiment for me.  I wasn’t able to check my watch at every whim and it helped me to relax and find my pace.

Here’s the final proof:

I think I need a few more things on my wrist #fashionfirst

I think our average pace was 6:48ish.

Okay, enough running.

I gotta go watch some football.

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