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Week in Review: Now we recover or break every post relay recovery rule…

Week in Review:  Now we recover or break every post relay recovery rule…

August 27th- September 2nd

I somehow managed to escape Hood to Coast without giving myself pneumonia (win) and was thinking I should take a recovery week (you know follow my very own post relay recovery rules) but alas it was not to be.

I was ready to run this week.

Maybe it was htc or the lack of sleep but I was ready to get some running in especially some fast running.

I was ready for yoga on Monday but the day kind of got away from me and missed my noon time session.  I thought I might squeeze a home practice in but still no luck.  Fail on my part.

Tuesday I managed 7 miles in the AM and it was nice to be back.  It wasn’t fast but still felt good to be running.

Maybe I was just excited to run in my new favorite T from the nice ladies at Oiselle…

Wednesday was when the rule breaking started.  Somewhere in the depths of my unconscious I decided I was going to head back to the track.  I know, I’m breaking my own post relay rule “Though shall not run anything fast the week after a relay” but I just couldn’t resist.

I don’t think my coach was too excited about it either but he liked the idea more than the idea I’d emailed him about.  I’d been thinking of running a half as a workout the following Monday and he pretty much shut it down.  It was the right call for me.

I felt a bit out-of-place warming-up to run fast without my fellow NuunHTC-ers and a bit naked without my purple sparkle skirt.  Luckily there was a port-a-potty so it sort of felt like htc (okay not at all… so sad).

The workout as a 4.5 mile temp with the last half mile faster and I might add I made some pretty awesome life choices decision during this workout (I know shocking).

Thursday and Friday were both easy mileage days but the weekend brought about some serious speed and mileage.

I hadn’t really expected the speed part but somehow managed some pretty speedy 800s (and was pretty excited about them).  I really didn’t think I was ready to run that fast so it was a nice surprise.

Sunday I’d decided it was time for some serious mileage, I mean I’m training for a marathon right?  I just wasn’t ready to commit to the mileage until we were actually on the run… and by we I mean me and this gal (that’s really poor grammar right?)


Clearly Jules had more energy than I did!

We both had been sick with similar things and knew we wanted to at least go 12 but were both dreaming of a much larger number say 18?  So we took off to just see how it went.

It was hot (by Seattle standards) so that made me nervous.  I had my trusty Nuun though so I figured I’d be okay but I didn’t have any calories.  I convinced Jules to run by the QFC around mile 7 and we picked up some blocks and I was good.

We finished our first loop and decided we wanted more… and more.  And we magically found our 18.

It was a huge relief for me since I’d really struggled to hit 16 this summer (and let’s be honest the 12 and 13s didn’t feel awesome either).  I think htc was the little spark I needed to ramp up my training and really focus on this marathon, but we’ll see if I can walk next week.

All smiles at 18!

57 miles total

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3 comments on “Week in Review: Now we recover or break every post relay recovery rule…

  1. Caroline
    September 16, 2012

    Clearly HTC was the spark…and by that i mean team night van 1…or maybe it was just meeting me I mean in a oh I better get on my game or else I will end up like Caro when I am 43….kind of way… I am happy to provide free motivation… 57 miles…that is a pretty nice…my stupid groin will not go pass 25 😦

    • robyn
      September 18, 2012

      You are way too hard on yourself! You are amazing!!!! A true inspiration!!!!!

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