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Week(s) in Review: Running on vacation… yeah, it’s a challenge.

Week(s) in Review:  Running on vacation… yeah, it’s a challenge.

September 3rd-16th

So… in case you did not know, it’s hard to run on vacation.  I mean really hard.  Give me a work trip, family visit etc and I’m good but vacation?  Hmm not so much.

Knowing this about myself I did plan accordingly: meaning I broke all my post relay running rules to get a few workouts in and some mileage in the week before vacation.  I decided the week of the 3rd would be a low mileage week and I knew I’d get most of my mileage in for the week of the 10th on the weekend (confused yet?  I am.).

I kicked off the week of the 3rd with an easy run day!  Yay holiday running!  Truth be told I hadn’t planned on running on Monday.  I still wasn’t sure if I was going to try and run my workout Tuesday night or Wednesday morning before we left for tropical paradise.  I finally decided on Tuesday and I don’t like a day off before a hard day so I hit the road for an easy 4 late in the day.  My legs were pretty tired from the 18 miles the day before, but ya got to do what ya got to do.

Tuesday I was solo with a 4 x 5 minutes at 6 minute mile pace (2 min recovery) that went crazy well.  It was the perfect evening for the workout (and I guess it helped knowing I was leaving for vacation in the AM).

Wednesday I was up before the sun and pretty much skipping on my 4 mile run I was so excited and giddy for vacation.

The rest of the 8 days I was on vacation was a bit of blur between beaches and sunshine but I did run.

I do so solemnly swear to not bore you with vacation pictures.

Okay, okay moving on…

Thursday:  First day of vacation!!!  Ran an easy 8 but should have stopped at 7.  It was hot, really hot.  I had my Nuun but needed more than one bottle.

Friday: 6 miles and yes still hot.

Saturday: rest.

… and…

Sunday:  No long run!!! Yippee!  Okay so two years ago I tired to run long on vacation and it was an epic fail.  My coach told me I don’t need a long run every week so…. guess I’m skipping this week :).  6 miles easy!  And yes… still hot.

Week 1 of vacation down!  36 miles total with a fast workout.  Not bad.

Week 2 kicked off with a big fat rest day since we had to get up extra early for a snorkeling trip.  (Monday)

I then decided I was going to try to run a hard workout on Tuesday (breaking my rule of taking a rest day before a workout) but had an epic fail.  And I mean epic.

The workout was easy: a 20 minute tempo not super fast with some hills.  I warmed up a mile and was off.  I hit pace for the first mile and then had a mini melt down.  I just didn’t want to run a hard workout.

I walked and pouted for about a mile and then got over myself and ran back.  I spent the rest of the day enjoying the beach (there’s no way this workout is ruining my vacation.)

Wednesday I had a much better workout plan.  I knew my brain was in vacation mode but I also knew I wanted a bit of speed.  One of the workouts our coach gives us is a 10 x 2 minutes with a 1 minute recovery over a hilly surface (sound familiar?).

Warm-up done, workout started, and this go around was much more successful.  I still managed to hit the ballpark pace my coach wanted and even managed to get my 5 x 1 minute hills at 1% grade in (pretty fast might I add you).  I hit 9 miles for the day and felt good.

Thursday was the saddest day ever (I exaggerate) but we were heading home.

Happiest sight on Wednesday… saddest sight on Thursday 😦

I surprised myself with a 7 mile easy run in the AM.  Legs were tired but it was one last run in paradise that I couldn’t pass up.

Friday back to reality.  I was expecting an amazing run since the temps were much more manageable but I ended-up with and awkward 3 miles and a bit of a sore knee.

The knee was a bit of surprise: did vacation injure me?  I iced it like crazy and it was feeling better so I figured I’d test it out on Saturday morning with the group workout.

I was expecting to see the normal group on Saturday morning but no luck everyone was gone.  The group that was there was much faster than me.  Luckily my friend showed up and I knew I wouldn’t be alone.

Most of the group was running an 8 mile tempo which seemed ridiculously long.  They were going to run 6 at pace and then speed up.  We decided to run 6 at marathon pace and I convinced people to pick it up at the end (I’m such a good friend).

I was thinking we’d run 7:00s but my friend talked me into 6:50s and I figured I’d go with it.

If you’ve ever read this blog before you’ll be shocked to know we were fast… like way fast.  The first mile was 6:43 but that’s not surprising.  We started on the track and that’s always fast.  The next mile was slow 6:53 which was odd since it was downhill but my watch can be a bit weird.  Mile 3 was 6:39 and I swear we didn’t speed-up at all.  At this point I was ready quit.  6 miles just seemed really long.  I wasn’t feeling bad it just seemed SO LONG.  SO I kept running: mile 4 6:34… dang where’s this 6:50 pace???

But I kept running.

My goal was to pick things up for the last mile and a half.  My friend hadn’t run a hard workout in 2 weeks so she opted to pick-up the last mile.  Mile 5: 6:28 (with the last half mile pick-up) and mile 6: 6:21.  Our average was 6:36 and I was pleased and even surprised after how tired my legs were from vacation (I know… I don’t make sense).

I capped the week of with a 19 miler (go big or go home???).


Yeah… it was a pretty beautiful morning.

This one was hard but I needed to get it in.  I was good for about 14 but the last 5 really hurt.  My pace wasn’t bad but everyone else was clearly feeling much, much, much better than I was feeling.

I managed to shuffle along and was thrilled to get back to my car.  I was not thrilled about the mile long Fremont hill at mile 18 but what can ya do except keep moving forward.

Vacation success!  Vacation running, more success!

Week 2 of vacation: 52 miles (speed, tempo and LR!)

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