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Saturday Morning Tempo: 6 x 800m (yeah… not a tempo)

Saturday Morning Tempo:  6 x 800m (yeah… not a tempo)

September 1st

I know, I know… I’m behind in my blogging.  Forgive me, I’ve been staring at this for a week or so:

But before I left for paradise I ran a few fast workouts… so here we go!

On Saturdays we tempo: we always tempo.  So why would Saturday September 1st be any different.

I was still in Hood to Coast recovery so I was expecting something in the 7 minute to 6:50 per mile range.  The regular crew was there and some first timers.  The first timers were not quite sure what to expect so I informed them we always tempo.

We finished our warm-up and our coach sent one of the groups off on their tempo.  He turned in our direction and I waited for our workout, but nothing came.  Instead we were redirected to the center of the field for circle form drills.  Circle form drills?  Umm excuse me?  Does this mean no workout?  Why on earth did I wake-up early on a Saturday, drive across the bridge for just drills???

We finished the drills and we were ready for more when our coach announced we were running 800s.  Um what?  Did I hear him right?  Was I supposed to run with the other group?  Am I even in the right place?  Is this my coach?  No really what’s going on?

I was still asking myself these questions as our coach sent us out on our warm-up 400m.  Before I knew it we were ready to line up and he was assigning paces.  He looked at me, and another gal who’d just run htc (who’s much faster than me) and my college friend and told us “2:52s for the slow ones and 2:49s for the fast ones”.

Again I was left asking what?  My fast 800 at the end of a workout might be in the high 2:40s so this seemed a bit crazy.  Not mention there was no mention of how many reps we were running though I think I heard him say 2:30 recovery (ridiculously long for us).

We were off before I could ask questions or really calculate paces, for our 400 but I knew the splits were going to be in start with 8s.

As we ran I couldn’t believe how fast my legs were running or how hard I was breathing.  I can’t even remember the last track interval workout I’d run (they’ve all been tempos) let alone 800s (maybe May).  Still we came around right on time: 2:52.  But the next rep was supposed to be faster.

I was more than thankful for the long recovery but before I knew it we were off: 2:49.  Okay, that was hard and still no mention of how many reps.  Guess we just keep running till he says stop.

Jog recovery and we were off again: 2:51.  As we lined-up for 4 our coach told us we were running 6.  6 is better than 8 and just hoped I could hold on for the last 3.

The last 3 reps were a blur.  I was tired but I just tried to hold pace.  I finished in 2:50, 2:51 and 2:48.  I managed to adjust to the fast pace and it was fast.  The 2:30 recovery was getting shorter and shorter as we shuffled along slower and slower.  But we made it.

Two mile cool down; done.  My calves and hamstrings still seem to be functioning.  The best part?  This is one of those workouts that just leaves a smile on your face. You know the one that you think is too hard, too fast and wrong in every way.  But then you run it and your find a little more strength, a little more speed and it’s just right in every way.

Clearly this is why I’m not the coach.  My endorphin high was in full effect for the rest of day and then some.

Okay… enough of my 800 bliss, time to finish up these htc recaps… I promise I have a lengthy draft started :).

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3 comments on “Saturday Morning Tempo: 6 x 800m (yeah… not a tempo)

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  2. XLMIC
    September 16, 2012

    Welcome back! Looks like you had a lovely trip! Nice job on the 800’s 🙂

    • robyn
      September 18, 2012

      Trip was awesome! So sad to be back 😦 The 800s were a surprise but I’ll take it!

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