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Wednesday Night Speed: 4.5 mile tempo, last half mile pick-up

Wednesday Night Speed:  4.5 mile tempo, last half mile pick-up

August 29th

And then I broke my own training rule: nothing fast after a relay.  I just couldn’t help myself.

I didn’t think I’d end-up at the track this week so don’t ask me how I got there… I have no explanation.  I thought my coach might just send me home but I’d emailed him earlier with a brilliant idea about running the Labor Day half on Monday so he was more concerned about shutting down that plan.

And shut it down he did.  We’ve got some time until CIM and there are plenty of other halves to be run.  I might be eyeing this one.

Back to Wednesday.  My coach just had me drop back a pace group which was fine by me.  Truth be told my legs were feeling much better than they felt the entire week before which was a relief (yes I skipped the weight training which surprisingly helped).

The workout was a tune-up or the Labor day half.  The first 4 miles were at half marathon pace with the last half mile at 30 seconds per mile faster.  4A was running    6:56 – 6:58 pace with the last half mile at 3:20.

We opted to start on the track and then head down to Greenlake.  Ready begin!  I have to admit I felt a bit weird running fast without my sparkle skirt from the weekend… it just seemed wrong.  I was so used to that purple sparkle.  Lament.  At least there was a porta-potty.

By the end of two laps I was running with group 4 and decided to settle in with them since I felt okay (6:45-6:47 and 3:14).  I knew our first mile would be fast since part of it was on the track and part of it was downhill and I was right:  6:31.

Partway through the second mile we were still hovering at 6:30ish pace and while it felt okay it definitely felt faster than half marathon pace.  I spent the entire mile over analyzing how fast I was running and then 6:35.  So I did something that I never do:  I made a good life choice.

6:44 and 6:44 (miles 3 and 4).  How’s that for good life choices?  It did mean I lost the group but it also meant I’d be able to pick it up the last half mile to the tune of 3:07 (6:14) pace.

I know.  I have no idea who I am either.

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