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Wednesday Night Speed: 6 mile flow run last mile fast

Wednesday Night Speed:  6 mile flow run last mile fast

September 19th

And we are back on the track, well, at least for the announcements.  Nope, no repeats ending in meters, today we flow.

6 Mile “flow” workout, first 5 easy (~slightly slower than 1/2 marathon pace), then pick it up hard. First 5 miles will be “ins and outs” around the outer, hilly loop of Green Lake.

Group Number 5 Mile Pace Last Mile
Group 1 5:12-14 ~15 sec faster
Group 1A 5:24-25 ~15 sec faster
Group 2 5:40-42 ~15 sec faster
Group 2A 5:56-58 ~15 sec faster
Group 3 6:12-14 ~15 sec faster
Group 3A 6:31-32 ~15 sec faster
Group 4 6:40-42 ~15 sec faster
Group 4A 6:52-54 ~15 sec faster
Group 5 7:04-06 ~15 sec faster
Group 5A 7:15-17 ~10 sec faster
Group 6 7:44-45 ~10 sec faster

I picked group 4A since 6:52 is slightly slower than my half marathon pace.  We lined up and I quickly realized I was in trouble.  I was the only group 4A-er and there was no one from group 4.

Ugh.  Here we go again… all alone.

I’d had a bad day at work so this sort of just capped off the day.  After one lap I was alone and as I passed my coach he asked me where my group was… good question right?

Down to the GL.  I was nervous since Saturday was a mental struggle.  I had a hard time trying to find my pace alone.  Still I managed to settle in and here’s how it went:

Mile 1: 6:41

Mile 2: 6:47

Mile 3: 6:47

Mile 4: 6:41

Mile 5: 6:42

Mile 6: 6:11

Average pace:  6:39

Miles 2 and 3 were on the gravel and while my pace didn’t feel like it changed at all clearly it did.  Overall I felt good and the last mile felt really good so I’ll take it.  Nothing like a good workout to end a not some awesome day.

CIM… countdown is O-N!

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3 comments on “Wednesday Night Speed: 6 mile flow run last mile fast

  1. XLMIC
    October 4, 2012

    These numbers make my vision blurry 😛 I definitely want to try to spectate at CIM. It would be so amazing to see you in action!

  2. robyn
    October 6, 2012

    Yes!!! Come to CIM!!! You should run the relay (though spectating sounds like a lot of fun!!!)

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